Inside Look at Live and Digital Pay Per Head

21 July 2022
pay per head
pay per head

If you are yet to jump at the chance of using a pay per head solution, you should now. While you are not late, you can reap more benefits when you start earlier than later. Yet, you cannot jump into something unless you have enough information about it.

This article is curated for anyone ready to become a price per head sportsbook but lacks convincing information. It will help you understand a live and digital PPH and why you should join other bookies using the solution.


What Is Pay Per Head?

The term pay per head refers to the concept of paying for bookmaking services. Other alternative names referring to the concept include PPH, price per head, and pay per player.

The concept was invented by bookies looking for an alternative to the white-label sportsbook solution. With bookies paying a certain percentage to their white-label solution providers, among other charges, they had to look for a way to keep their profits. This led to the discovery of a new concept, PPH.

The initial PPH providers had little to offer. But, their offers were better than white-label solutions because bookies kept most of their profits. Today, PPH services have improved thanks to technology and other innovations.

Bookies prefer to launch their platforms using the best PPH service over any other option. It is cheap and convenient, among many other advantages.

Usually, a bookie signs up with a company to get the best sportsbook software, website, and bookmaking tools. Ideally, a bookie gets tools and services to run a betting business for a small fee every specified period. Let’s find the components of a live and digital PPH.

Components Of Live Pay Per Head

Live PPH is a service provided to players through bookies allowing bettors to enjoy betting action in real time. It has three main components including:

1. Live Casino

A live casino mirrors a land-based playing experience. It has real human dealers hosting various casino games in real-time on the internet. Unlike land-based casinos, players can access live dealer casinos on their mobile or desktop devices.

A player can log in to an online casino, find an ongoing table game or scheduled game, and buy a ticket to book a seat. The games have all the components of a real game in a physical casino. It can be streamed live from a physical casino or a dedicated casino studio.

Usually, a bookie must partner with game developers to power his live casino. Moreover, the game supplier must have a license to offer games to a specific jurisdiction; otherwise, they could face legal repercussions.

Launching a standard live casino would take months of talking with various developers. However, you can skip this step by subscribing to the best PPH service as the provider takes care of the requirements to ensure partnerships with game suppliers.
Yours is to pay a certain fee to get a live casino. You can even get a free live casino, which means you do not have to pay an extra pay per head fee to offer live dealer games to your players.

Having a live casino has many advantages. On top of the list, you can efficiently market your bookie with the casino as it provides an exciting gambling experience. Moreover, players do not have to travel to fulfill their gambling needs.

They can save on gas money and hotel bookings to play games on the internet. Notably, players can still interact with other bettors and croupiers and fulfill their social needs from their comfort.

Having a live casino also broadens your business. This means you can attract a larger audience. Then, you can convert casino game players to sports bettors and vice versa by providing a quality gaming experience.

Having a price per head casino is also safe and secure. Unlike conventional casinos, players do not have to use their information to play at a PPH casino.

They can use cryptocurrency payment methods synonymous with anonymous to deposit or withdraw. That way, players never have to share their details online.

2. Live In-Game Betting

Another component in the live pay per head is live in-game betting. If you are looking to increase player engagement, you must offer live in-game betting. Unfortunately, this provision is not available on all platforms as it requires expensive technology.
Power Pay Per Head, however, has the technology. The brand has heavily invested in the technology and earned an award for the best live in-game betting software.

The firm uses cutting-edge technology to offer props, totals, point spread, and straight bets on ongoing games. While live betting is fast-paced, the best live betting systems should have updated odds. This provides your clients with updated lines to wager on until the last minute of a match.

With the best price per head sportsbook, you can offer thousands of live in-game bets across different sports. For example, you can find over ten betting lines in one ongoing football game. This means you can get hundreds of live betting markets weekly from different sports and leagues.

The best software should offer bets on local and international markets. Moreover, it should be packed with helpful tools to ensure the bookie’s profits and smooth operations.

Since betting lines are created and updated from a centralized point, a bookie must predetermine minimum and maximum odds. This ensures that the bookie remains in control even when the PPH’s oddsmakers create the lines.

