Get Your Personal Pay Per Head Host When You Join Power PPH

13 June 2022
Get Your Personal Pay Per Head Host When You Join Power PPH
Get Your Personal Pay Per Head Host When You Join Power PPH

You can buy any gift for your partner or friend, and they will like it. But, if you can get a customized gift, your friend will forever appreciate it, and you will see the joy on their face every day. Similarly, your experience will be exceptional when you get personalized pay per head solutions for your bookie.

Most price per head solutions are generalized. However, at Power Pay Per Head, you get tailored solutions for your bookie. Here are the features and benefits of contracting Power Pay Per Head.


Running your sportsbook will feel like enjoying your hobby, thanks to the tools provided to oversee your betting business. Suppose you want to know every time a bettor wagers. You will smile whenever an SMS or email alert pops on your screen.

While you might not want to hear the annoying alert sound every few seconds, it will be exciting for the first few weeks. Luckily, you can disable getting notifications on your phone every time a bet is placed, especially after growing your player base.

You can use the agent bet ticker to follow the betting action on your platform in real-time. This will help you recognize risky bets and find quick solutions to them. For example, you can adjust betting lines to balance your books.

Another crucial tool Power Pay Per Head can provide is BEAT THE LINE 2.0 which detects sharp and steam bets. The tool will let you know the person who placed the bet. Then, you can lower their wager limit, or withdrawal limit, or restrict them from placing bets for specific games.


The sports betting business comes with its risks. You can opt out of being a bookie when you think about the financial perils you might face.

Usually, big brands such as William Hill set a budget to address various risks. However, this is not a possibility if you are a small bookie. It is understandable because you might not even have enough money to put in your bankroll.

Fortunately, Power Pay Per Head adds several risk management tools in the package to help you reduce or prevent things that might hurt your finances. Suppose someone placed a big bet whose payout would hit your bankroll.

Instead of paying the amount, you can use a layoff account to place the exact wager with another sportsbook. If the wager favors you, you can use the money to pay the big bet. If not, you can use the money wagered on your platform to replace the amount you lost on another platform.


Your business will perform better after analyzing agent reports. The Power Pay Per Head sportsbook software generates reports containing specific information you can use to run your bookie.

Suppose you want to see how much you spend on the pay per head fee every month. You can generate a report showing calculated data on how much you have spent. This data will show you that running your operations using PPH solutions is financially possible.

You can also generate other reports for players to see their balances, win-lose rate, what they like to wager on, and the average wager amount. Interestingly, you can generate general and specific reports such as overall business performance and player-on-player basis performance.


You can say goodbye to physical transactions and adopt online payment. You risk your exposure when you have to schedule a meet-up to pick up wager money or post-winning for your players. Yet, you do not want to publicize that you run a pay per head online sportsbook.

Apart from that, it would be best to provide online payment methods if you offer your betting services on the Internet. This is more convenient for both you and your clients.

Power PPH has several safe and convenient payment methods that your players can use. They can choose options such as credit cards, gift cards, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

Most of these options are anonymous, meeting most bettors need to keep their information private. Paying for the pay per head services is also easy and fast.


You will love the varied betting options provided on your betting platform. The PPH site has one of the wealthiest betting platforms, ensuring that your players can wager throughout the year and bookies make money every month. Although you can choose which sports to offer wagers, it is better to have more options.

For example, the site offers wagers for the English Premier League, La Liga, and other international soccer leagues. But, you can decide to provide soccer bets for events occurring in the USA and Canada.


You can own a virtual and live dealer casino without breaking the bank. Power PPH can host your casino platform for a small fee every week. Fortunately, you can make much more profit through casino games in a short time.

In fact, some people insist that you can grow your wealth faster by offering casino games than sports betting. Considering the revenue states generate from online casinos, having a digital casino is worthwhile. You can use the source to increase your monthly income and bump your revenue when sports betting is behind the line.


Another thing you will get after joining Power PPH is a custom betting platform. The company has multiple betting templates you can choose from. Each is unique and would work perfectly for your betting business.

However, you can always ask for a custom betting platform. The company will listen to your needs and consider your target clients while creating a sportsbook website.


How much do you want to have your pay per head sportsbook? Gone are the days when an entrepreneur could not launch his sportsbook because of limited resources.

Today, you can hire a pay per head provider to provide sports betting solutions for your bookie. While you needed thousands of dollars to launch a bookie years ago, you can establish a big brand with a few dollars weekly. The best thing is that you can choose the size of your bookie and determine how much you need in your bankroll.

For example, if you have $10000, you can start with 5-20 players. Your PPH shop will help set up and run your betting business.

So, if you are worried about running your sportsbook successfully, you can rest assured that Power Pay Per Head will work with you from the bottom to the top. The company will dedicate a specific person experienced in running a bookie to help you establish.

You can always contact this person for quick solutions and other related business help. While you will get multiple sports betting markets, you can choose what to offer based on your client’s preferences.

The sports betting platform is another custom item you can use. Even the betting templates are unique to ensure that each bookie’s platform is different from the others despite getting their websites from the same pay per head shop.

Ideally, you have the right to personalize your platform as much as you need to. This helps set your platform apart from the rest and appeal to your specific clients. Contact Power Pay Per Head today to get started with your betting platform.

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