Power Pay Per Head Software Offers The Best Payment Processing Solutions

22 December 2021
Pay Per Head Software Offers The Best Payment Processing Solutions
Pay Per Head Software Offers The Best Payment Processing Solutions

The use of a pay per head software can make a bookie stand out by providing a seamless and efficient payment system. Players demand a fast and secure way to deposit and withdraw their funds, allowing them to place their bets and collect their winnings promptly. By utilizing reliable channels and streamlining the transaction process, pay per head software can enhance the overall betting experience and help establish a bookie’s reputation as the best in the business.

Therefore, reviewing pay-per-head software is essential before launching a bookie with a provider. Ensure that the payment channels are reliable, available, and easy to use. Here is a guide to bookie payment processing solutions.

Agent Payment Solutions With Pay Per Head Software

If you are not happy about managing your cash flow through a non-secure payment process, you can change that. Local bookies send a person to collect money from various players across a town. As for the winnings, a player has to come to collect them from your booth, or you have to post them.

With pay-per-head software, you do not need to hire a person to collect debts from your bettors. Instead, you can use an agent payment solution such as Access Agent Payment 4K by Power Pay Per Head. This system will help you collect money from bettors anywhere and send them their winnings from your mobile device.

The payment solution provided by the pay-per-head software is designed to be user-friendly and easily accessible through your agent account. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly collect payments from your players and swiftly send out winnings within seconds.

To activate the payment solution, you need to reach out to your pay-per-head software provider and request its activation on your account. Once activated, you will have the option to choose from various payment methods that you want to offer to your players.

The process for players to make payments is straightforward. They simply need to select their preferred payment method, specify the amount they wish to transfer to their betting account and confirm the transaction. Similarly, as a bookie, you can follow similarly simple steps to complete the transfer of winnings to your bettors’ accounts.

This streamlined payment process ensures a seamless experience for both you and your players, allowing for efficient and secure transactions with ease. By leveraging the accessible payment solution provided by the pay-per-head software, you can enhance the convenience and satisfaction of your players, fostering a positive and engaging betting environment.

What to Consider When Picking The Best Payment Solutions

There are hundreds of payment options that your players can use. However, some of them are not safe or convenient.

Here are the things to look for in a payment option before choosing it as a transaction processor for your bettors.

Fast And Convenient Payments

Suppose you want to bet on a game that starts in 20 minutes. You would like to use a method that will process deposits immediately to place your bet on time. Thus, a bookie has to choose a fast and convenient payment option.

That way, bettors do not have to lose on a wagering chance. If they miss a wagering chance, you also lose.

Secure Transactions

Another thing you must consider is the security of a transaction. Insecure money transactions can leak personal data to third persons, which is one of the most dangerous things to happen.

Thus, ensure that the pay per head software provider has implemented security measures such as SSL encryption to prevent data leakage and promote secure transactions.

Low Or No Transaction Fees

Some payment methods charge transaction fees to earn their profit. However, if you choose a processor that charges a high price, players might not use it. Therefore, consider the transaction fee each method charges.


One of the reasons players place their bets with offshore bookmakers is to avoid taxes on winnings from their governments. Thus, they will choose anonymous payment solutions to protect their financial information from governments.

This anonymity has become one of the considerations players make before they choose a payment method. Thus, ensure you have several options that support anonymous transactions.

Mobile Transactions

Another thing to consider is Internet transactions. Some methods require players to walk to a nearby booth to complete their transactions. Others allow players to complete their transactions from the comfort of their homes.

Payment Providers

Bettors can use various payment options in the Access Agent Payment 4K. These include:

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Gift cards
  • e-checks
  • MoneyGram
  • Cryptocurrencies

A bookie should choose a payment method depending on their players’ needs. For example, debit and credit cards used to be popular forms of transacting money online. However, more credit and debit card providers turn down transactions involving gambling platforms.

Players choose one payment option over the other depending on their preference or access to a payment channel. It is crucial as a bookie to have as many options to attract more players to your betting platform.

Some players prefer convenience and choose direct transaction methods such as directly depositing money to their betting account through bank transfers or PayPal. However, a method like PayPal may not be the best option because it attracts government scrutiny it charges high transaction fees, among other disadvantages.

Once players realize that, they will choose another bettor method such as a digital wallet including Skrill and Neteller. Some players value their privacy. This means they prefer to transact using cryptocurrency methods over other options.

Bitcoin is one of the most common cryptos. Thus, ensure a pay-per-head software supports it. You can also confirm whether the software supports other cryptos, including Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

Why You Should Use Pay Per Head Software Payment Solution

One of the advantages of using a pay per head software payment solution is that it generates detailed reports. These reports can show you where a player stands at any time. You can tell how much a bettor has used on your platform, how much they have won, or whether they deserve credit on their next bet.

Also, you get account payables and account receivables with just a few clicks. You can even automate the transfer of winnings once a bet is settled.

Remember, a pay-per-head site has no direct access to the funds. But, they can help you automate your payment system while keeping it secure.

Choose Power Pay Per Head Payment Solution Software

If you have been operating as a local bookie for some time, you are likely familiar with the challenges associated with consistent payment collection and processing. However, by transitioning your bookie business online, you can leverage the Access Agent Payment 4K system to streamline payment receipt and winnings processing.

Book a session with Power Pay Per Head today to learn how to use the payment solution.

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