Voted Best Pay Per Head Service by Las Vegas Bookmakers

5 June 2022
Voted Best Pay Per Head Service by Las Vegas Bookmakers

Running your bookmaking business requires you to have the best pay per head service providers in your corner. The pay per head software will help you attract more clients and manage your business without worrying about losing your data.

The right software for your business entails features like easy accessibility, an updated calendar, different payment methods, language options, and a functioning admin pane. With several pay-per-head providers in the market, you need to conduct extensive research before settling on one. The list below contains the voted seven best pay per head service providers in Las Vegas.

Most Voted Best Pay Per Head Services

Power Pay Per Head

If you are looking for the best pay per head service software that can quickly detect sharp betting and notify you of arbitrage bettors, Power Pay Per Head is the right choice for you. With this software, you will be in charge of limiting bets, odds, and gambler credit.

The software has a display panel containing over 100 national and international leagues. Your customers are treated to a range of games to choose from.

Power Pay Per Head has a free six-week trial for all its new clients and an in-depth bookie guide. The guide will help you gain more experience and knowledge on bookmaking.

The software allows different forms of payment, including cryptocurrency. Your bettors have a choice to switch to a language they are fluent in. Power Pay Per Head has an updated calendar of events to notify you of upcoming games and events.

The software takes serious security measures to protect your clients’ data. It has a DDoS to keep out hackers, malware protection, and cloud-saving to prevent data loss.

Power Pay Per Head often holds online seminars and Q&As for bookmakers. During these seminars, bookmakers receive training on keeping their businesses winning.

Ace Per head

Ace Per Head is one of the best pay per head service suppliers, mainly due to their betting options. The software has numerous national and international games on its display panel. Its security is top-notch as they provide its users with anonymous identities to keep them safe.

Ace Per Head has a multifactor authentication privilege, and bettors can easily retrieve their data online. The software’s loading speed is swift, and it optimizes your website to drive more traffic.

It comes preconfigured, saving you time used in configuration and setup. The software can be easily accessible on a phone, laptop, or desktop. The admin panel on the software provides you with details about all your customers and contains implements to help you limit bets and odds.

Ace Per Head offers a complimentary six-week trial to their new clients on all their services. Their Pay-per-head charges are affordable, going at $10 per head.


247pph gives the bookie the freedom to run his business as the bookie is the one who collects payments directly from the bettors. The software provides you with live odds on all main sports like NBA, MLB, and NFL, making it one of the best pay per head service providers.

It provides bookies with a set-up casino that can also be integrated into the bookmaker’s website. The software has sophisticated security measures. Users can log in safely and place bets at any time of the day.

You can use your name or your company’s name to look for new customers. Your customers can also edit or change players when betting.

The software provides a tutorial for bookies and new users to navigate the system through the tutorial available in the dashboard. 247pph has a user-friendly user interface (UI) for your customers.

Real Bookies

Real Bookies software allows your customers to place bets online and through a toll-free number. The software is accessible to users 24 hours a day throughout the year.

As one of the best pay per head service firms in Las Vegas, Real Bookies upholds your customers’ security and privacy through anonymous identities. The software has a display panel with several gambling options from various games.

The software is affordable to bookies by offering a subscription fee of seven dollars per head. Subscription to the software comes with a complimentary four-week trial. The trial is especially advantageous to new bookies as it carries a comprehensive guide to bookmaking.

The software is famous for its live wagering, live casino games, free virtual games, and complimentary race book. Real Bookies has a data panel that contains reports on all your customers and data on all players in the games involved.

As a bookie, you get an admin panel with management tools to help you run your website through advertisement and set guidelines for your business. The panel also contains tools to help you limit bonuses, credit, and odds.

Real bookies charge seven dollars per head. However, you won’t be charged if your bettors don’t place a bet.

America’s Bookie

America’s Bookie has been one of the best pay per head service providers for almost 10 years. The software allows bettors to gamble on all main sports, racebook, and casinos.

It has 100 percent free wagers attuned to the $100 deposit. The software is simple to use, and you can create an account in under five minutes.

America’s Bookie has eight bets: teasers, parlays, straight wagers, win reverse, straight reverse, action reverse, round robins, and if win or tie only. Gamblers can not only bet on sports but also on entertainment and political events.

The software is simple to navigate, well-systematized, and free of ads. America’s Bookie gives in-play wagering, and bettors can easily find their live-betting preferences.

You have the freedom to modify the account settings and change how odds and other items are displayed. The loading speed of the software is fast.

Host PPH

Host PPH’s software contains digital betting recording and provides unlimited profiles for players. The software has a real-time agent giving your customers step-by-step reporting on the game.

It is easily accessible to users at any time of the day, and its user interface is friendly to both desktops and phones. The software has a storage panel that stores data for you on all the bettors using your website. You can easily track their losses and wins and calculate your profit.

Host PPH has a qualified team of customer care agents available 24 hours a day throughout the year. The agents have knowledge of casinos, horse racing, and sportsbook.

The software has a free four-week trial for all its new users. You have the freedom to customize your website to suit your business needs.


Bookies consider A1PPH as one of the best pay per head service providers for giving a chance to sign up with the software and learn to work without it without subscribing. The software has live odds for various sports.

The software can accommodate several bettors at a time without having a system failure. Gamblers can request extra lines.

As a member of A1PPH, you can easily change limits and odds and put restrictions to suit your business. The software is easy to set up, and you can open an account in just a few minutes.

A1PPH charges seven dollars per head. The software profits your business since you only pay for active bettors. Your customers’ reports are easily accessible throughout the day, and you can track their wins 24/7 at any time.

Your bookmaking business needs the best pay per head service provider to stay on top. Contact Power Per Head at 855-492-600 to get the best bookie software for your business.

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