The Best PPH Sites for Running Your Sportsbook

16 February 2022
The Best PPH Sites for Running Your Sportsbook
The Best PPH Sites for Running Your Sportsbook

Technology has made managing a sportsbook today a lot easier from the moment you launch to when you pay out winnings for your clients. It has birthed pay per head concept, allowing bookies to launch and run their businesses at a minimal cost. Like any other industry, you will find many PPH sites gaining your attention.

Sometimes, it is challenging to identify the best PPH sites among hundreds of sites. However, this review should help, so keep reading.

Power Pay Per Head

Are you looking to venture into sports betting in full throttle? Then look no further.

Power Pay Per Head is not only one of the best PPH sites but at the top of the list. It considers itself the Rolls-Royce of the industry except for the expensive part.

Taking the first position worldwide did not come easy. Power Pay Per Head was launched by bookies looking to enter online platforms without spending thousands of dollars they did not have. The bookies choose to keep their fire burning by reaching their dreams in the best way possible, using pay per head sportsbooks.

Today, the site is ranked #1. Furthermore, it deserves the #1 rating. For starters, Power Pay Per Head sportsbook software is comprehensive. Moreover, you can get a casino and racebook to top up on your income platforms.

Power Pay Per Head starts by rewarding you with a few weeks of free trial and a personal agent to help you with operations. You will get full support during this time, learn how to use various features and tools, and generally test the software.

You will get two account logins, one for you as the operator and another for a player. You can log in to your sportsbook using any of the accounts to learn more about the software.

Power Pay Per Head provides 24/7 customer support for you and your clients. Agents also get many bookmaking tools. Apart from that, you will get complete control over your bookie, activate over 200 horse tracks for betting, offer hundreds of sports leagues for betting, and much more.

Pay Per Head 247

Pay Per Head 247 is a highly regarded and popular PPH site that stands out as one of the best in the industry. With an established track record, the site continuously improves its software to provide a seamless betting experience for users.

One of the notable features of Pay Per Head 247 is its transparent and straightforward pricing. There are no hidden costs, minimum player requirements, or unexpected fees. The site charges a flat fee of $10 per active player, making it easy for bookies to understand their costs upfront.

The company is headquartered in Costa Rica and boasts a team of professionals who efficiently manage all operations. This ensures that bookies receive professional and reliable services, along with well-designed sportsbook software.

By handling the logistics and operational aspects of running a bookie, Pay Per Head 247 allows bookmakers to focus solely on acquiring new clients. The software offers an extensive selection of betting lines, sports betting markets, and top-notch customer support to cater to both bookies and players.

Furthermore, the platform provides bookmaking tools and various reports to assist bookies in making informed decisions to grow and optimize their businesses.

Overall, Pay Per Head 247 offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution that streamlines the bookmaking process, making it an excellent choice for bookies looking for a reliable and efficient PPH service.

Per Head

If you are looking for a luxurious look, Per Head is the real deal. This comes at a price, though. For starters, you will pay $16 per player and an additional $4 for live betting.

You will love the professional customer support, the sleek design, and the quality betting lines. The lines are standard with other industry leaders. Your bettors will love the excellent coverage of sports betting markets, bet types, and generally, the front end of the sportsbook.

As for the bookie operators, you will love your dashboard’s control tools and features. You can set the bet limits, control the betting lines, and use the reports to make business decisions.

Sharp Bookie

Sharp PPH site focuses on the accessibility and price of its product. With that said, do not expect the best-looking sportsbook interface. It is the plainest platform on this list.

Upon a closer look, you will be surprised by the number of featured leagues and betting options necessary to run your sportsbook. The front end of the sportsbook has several features, including a bet slip, sports markets, a history panel, and much more that allow punters to deposit, play, and withdraw their winnings conveniently.

As for the backend, it is extraordinary. For a front-end that looks so plain, you would think different people developed them.

This executive dashboard is a centralized platform where you can quickly assess every action on your bookie. You will see the best-performing punters, your book’s balance, and other reports.

The downside is that the site expects you to run your sportsbook with minimal support, hence the low price per player fee. But, the bookie control panel has easy-to-use tools ensuring you do not have any problem running the bookie.

While you can start with a free trial period, you will only get betting lines in three sports leagues. Also, you can only have five players during the trial period.


Operators at A1PPH have complied with all the necessary features you would need to run a successful sportsbook. From casino game options to sports betting and horse racing bets. The site has also added a report generator, allowing agents to find many reports about their operations.

Sportsbook operators can also choose to move their lines when they want to. Moreover, you can specify credit and wager limits for each player.

A1PPH rewards you with four free weeks of pay per head services. Later, you can begin paying $7 per active player. The site’s operator encourages you to get over 30 active clients to create a custom price per head fee for your active clients.

This PPH provider has some shortcomings. For example, its betting options are limited. The sportsbook does not cover as many sports betting markets as you would love.

Yet, A1PPH is one of the best PPH sites for new bookies. If you are looking to test the water, would love to start slow, and start with incredible promotions, A1PPH is your plug.

Which Pay Per Head Site Is Your Ideal Choice?

We have covered some significant details about the best PPH sites above. Each has something unique to offer. But, Power Pay Per Head seems to take the day.

From friendly pricing, incredible betting lines, quality, and comprehensive support to everything in between, this site takes our vote. Contact the provider by filling in the contact form on the homepage to get personalized assistance.

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