Who’s The Best Pay Per Head Sportsbook Of 2022: The Top 7

16 February 2022
7 Best Pay Per Head Sportsbooks Of 2022

What do you look for in a pay per head sportsbook provider? The best way is to compare the top providers in the market and choose your ideal fit.

If you are working with a $5 budget and not interested in a comprehensive book, you will pick a provider with that offer.

Choosing a pay-per-head sportsbook is crucial because you select a new home for your bettors and yourself. Lucky for you, you do not have to visit individual providers to review their products and services.

This review is an in-depth, unbiased look at the seven best PPH sportsbooks in 2022.

Power Pay Per Head

The first PPH sportsbook provider on our list is Power Pay Per Head. Its sportsbook software features extensive betting options and many betting options that your clients will love.

The front-end and back-end are designed to meet bettors’ and bookie operators’ needs. Finding sports and betting lines is easy, thanks to the simple layout.

Entering a bet ticket is easy and fun for your clients, thanks to the bet slip feature added to the platform. Overall, the design and usability of the function button provided on the front end and back end are unmatched, making your life as a bookie worthwhile and that of bettors fun.

You will also love the line mover adjustment tools, among other bookmarking features. This helps you manage your bookie as you see fit.

Given that you have complete control over your sportsbook, you can move lines, manage players, track bets and financial data, or do anything to ensure the smooth running of your betting business.

The pay-per-head sportsbook also has a live betting offering. With the growing number of live betting fans, you must offer it to your bookie.

The sportsbook also has 24/7 customer support for you and your clients. Whether you want the provider to adjust your betting lines or your client needs a solution, a customer support representative is always ready to take your call and respond to your email or text message.

Moreover, Power Pay Per Head also has a casino and racebook. That way, you can offer your clients a comprehensive betting site eliminating their need to find a separate casino or racebook.

Power Pay Per Head invites new bookies with a six-week trial period. You can test the software and services during the trial period and see how your bookie can benefit.

Real Price Per Head

Real Price Per Head offers an excellent opportunity to elevate your bookie business to new heights. The personalized customer service sets it apart from traditional sportsbooks and emphasizes its focus on providing top-notch support to its users.

Beyond exceptional customer support, Real Price Per Head impresses with its wide array of wagering options. From sports betting to lottery, private poker tables, in-play betting, and casino games, your clients will have a diverse range of betting choices to keep them engaged and entertained.

The software’s flexibility is another advantage, allowing bookie agents to adjust lines, customize bet limits, and set maximum payouts, all contributing to increased profitability. Moreover, with the sportsbook hosted in Costa Rica, you won’t need to obtain an operating license in your state, saving you time and hassle.

For $14 per player, the pricing is affordable, enabling you to cover the fee and still retain a substantial portion of your profits. Real Price Per Head presents a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to help you take your bookie business to the next level.


Another best pay-per-head sportsbook is RealBookies. This is one of the pioneers in the industry. Despite being around for a long time, it has maintained its high-quality products and services.

The only downside with this provider is that it has not updated its design and functionality tools. For example, it lacks a search button that allows a modern bettor to quickly retrieve an event they are interested in and place bets. Ideally, the design and layout need some improvement.

Everything else is perfect. From the user-friendliness of the front-end and back-end of the platform to betting options, RealBookies is an ideal PPH partner.

The sportsbook software also produces valuable reports. You can use these to find how well your bookie is performing.

With its many years in the industry, RealBookies is confident with its product. Thus, it will offer you a 4-week free trial.


IDSca is a highly recommended pay-per-head sportsbook. This site has continually improved its software since entering the industry in 2002.

Before going any further, we must mention that this site needs to streamline its registration process. Clients want a platform they can join in seconds.

But, IDSca expects clients to register and call customer relation staff who ask several questions. A client also needs to deposit some money to get their login details. If your clients are impatient, they might leave before they even get started.

Apart from that, IDSca has one of the best betting markets. It covers local and international markets and allows you to control the betting lines.

The sportsbook is also packed with incredible bookmarking tools. For example, it has a bet ticker, line adjuster, and more. Moreover, it has customer promotions for your clients.

IDSca has the best website design and layout. It is packed with helpful functions that your clients will love using. The site offers a sports betting platform, live betting, mobile betting, a casino, and a racebook. The cheapest you can pay per player every week is $23, which is slightly high.


Perhead is another provider in the industry boasting over 20 years of experience. It is a high-end software that considers itself the Rolls-Royce in all regards.

The first thing you will notice is the sleek and luxurious sportsbook interface. The design and layout will tell you the team behind this software took its time to develop a top-notch betting platform. Moreover, the user interface is available in over 15 languages.

As for the betting lines, they are competitive and similar to other providers on this list. It offers over 12,000 betting markets every month, hundreds of live events, hundreds of bets in horse tracks, and quality casino games.

Perhead also has a call center with several representatives familiar with different languages. That way, your clients can get assisted in their native language. You can rest assured that your calls or your clients’ calls will be answered immediately.

Moreover, you can expect professional and efficient services. Perhead offers customer support 24/7 throughout the year.

Like a Rolls Royce type of provider, the price per player starts from $16.

An additional $4 is required to get live betting services.

9Dollar Per Head

9Dollar Per Head launched in 2012. Being a modernly launched site, the team behind the software took advantage of the current and efficient technology to create its product and services.

The provider has designed its product to ensure your players have an easy time. The first thing your clients will love is the simple registration process, similar to creating a social media account.

Setting up the pay-per-head sportsbook is easy. Moreover, finding any feature or function is straightforward, thanks to the plain design. If you want to generate reports, manage players, or complete any other task, you can easily do it with the tools provided on the platform.

The betting market is similar to all other providers in this list. The provider also offers a casino and racebook. However, 9Dollar Per Head offers bet markets only on popular horse races.

Taking bets through phone calls is one of the ways this provider is different from others. Nonetheless, your clients can still bet over the internet.


Another best pay-per-head sportsbook is BWager. This provider is popular for its affordable products and services. With only $5 per player, you can get a sports betting platform, a casino, a racebook, and live betting.

The only downside is that the betting market is not as extensive as most other providers in this list. But, if you are launching your bookie for the first time, BWager is your ideal partner.

The provider covers major sports around the world. This includes soccer leagues, basketball, and American football, among others.

BWager has one of the most user-friendly pay-per-head sportsbooks we have come across. Moreover, the interface is multilingual to appeal to different regions.

The provider also has customer support for you and your clients. Therefore, you can send in your questions and get solutions at any hour of the day or night.

Launch Your Sportsbook Today

The pay-per-head sportsbook software is constantly changing. Reputable providers continually improve their products to ensure they meet bookies’ and bettors’ needs. The above-listed providers are brands whose software is designed to meet today’s bookie’s needs.

While all these providers can help you make money, Power Pay Per Head is probably the ideal partner. Run by bookies, this software is run and tested by your fellow bookmakers before it is released to the market. Moreover, you can trust it is the best for it is top-rated by several brands.

Contact Power Pay Per Head to launch your sportsbook. Take advantage of the free trial period to evaluate how your business can benefit from the software. Don’t forget to use ESPN to keep an on some player stats!

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