Bookmakers Software That Works For College Students

4 June 2022
Bookmakers Software That Works For College Students
Bookmakers Software That Works For College Students

If you’re an aspiring college entrepreneur looking to start a bookmaking business, you need unique bookmakers software to attract and retain your target customers. Sports betting software developers offer similar features in their designs, content, and functions.

However, subtle nuances can add a different touch to your bookie business, especially among college students. As a bookie, it’s your job to find them.

You want to find the right bookmaker software that’s not only profitable for you but also focuses on giving players a positive experience. Here are essential factors to consider when choosing the best bookmakers software that works for college students.

Essential Factors to Consider

Software Developer Reputation

College students who use betting sites are highly sensitive to the reliability and safety of a bookmaker. Hence, you want to choose a reputable software company. Here are vital things to note:

Company Registration

Most software providers are registered offshore, with the beneficiaries/owners not revealing their identities. They do this to reduce fiscal costs and avoid law enforcement officers or liability if users are dissatisfied.

Registering a supplier offshore isn’t very profitable for you. You need to use a software company registered in a verifiable location.

Lack Of Scandals

Opting for a software provider that frequently makes headlines due to product-related problems is not recommended. While it’s plausible that such instances could be orchestrated by rival companies, it’s best not to gamble on this assumption. It’s wise to explore alternative solutions instead.

License For Bookie Services

Ensure that users of the bookie software obtain broker licenses in the UK, US, Germany, or other countries that strictly monitor the integrity of betting. That way, you’re sure of a safe and secure software solution.


Establishing a Budget for College-Oriented Bookmaker Software

Prior to selecting the perfect bookmaker software tailored for colleges, it’s essential to define a budget. This budget should encompass not only the software acquisition costs but also allocate funds for potential payouts arising from bets. Software providers typically offer different payment structures, including flat-rate subscriptions spanning specific periods or one-time payment options.

Embracing Pay-Per-Head (PPH) software presents a strategic choice. This model enables bookmakers to pay in alignment with the number of bettors engaging with their services. Opting for this variant of bookmaker software can effectively curtail expenditures, particularly during initial phases when your player base is burgeoning. This approach enables cost reduction until your clientele expands, rendering it a prudent financial strategy.

Types Of Bets Offered

Consider the kinds of bets you wish to offer. There are various kinds of bets available in sports betting, but it’s advisable to offer the most popular ones to make setting odds easier. You can offer complex ones as you get more experience.

You need bookie software that supports all that you wish to offer. Luckily, Power Pay Per Head supports all that you need. Here are the main types of bets to offer:

Money Line Bets

Many players like money-line bets because they’re not complex. Players will select which team they’re sure has a high chance of winning to place a bet. If the team wins, they’ll earn money. If the team loses, they’ll lose their money.

Straight Bets

Understanding Straight Bets: Amplifying Your Betting Insights

Comparable to money line bets, straight bets revolve around selecting the prospective winner. However, a defining contrast lies in the incorporation of point spreads within straight bets.

The pivotal aspect to grasp is that your earnings hinge on your chosen team not just winning, but also exceeding the precise point spread magnitude. If your team doesn’t surpass this specified threshold, your earnings remain elusive. While straight bets carry inherent risk, they equally present the allure of more lucrative payouts, amplifying the potential rewards awaiting astute bettors.


Your main bet offerings will be head-to-head when offering bets on sports (like golf, horse racing, etc.) that involve different teams. They allow bettors to select a team that they hope will outperform another.

For instance, a player bets on a horse to finish before another. Head-to-head bets don’t consider who comes first. Only the two teams that a player bets on the matter.

Variety Of Sports

Most software for bookies provides several features required for certain sports. For instance, if you wish to focus on football, you will find the ideal software provider that supports common football bets. Focused software allows bookmakers to research analytics and improve on the odds.

However, offering various sports will help you gain more bettors. Offering bets on only one sport is recommended for only those new to bookmaking. After gaining experience, you can increase the number of sports bets with decent bookie software.

Before investing in software, consider more sports to enable you to get a good player base from the onset. That way, you won’t have to spend extra money to upgrade.

Check Reviews From Other Bookmakers

Like every other product, ensure to find out what other customers think about a bookmaker’s software before investing in it. You can learn more about the product and its provider by reading reviews from other bookmakers.

Gather every information you can from the reviews. Look for features, pricing information, benefits, complaints, and more. You can learn from the reviews of those who’ve been in sports betting for quite a while.

Aside from checking bookmakers’ reviews, you can also read reviews from players. Some players often review sports betting sites that use certain software. You can look for other bookmakers that use the software you want and read players’ opinions.

Privacy And Security

Your betting site will handle huge amounts of money and confidential data, so your preferred bookmaker’s software should have multi-level protection against data theft and unauthorized entry. You also need to encrypt the traffic sent to your users and back.

It’s possible through cryptography (with public and private keys) and blockchain. The smart contracts and distribution register are reliable tools for ensuring privacy while sharing value online. You don’t have to create a blockchain as you can utilize existing platforms sharpened by online gambling.


Good software should work smoothly across all devices and platforms. This is possible by creating a site with a user interface that adapts to user screens. The adaptation is pre-configured so that players’ screens can see the important interface elements.

Mobile App

Most college students prefer to bet with specialized apps from their tablets and smartphones rather than web browsers. They have a more straightforward and user-friendly design and work faster.

Consequently, bookmakers software should either be able to integrate templates via an API or have various templates for creating an application.

Neural Networks

In recent years, the AI programming world has witnessed a real revolution with the development of neural networks working. Now you can keep an eye on different activities, including:

  • Marketing management: collect marketing data, analyze player behavior, perform AB testing, create promotional offers, and predict reactions to them.
  • Risk management: track bet patterns, prevent fraud, find strange actions of bettors, track cheaters, and prevent and protect against DDOS attacks.
  • Technical support management: get feedback from players, search for issues, and identify their causes.

Find A Software That Integrates Everything

The best bookmakers software integrates every function automatically, so you don’t have to do any manual integration. Most pay-per-head software like Power PPH can do this, and that’s why pay-per-head bookmakers often enjoy more free time.

PPH software offers several benefits that allow bookmakers to offer games, reduce costs, set odds, solve customers’ problems, and save time.

With PPH software, you’ll often find various plans that suit your goals and budgets. For instance, some providers offer only the software, while others offer outsourced customer support.

Going for pay-per-head bookmaker software for college students might be the best option as it helps reduce the stress that comes with bookmaking.

We hope you now understand why you need reliable and trustworthy bookmakers software and everything you need to note while investing in one. You can become the best college bookie by using Power Pay Per Head. It ticks every item on our list and will satisfy you and your players.

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