Bookies should be able to determine players’ wager limits, limit players to specific markets, and decide the maximum payout. Live betting is a money-making feature. Therefore, a pay per head shop might charge extra for the service while others provide it for free.

3. Live Horses Racing Betting

Live horse racing betting is the most volatile gambling experience. A thoroughbred could be in the lead now and last three seconds ago. From steeple-chasing to harness racing and endurance racing, players can wager on any format during an ongoing race.

This provides excitement for gamblers looking forward to enjoying the race and winning some money while at it. While this is an exciting form of gambling, many sportsbooks avoid it. Considering a horse can complete a race in two minutes, it would require the fastest system to update odds in microseconds and allow players to wager before the lines become obsolete.

Components Of Digital Pay Per Head

Digital pay per head is the basic bookmaking solution. Here are some of its components:

1. Sports Betting Markets

These are sports betting markets featuring pre-match betting odds. In other words, a player can wager on these events before a game commences. A platform can have over 20 sports betting markets, including soccer, football, basketball, tennis, golf, baseball, crickets, MMA, motor racing, and other options to wager on.

While a platform can feature many betting markets, a bookie can choose what to offer. For example, if your target clients are Floridians, you can offer bets on basketball, football, and baseball and ignore markets such as soccer and cricket.

2. Digital Casino

A digital casino, often known as a virtual casino, operates online and features computer-controlled games. In contrast to live casinos, virtual casinos do not employ human dealers and typically lack chat functionalities for player communication.

Within a digital casino, you can find an array of offerings, including slot machines and virtual table games. These games incorporate Random Number Generators (RNGs) to guarantee fair and unbiased gameplay.

3. ESports Betting

The eSports betting sector is poised for substantial growth, with projections indicating a value of at least $300 million by the conclusion of 2022. eSports betting closely mirrors conventional sports betting, enabling enthusiasts to place wagers on their beloved teams even during periods when no live matches are taking place on a physical field.

4. Horse Racing Betting

The package also includes an extensive selection of horse racing betting lines. Unlike live betting, these options allow users to place wagers on races before they commence.

The Standard Features For Live And Digital Price Per Head

The best pay per head sportsbook should have live and digital offerings. That way, you can have a comprehensive package ideal for all players. Moreover, having a comprehensive package maximizes your opportunity to earn more.

Here are the features that should accompany a digital and live pay per head service:

1. A Sportsbook Website and Software

To kickstart your online bookmaking venture, your initial requisites include a website and sportsbook software. These are foundational necessities for launching your business.

The website can take one of two forms: a generic template or a bespoke design tailored to your specific requirements. Opting for a customized website is particularly advisable if you have a distinct target audience, such as a fraternity group.

The software serves as the central hub, encompassing various features such as sports betting markets, casino games, and bookmaking tools. Typically, the digital aspect of the software is already operational when you acquire the product. You have the flexibility to activate the live sports betting feature or keep it dormant, depending on your preferences and business strategy.

2. Player Management Tools

Player management is essential to your business’s success. Loosening your control can be detrimental to your bankroll.
For example, if you allow bettors to place any amount of wager, they can deplete your bankroll even before a game commences. However, when you limit players’ wager amounts based on your bankroll, your business will remain open longer.

3. Payment System

A payment system is paramount as bettors must deposit their funds and withdraw their winnings. Also, bookies need to pay the price per head service.

The pay per head payment system should be safe and secure. Bookies can find out the measures in place to ensure safe transactions.

The system should have both traditional and cryptocurrency payment methods, allowing players and bookies to use their preferred options. Apart from credit and debit cards, there should be other options including Bitcoin, gift cards, e-checks, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Moneygram.

4. Dedicated Customer Support

A live or digital gambling platform must have a dedicated customer support system. Bookie agents and bettors might need customer support from time to time when they face unforeseen issues.

Suppose you want to set the minimum and maximum odds for football events. However, the odds do not reflect your predetermined odds limits whenever there is a new event. In that case, you should be able to talk to a customer representative to solve the issue.

