How to Choose the Right Sportsbook Pay Per Head in the USA

25 January 2022
How to Choose the Right Sportsbook Pay Per Head in the USA

Are you a bookie or thinking of becoming one? Then you know you need a sportsbook pay per head (PPH) software to match the quality of world-known bookmakers. Yet, you cannot scroll web pages and pick the first pay-per-head provider you see.

Choosing the right sportsbook pay-per-head is a crucial procedure and decision. With one wrong move, you pack your bookie at the bottom of the rest until you choose another PPH that gives you value.

We want to prevent you from any guesswork. At Power Pay Per Head, there is no room for error. Our goal is to ensure you choose the proper bookie pay-per-head the first time you do it. Here we look at what to look for when choosing the right sportsbook PPH.

Quality Of A Sportsbook Pay Per Head Software

When choosing the right sportsbook pay per head, the first thing you need to check is its quality. There are several ways of measuring the quality of a product.

First, read several reviews about the product. It will help if you read from different reviewers. If you know someone that has used the software before, ask their thoughts and whether they would recommend it.

Another way is testing the product yourself. The best provider offers a demo account. With this account, you can tell whether the information given in reviews is correct.

You can log in to your agent account and test the bookmaking tools provided on the dashboard. You can also log in as a player, try placing a bet, depositing, contacting customer support, or any other betting activity to gain first-hand information about the process.

While at it, you need to confirm whether the betting platform is user-friendly. See whether there are bugs, pages hanging, or problems navigating, and note down anything you might have a question about.

The time with the demo account might not be enough. So, the other way to find the product’s quality is to use the platform during the trial period. Use this period to bring clients on board. Encourage them to bet, seek customer support and navigate through the sportsbook.

Your first clients should be your friends or family. Thus, you know where to get them.

Ask them about their experience on your betting platform. Their responses should tell you if it meets their preferences.

Betting Markets And Options

The second thing you need to look at is the betting market and bet options. Remember, the online betting industry is already crowded with prominent sportsbooks and bookies.

The quality and quantity of the betting market can place you somewhere in the market or bury you. Make sure it is the first option by ensuring the sportsbook pay-per-head covers quality markets.

Suppose you are offering betting services to people in Iowa or Illinois. Residents in these states are sports lovers. You have to provide the best betting experience for them to even consider playing on your bookie.

For example, it would be unwise to offer bet markets in soccer and none in the National Football League (NFL) to clients within the country. Most of these bettors are American football diehards and would bet on the sports before betting on soccer.

Therefore, ensure all the markets your bettors want to see are on the platform. Moreover, ensure there are several leagues covered under each sport.

The other thing is bet options. Most American bettors love Moneyline bets. Thus, ensure it is the first bet type provided on the sportsbook. Other essential options include parlays, point spreads, and props.

Live Betting Offerings

Suppose I gave you two options, bet on the match before it begins or after it has kicked off. Which one would you pick?

If you picked both, you are a sports fanatic and deserve all the good things. But, some prefer betting on an ongoing game for various reasons.

For example, a live bet has a high-risk value of the coefficients.

As a sports betting enthusiast, you want to feel all your adrenaline at the top; you can almost blow up. Only betting on a live game can increase your adrenaline levels as you would like.

The popularity of live betting has increased. You might even get more clients choosing to bet on live games than pre-match bets.

Live betting offers bettors a chance to make more accurate decisions. They can watch a game, predict what might happen, and place a bet.

Despite how brilliantly a team has played before, the real-time happenings in a game are paramount to which bet a bettor will place.

Therefore, ensure your sportsbook pay per head has a live betting offering. Moreover, confirm the provider is offering live markets for most sports, especially the most popular games. That way, you can attract more players by making multiple bets throughout a match.

Knowledgeable Staff

As much as you think you know everything about sports betting, there is always something new. You might need help setting lines, using bookmaking tools, or an IT expert to remove a bug. When this happens, you need to know that someone will readily answer your question.

Thus, your sportsbook pay-per-head provider should comprise knowledgeable staff. More companies hire people as customer support representatives yet do not know a quarter about the hiring company.

While the staff helping you solve a problem might not have designed the sportsbook software, they need to know everything about it. That way, they do not waste your time and they are trying to explain something they do not understand.

Online Casino

Over 50 million people visit a land-based casino each year. Most of these make at least seven trips to the casino. This number is bigger at online casinos because they are more accessible.

This tells you the casino market is enormous, and there is room for a new bookie. Therefore, you need to find out whether the pay per head software has a casino platform. Apart from providing players with many casino games, operating a casino is good for your pocket.

Whenever players find no sports markets that interest them, they will load the casino platform and continue playing. If your bookies lack the casino, they will just log out and find another platform to play.

Find whether the platform has quality casino games. Also, ensure the games are of different genres, including slot machines, table games, and live dealer titles.


Like a casino, a racebook is an essential tool for increasing your wealth. There are many horse races each year spread over the months. Thus, each month, you will likely earn thousands of dollars from people placing bets on their favorite races such as the $10 million Dubai World Cup, Epsom Derby, and Kentucky Derby.

There are over 200 horse tracks across the world. Depending on the sportsbook pay per head you choose, you can get many options to offer your clients. You might think that this genre has few fans, but you will be surprised by the number of people placing horse racing bets each month.

Payment Methods

Today, you do not have to go knocking on your clients’ houses to collect the money they owe you. Instead, you can introduce them to payment methods they can use to send money to you.

These payment methods should be convenient, and safe, and process transactions quickly at an affordable cost. Therefore, find what payment options are available to your clients. Then, compare the list with the payment options available at the sportsbook pay per head software.

Device Compatibility

Another thing you need to consider choosing the ideal sportsbook PPH is compatibility with devices. You have clients who love using desktop devices to place their bets and mobile bettors. Thus, your software should be compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets, windows, Androids, and iOS devices.

Moreover, you also want to operate your bookie from anywhere. Suppose you are hanging out with friends at a lake house.

If you took out a laptop in the middle of fishing, they might think you do not want to be there. But, when you use your phone to look at operations on the bookie, they will not mind.

Price Per Player

How much will you pay for the software and services? This should be your last question. While it is not the determining factor, it is as important as others.

It would help if you worked with a budget. Thus, ask your provider how much it would cost for the sportsbook pay per head and services. Compare the price with the value you get from the software.

Choose The Best Sportsbook PPH In The Market

There are hundreds of sportsbook pay per head providers. But, the best thing you can do is choose a provider meeting all the above tips.

The Power Pay Per Head sportsbook software meets all the above qualities. When you choose to work with our software, you will be choosing a reliable and high-quality product providing value for your players and you. You will also get a team of experienced experts on your back, guiding you toward becoming the best bookie.

Contact us today to start your free trial. Moreover, you do not have to pay an upfront fee to get the trial period.

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