How To Become a Bookie Agent

14 December 2021
How To Become a Bookie Agent
How To Become a Bookie Agent

A bookie agent takes bets in various events, including sports and special events such as the birth of a royal child, the outcome of an election, or the winner of a TV show. Usually, a bookie agent partners with another brand to offer sports betting. For example, you can work with a pay per head (PPH) service provider to offer sports betting to your community.

In this case, the pay per head site acts like a sportsbook. It has betting platforms, oddsmakers, a call center, a technical support team, and clerks. While it looks like there is no work left for you to do because the PPH service provider does it all, there is. Once you get the platform, you will take on various responsibilities, including limiting bets, managing players’ accounts, etc.

You will still have control over the board. You can tell the PPH service providers how to set the lines, rules, and limitations you want in place. Another task you have to handle is recruiting new bettors.

You can transfer your existing players to this new PPH platform and market your bookie to potential clients. Another way to find gamblers is by using Google Ads, social media advertising, and other Internet marketing strategies.

It would cost you much less to run your PPH bookie business than a traditional sportsbook. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to run your bookie, you will pay a fixed amount for each bettor that wagers during a specified time.

Becoming A Bookie Agent

Here are steps to follow to become a bookie agent:

Learn As Much As Possible About The Business Model

To make it in this business, learn everything there is to know. You must understand the business model, the maths involved in the PPH business, setting betting lines, managing the bookie, and other details. While you will not do most of these tasks manually, knowing how the system works is advisable.

Funding Your Business

The next step is funding your business. Every business start-up requires some funds. Fortunately, you do not need much when starting a PPH bookie. In fact, you might get a free trial period before you can start paying for the weekly PPH fee.

Signing Up With PPH Service Provider

Your search for the best PPH service provider should not be complicated. You can choose to work with a top-rated site such as Power Pay Per Head. The provider will take your business online, manage your sportsbook, and provide you with the necessary tools to grow your business.

Once you sign up, you will get training on using the site. You can also navigate through the platform as a bettor to learn first-hand experience your clients will get. You can choose a template betting platform or wait a few more hours as the service provider customizes your sportsbook.

Get Started With Your Bookie Business

Becoming a bookie agent is as easy as illustrated above. If you are willing to put in the work and convinced to use a pay per head platform, you are good to go.

To get started with Power Pay Per Head, call us at 855-492-6007. We will guide you through our sportsbook software and help you launch your betting services.

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