Your players can have issues related to opening accounts, depositing or withdrawing funds, placing bets, and other similar problems. With the best PPH service, your players can access customer support 24/7.

Customer support should also be available during holidays. Most people do not work during holidays. They spend time enjoying their favorite forms of entertainment, including gambling.

Even then, the best pay per head provider offers customer support. That way, players can find solutions as soon as possible and continue placing their bets or playing casino games.

5. User-Friendly Platform

What defines a user-friendly platform? For starters, a user needs to understand the language used on the user interface. Another thing the website should feature is a neat layout, great graphics, and generally outstanding design.

The fonts and colors should complement each other. It is also vital that the website loads quickly and launches pages instantly. This will allow players to place live in-game bets whose lines change in seconds.

6. Unbeatable Fee Per Player

Another thing you need to consider is the fee per player. During the initial days of the pay per head industry, bookies paid over $50 per player weekly. With more firms offering the service, you no longer have to pay expensively to access services.

Therefore, find whether a firm is charging competitive fees. Confirm whether the company is providing value for money.

Ideally, you can pay $30 because the company providing the service is the best in the industry and helps you make much more money.

7. Agent Panel

You need a panel from where you can run your operations. This panel should be separate from the player’s dashboard. You should be able to access all the bookmaking tools from the agent panel. Also, you should be able to manage your players from the panel.

8. Bookmaking Tools

You need tools to run and monitor your pay per head sportsbook. For example, you need a tool to monitor sharp betting. This warns you about a potential risk so that you can prevent or minimize your business liability.

If you can get a bet email notification, live streams, and injury reports, you can act accordingly, unlike when you cannot get either. Suppose you can get a new injury report. As this affects a team’s performance, you need to adjust your odds accordingly.
Suppose you get every bet alert from your player. You can detect a big bet and adjust the maximum payout immediately before other players place huge bets.

You also need a bet ticker and layoff account. Apart from that, you should learn how to use these tools.

9. Free Live And Digital Pay Per Head Trial Period

The best way to tell whether a product or service is right for you is by testing it. When you buy a vehicle, the seller allows you to test drive it before driving it home. Why?

When you are about to make a long-term decision, it is crucial to have all the facts. Similarly, you must test a live and digital pay per head solution.

You can sign up for a price per head service and unsubscribe after a few days. However, this will waste a lot of your time.
By testing the PPH solution before paying, you save time and resources. You can jump into offering betting services without worrying that your site might go offline in a couple of days.

The free trial period should act as enough time to evaluate the quality of the price per head sportsbook and services. You should master the new tools and software during the trial period too.

The Advantages Of Using A Pay Per Head Solution

The price per head service usage has increased in the past few years for several reasons. These include:

1. Low Price

How much do you need to launch a bookie? If you said a lot, you are wrong. Things have changed since the invention of PPH and the massive innovations in the industry. Today, you can launch a pay per head sportsbook and pay a low weekly fee.
Some PPH providers provide the service for free for a few weeks before they can charge a fee. Moreover, the price has moved from over $50 to below $30.

2. Expertise

Bookies benefit from years of expertise from PPH service providers. For example, Power Pay Per Head agents have a combined expertise of over 80 years. This gives bookies 80 years’ worth of valuable skills and knowledge about running their businesses successfully.

3. Competitive Edge

How many prominent sportsbooks do you know operating in your targeted region? Your answer is probably many. These sportsbooks have a competitive edge because they have existed for a while and have built a good reputation.

If you entered the market with an unrecognized brand, it would be hard to gain a significant client base. However, when you partner with a pay per head provider, your market penetration will be much easier.

Join the Power Pay Per Head Revolution

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Join the ranks of successful bookmakers who trust Power Pay Per Head to power their success. With our unparalleled technology, personalized support, and innovative solutions, the sky’s the limit for your betting business.

Ready to leap? Contact us today to learn more about our services and see how Power Pay Per Head can help you achieve your goals. The future of betting starts here.

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