Starting a Betting Business With Top Pay Per Head Service

8 December 2022
top pay per head
top pay per head

There is a lot of money circulating in the betting industry. However, only a few bookies know how to earn it. With the top pay per head (PPH) service, getting a significant share of the money is like taking a blissful stroll.

The gambling industry has a lot of ways for top pay per head bookies to get money. From running a sports betting service to horse racing bets, casino games, poker, and esports; you can earn as much as you want.

Unless you use the ideal top pay per head service, this amount might only cover the operating costs leaving you with no profits. Yet, the top pay per head concept might still be new to you. Fret not because we will show you the exact steps to take to start a bookie business with top pay per head.

Top Pay Per Head Service Steps

Establishing a thriving bookie business involves a series of sequential steps. Within this comprehensive guide, we will intricately outline the prerequisites and the precise actions necessary to initiate your betting venture successfully, all while avoiding potential roadblocks.

Please note that the content is presented in the English language for your convenience and accessibility.

1. Learn About the Gambling Industry

How much do you know about the gambling industry? Do you know what it is worth, which states generate the most revenue from gambling, and other similar questions?

There is so much to know about the gambling industry. Some of the information might seem unnecessary until you need it. Besides, you must continually train yourself about the industry you are venturing into.

Learning about the industry will feel like reading your favorite novel if you are passionate about gambling. The best part is that you will use this information to position your betting business correctly. When you understand your target clients, you can provide a better experience for them.

So, learn how betting works, how odds are created, how and when odds adjust, the history of games between different teams, and much more. This information will come in handy in creating a better player experience for your clients.

2. Analyze Your Competitors

Setting up a bookie business is easy. Running it and getting profits from it is the hard part. The gambling industry is saturated with bookies already.

These bookies offer the same products you want to provide. Therefore, you must be acutely aware of your competitors and their strategies to gain an edge.

Once you learn what competitors are doing and how they do it, you can modify your strategies and services to get clients. Ideally, your offer has to be better than your competitors if you want to make a significant income.

3. Outline Your Plan

Your business is likely to fail without a plan. Some entrepreneurs pay experts to create their plans. They understand that without a plan, they are bound to fail.

A plan should tell you why, when, and what to do. For instance, you should have a set date to launch your business and a reason to set it up on a particular day. For example, most bookies launch their business a few weeks before American football events kick-off to get time to enroll clients before actual wagering begins.

A bookie business is profitable. However, you need a plan guiding you on what to do to maximize the profits.

So, dedicate enough time to create a comprehensive plan. Consider working with someone who has made a bookie’s business plan before.

4. Come Up With Capital and Operating Costs and Bankroll

Starting a pay per head bookie is inexpensive. However, that does not mean you should start the business with insufficient funds.
It is better to have extra cash than to run out of funds before launching your betting business. The best thing about running a pay per head bookie is that the funds go to the most important needs. For instance, most of your money will go to funding the bankroll instead of purchasing expensive sportsbook software.

When you contact your PPH provider, you can come up with a good estimate of the amount you need to start a bookie. Usually, you will need enough to pay the overhead fee for a few months. But, you do not have to pay this fee upfront.

You also need enough money to pay clients on a bad day. Gambling is a risky business for bookie agents too. You are not guaranteed to make money every day.

You need enough bankroll to cover players’ winnings on time when that day comes. Otherwise, you will get a bad review if you pay your clients late.

5. Find Clients

Acquiring clients can be a challenging procedure. Marketing is generally not a walk in the park. However, if you have the product on the market, acquiring clients will not be a problem.

If it proves difficult, start with close friends and family. Some of them must love you and would be proud to see your business prosper.

So, talk to a few friends to place bets with you. Target clients that already love wagering, and playing casino games. It is easy to recruit passionate sports bettors if you know where to look.

So, find out where bettors like to hang out; some like watching sports games in public joints. So be a frequent visitor to such joints too. However, avoid pitching your offer on the first date.

