Price Per Player Software: Taking Bets on Campus During College Football Season

7 December 2021
Price Per Player Software Taking Bets on Campus During College Football Season
Price Per Player Software Taking Bets on Campus During College Football Season

The “price per player” can be a major topic of discussion during the college football season, which is one of the most exciting times on campus. With a huge following that includes current students, their families,  and residents, the anticipation leading up to each game is palpable. In the weeks preceding a matchup, conversations about college football dominate, as people speculate about which players will take the field and at what cost.

College football season is a goldmine. If you are not providing pom-poms for cheerleaders or other amenities during the event, you can get into the action with a college bookie. As a start-up or private bookie, you can go price per player price per play betting platform and start taking bets immediately after you sign up.

This article covers the characteristics that bettors look for (and your platform must have) in a bookie before they can place a bet with you. It also covers how you can start taking bets on campus.

The Elements Of A Good Bookie

Here are some of the things that will attract college students to come to you to place bets on ongoing football matches:

1. Reliability

Building trust and demonstrating reliability is paramount for a private bookie, particularly when operating within a specific geographical area. Since you may be perceived as a smaller-scale operation, it is essential to showcase your capability to pay winnings and establish a reputation for operating with integrity.

2. User-Friendliness

Another element is the user-friendliness of your site. We have come across some sites that are nearly impossible to navigate. Some are so crowded you cannot see what you are looking for as soon as you want.

With such kinds of platforms, it is not easy to meet your client’s needs. People look for a platform that is appealing to the eye and easy to use.

Our price per player bookies use a minimalistic design and are easy to use. This ensures that your bettors can easily log in, place bets, find relevant information, deposit, withdraw and do everything in-between as conveniently and quickly as possible.

3. Range Of Games To Bet

Most college football teams will be featured by big brands such as ESPN and ABC. Although they are popular and attract a considerable number of bettors, the market is much bigger. Thus, it would help address the needs of bettors looking to bet on all college football teams, whether popular or not.

Most of these bettors are betting for fun and supporting their home teams. For example, students from one college will bet on supporting their team and not the other college’s team.

An ideal bookie should offer bets on almost 20 different college games each week. Also, ensure your platform offers many bet options, including Moneyline, point spreads, under/over, and others.

4. Competitive Lines

Bettors are discerning when it comes to placing their bets, which is why it is crucial for you to offer the best lines without putting yourself at a disadvantage. For instance, you might come across a website offering the underdog team at +4.5, while others provide +5 for the same team.

Line fluctuations occur as more bets are placed. With pay-per-head software, you have the flexibility to adjust your lines or modify the overall betting board based on the betting activity. By offering competitive lines, you provide an enticing proposition to bettors, giving them a reason to choose your platform over globally recognized sportsbooks.

The College Football Season

The college football season often begins in mid-August or at the end of August, depending on several determining factors. It starts with Week Zero, Week 1, all the way to the playoffs, and Super Bowl.

There are so many games on any single day or week that bettors are ready to bet on. For example, Week Zero can see five matches on the first day (Saturday) and much more spread over the following week.

Many teams are already eliminated by mid-December, leaving only the best groups to play the remaining 39 or so games. Teams such as Alabama, Ohio State, and others provide many bet options for the teams themselves and their star players. The college football season has many opportunities to increase your bookie’s profit when you put all tools to work, including getting a customized price per player platform.

How To Take Bets On Campus

Bookies see less betting action during the early stages of college football. More people want to bet during college football playoffs heading to the Super Bowl. As a bookie, you do not have to wait until playoffs to start offering bet options on college football.

The sooner you start offering bet markets to your target, the quicker they will get to know about your offering. Introducing bet markets during the early stages of the season is a marketing strategy your bookie can use. Those who bet from the beginning will get the word out, increasing the number of bettors visiting your site.

The first step in taking bets on campus is signing up with a pay per head (PPH) software provider. You can tell the provider to customize your platform to meet college football bettors’ needs. You can bring in more action by customizing your platform to include props bet options besides the Moneyline, point spreads, and over/under.

A customized bookie platform also helps in marketing your product. This is because a customized bookie features all the things a client could be looking for, preventing them from looking elsewhere.

Once you have a PPH bookie and have marketed it, bettors will traffic to your platform to place bets. As a user-friendly platform, bettors can easily see the available markets, choose to bet pre-match events or live markets, deposit funds, choose markets, and place bets.

Your primary work will be to reach more bettors through various ways of marketing. Everything else, including setting lines, producing reports, and others, is automated.

Start Offering Bets On College Football Games

College football season is so extensive. If you are not aware of the business opportunity at the start of the season, you can still take advantage of the remaining period packed with action-packed matches.

The best thing is to offer betting markets during the regular college football season, the playoff, and then the college bowl. All these will contribute to your bookie making significant income during the period.

Reach Power Pay Per Head to get your price per player solution. We will guide you to starting your bookie and getting all the best from a college football season.

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