Ensure you are not breaking any laws marketing your business. You do not have to tell your clients that the bookie you are selling is yours. Instead, tell them you love wagering with the online bookie because it offers great odds, convenient payment methods, and other good reasons.

6. Choose the Top Pay Per Head Service Provider

What is a top PPH service? You will find many providers in your search for a pay per head service. Since not everything in the market is suitable for you, PPH service might not be ideal for your bookie business.

As such, you cannot pick a random service provider. We took this chance to find the characteristics of the best pay per head service. That way, you can confirm what we recommend is genuinely a top-rated service.

1. Safe Payment Methods

Online sportsbooks and casinos have become easier targets for malware attacks and fraud. In October and November 2022, several players lost their funds from their banks through a global payment.

The funds were transferred to three popular gambling sites and then withdrawn to different Venmo accounts. While the brands involved investigated the issue and applied additional security features, players are still worried.

Players have been advised to unlink their bank information from their gambling platforms. So, you must choose safe and anonymous payment methods. These include gift cards, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other similar methods that promote security.

2. Live Betting and Prop Bets

Live betting goes hand in hand with props bets. The excitement that comes with wagering on an ongoing match is unmatched. You can watch a game while placing prop stakes.

A top PPH service provider should offer numerous live betting markets. You can use this feature for marketing your betting business because it appeals to modern bettors.

3. Live Dealer and Virtual Casino

Do you know how much money you can make from casino games? Casino games are increasingly becoming popular. They are fun to play and can keep your clients longer on your site, ultimately increasing their chances of wagering more.

The best pay per head software has a live dealer and virtual casinos. The platforms have adequate varied games to encourage more playing.

4. Horse Racing

A horse racing betting platform will give you an edge over other bookies. You can use the platform to acquire more clients to wager on your site.

The racebook should appeal to clients with competitive odds, many betting lines, and broad coverage. For instance, you can offer horse racing bets for races in over 80 horse tracks.

5. Competitive Price

The operating cost of an online bookie no longer hits the roof. By working with the ideal PPH service, you can keep the operational costs low while retaining the rest of the profits.

So, when getting a PPH service, ask about the overhead fee. Compare the price with the value you get from the service provider.
While deciding your running costs budget, do not go for the cheapest package. The price of the product reflects its quality.

6. Sportsbook Software

The best bookie software is the core of a bookmaking business. You need it to run your operations. While you can get sportsbook software from anywhere, the cost might scare you.

You might not even afford it. If you can, you will need to hire in-house engineers to upgrade it and ensure it is running optimally. Fortunately, you can get the software from your PPH service provider.

Evaluate its quality. Find out whether it is compatible with different devices, whether it is upgradeable, and if it is ideal for your business.

7. Software Demo Account

Most products have an ingredient list. The ingredient list allows consumers to identify the compounds in the product before purchasing it.

For instance, you must confirm a product does not have ingredients you are allergic to. Otherwise, you might end up in a hospital or worse.

Unfortunately, looking at the elements that make up a top pay per head service is not enough. You can ask for a demo account to evaluate whether the software is as advertised.

8. Customized Website

There are over 100,000 online sportsbooks. Most look the same; and have the same layout, design, and tabs.

Using a familiar website is okay because clients know where to look. For instance, most user menus are placed on the left or at the top. There is no need to put yours at the bottom.

While you can stick to the typical layout, you can customize your platform to appeal to your specific clientele. Suppose you are targeting frats communities in your college. You can customize your website to appeal to them.

A customizable website allows you to tailor your website accordingly. For instance, you can change the skin to a basketball pitch during the National Basketball Association (NBA) season.

9. Knowledgeable Staff

You need someone knowledgeable about the betting business in your corner. The staff handling issues submitted by your clients must have efficient knowledge to provide comprehensive solutions.

For instance, have you ever called a customer representative who had to excuse themselves from learning more about your inquiry? The agent took a lot of time to give a solution as if they did not work with the company they were representing.

Before you start working with any pay per head shop, find out whether it has professional customer agents. The customer representatives should know solutions and answers to different questions about betting accounts, bonuses, deposits, withdrawals, and other issues your clients might need clarification about.

10. Private Agent Support

Considering you will be using a new bookmaking solution, you might need assistance. For instance, you might not know how to use the line mover, bet ticker, layoff account, and other tools on the sportsbook software.

Contacting the general customer support agent is not convenient for a bookie. You need a quicker way to get assistance.

Choose a pay per head shop with a dedicated agent to handle your inquiries. Having access to a reliable agent means that your operations will go on without interruptions that follow when you encounter an issue.

11. Layoff Account

Imagine missing a sharp bet notification because you are enjoying your favorite hobby, swimming. But, you return to your phone on time to lay off some action.

Without a layoff account, you have to dig deeper into your pockets to pay winnings for the sharp bettor. Sometimes, you will take bets that leave your bookie exposed. However, you can minimize the risk by laying off the action with another bookie.

7. Set Up Your Bookie Website

Your PPH sportsbook is ready as soon as you contact the pay per head service provider. PPH shops design many betting templates and configure the software to make the product turnkey. Therefore, launching your betting business within ten minutes is possible if you want to.

However, this website needs some customization; otherwise, it will not appeal to your target clients. Moreover, you must apply different limitations before you allow clients to wager.

For example, you need to set the minimum and maximum wager amounts. Otherwise, some clients can wager an amount equaling your net worth if you pay their winnings. You cannot afford to lose any money or let clients dictate how much they can wager.

While you should listen to them, you need to set the pace. Decide which sports betting lines you want to offer, change the skin, test the website load time, and ensure the site is ready for launching. If everything looks and feels perfect, launch your betting business.

Managing Your Bookie Business

Running a bookie is one of the best ways to earn a living. However, it comes with some challenges that you can mitigate with a few tips.

For instance, you must realize that you are a business owner now and not a bettor. You cannot adjust the odds to favor your favorite team. You will lose.

Dedicate enough time to run your business. Running a PPH bookie takes away most of your responsibilities.

You do not have to create lines, upgrade the software, pick up your clients’ calls, and much more. You might assume that your work is to sit and wait for income.

Unfortunately, the competition is so high that you cannot afford to sit around. You must find out if your clients are happy and how to make them more comfortable. Otherwise, a dedicated bookie will steal them.

Another thing you need to do is to understand your clients. Use information collected by the customer representatives, feedback on the social media page, and other resources to improve their experience.

Clients will continue wagering if they are happy. They will even invite their friends to your platform.

Finally, work closely with your mentor. Your mentor, in this case, could be your pay per head provider. Follow the tips offered to you.

Can Anyone Become a Bookie?

Anyone has the potential to become a bookie. However, some requirements and skills distinguish one bookie from the other. These skills can make your job as a bookie easy or a struggle.

For instance, you will struggle a little if you do not have a knack for numbers and accounting. You will barely understand how you are making money.

Having an emotional IQ will also help run a more profitable business. This is because you can tell how clients will react to specific teams playing and why they will wager on one group and not the other.

Suppose you are offering bets for a match between a local football team and a team from another state. Most of your local clients will wager on the local team, even if it is not good.

You should also have an understanding of the top pay per head betting industry and its history. Lastly, be willing to learn how you can improve your service.

Are You Ready To Launch Your Betting Business?

We are confident that you are ready to launch your bookie business for several reasons. For instance, you can start with five clients and grow your client base gradually. Beginning with a small number allows you to focus on providing exceptional service and building strong relationships with your customers. Additionally, you won’t need a large initial bankroll to offer your services to these five clients, making it a low-risk and accessible opportunity.

The remaining part goes to us at Power Pay Per Head. We will set up your bookie with the top pay per head sportsbook software and tools, ensuring that you have everything you need to succeed. Our cutting-edge technology and comprehensive support will empower you to compete effectively in the market and attract more players to your platform. With our solution, growing your business will be the best thing that can happen to you, as you’ll have the resources and expertise of Power Pay Per Head behind you every step of the way.

Leap and join us today to unlock the full potential of your bookie business. With Power Pay Per Head by your side, the possibilities are endless.

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