Ace Pay Per Head And Power Pay Per Head Voted As the Two Best PPH Services

1 June 2022
Ace Pay Per Head And Power Pay Per Head Voted As the Two Best PPH Services
While every PPH service provider is unique in several ways, Ace Pay Per Head and Power Pay Per Head have many similarities. For example, the two sites have been voted the best pay per head services providers for over two years. These two sites are powerhouses of the industry. They have made bookmaking easier, more fun, and more profitable. Apart from that, the PPH shops know what your bettors want and provide it. Here are the reasons Ace Pay Per Head and Power Pay Per Head are the best PPH service providers and how you can benefit from using their solutions.

1. Both Sites Offer A Comprehensive Package

Ace Pay Per Head and Power Pay Per Head understand their job too perfectly. The price per player companies knows that their job is to provide bookies with bookmaking solutions. As such, they have packaged their offers into a comprehensive package. Inside the package, you will find a sports betting platform, a virtual casino, a live dealer casino, and a racebook. With four revenue sources, you cannot blame anyone if you cannot make the kind of profit you want. Each of these gambling platforms is designed to help bookies make better profits. From a wide selection of sports to wager on to numerous slots and table games and over 80 horse tracks, bookies have so much to offer to their clients. Notably, Power Pay Per Head features over 220 horse tracks, giving your players something to wager on throughout the year. You and your bettors will love the quality of games offered by the two pay per head sites. Your clients will enjoy wagering on national and international events while you get excited about the profits coming in.

2. Wide Selection Of Sports Betting Markets

How do you feel about providing bets in over 20 sports in the country and internationally? If you have recruited bettors, you have learned that they love to wager on different events. They would love to wager on American football now and a soccer event later. Therefore, a bookie needs to offer all sports betting markets. Besides, bookies should offer current events that bettors can wager on. Fortunately, the best two PPH service providers understand their job. The two sites offer the widest betting selection. In other words, your clients can wager on over 250,000 pre-match events in a year. Moreover, your clients can wager in different leagues. For example, you will find English Premier League, La Liga, and other soccer leagues. You will discover other leagues in various sports. Having a wide selection of sports betting markets gives your clients something to look forward to. Notably, your clients can discover new markets when their preferred option is off-season.

3. American English Speaking Customer Representatives

Communication is important in any business. That is why Power Pay Per Head and its colleagues prioritize customer service. While most pay per head sites ignore customer services, the top two PPH service providers do not. They value clients’ satisfaction hence their award-winning customer support services. The sites have set up a 24/7 call center and filled it with their trained customer representatives. These representatives possess knowledge about their respective pay per head services, player accounts, deposits and withdrawals, and every detail about bookmaking and customer satisfaction. That way, you are assured of getting a solution when you send a query. Moreover, your bettors can get solutions too, whenever they call or send a message. The best part about customer representatives at these price per player sites is that they speak American English. Therefore, if your target clients are Americans, you can rest assured that communication will happen without a hitch. Both the clients and customer representatives will understand each other’s lingo.

4. Years Of Experience

You become an expert in something after years of experience. You learn to do something over and over until you can perfect it. This is what Ace Pay Per Head and Power Pay Per Head have done. The first site has 24 years of experience, while the latter has 16. This is a long time for a company to make something perfect. When you look at the first software of both companies and compare it to today’s version, you will notice many differences. What started as standard software is today’s powerhouse, helping bookies make so much money despite competition from prominent sportsbooks. The companies have used each year to make their software and services better than the previous. They utilize new technology, factor in growing bookie’s needs, and create better products and services for clients.

5. Same Day Set-Up

Did you know you can become a bookie today after reading this article? You are about to dismiss this thought but do not. When you think about weeks of developing a sportsbook website, choosing the best software, finding clients, and launching your bookie, it might sound impossible to become a bookie on the same day. However, it is true you can become a bookie a few minutes after contacting Power Pay Per Head or its friend. The sites have ready sportsbook software. In fact, they also have betting templates you can choose from. In other words, you can choose your preferred template, ask five of your friends to sign up, and start taking their bets. If you want a custom website instead, you can wait a little longer until the sites can capture your preferences in their development. Still, it will take a shorter time to launch your bookie compared to getting your platform from another pay per head company.

6. The Software Is Optimized For All Devices

Power Pay Per Head and Ace Pay Per Head sportsbook software is optimized for all devices. In other words, Windows, Android, iPhones, tablets, Macs, and desktop users can launch the sportsbook website to place their bets or run the bookie platform. Companies have paid extra attention to ensure every bit of the software is designed to work perfectly on any device. Ideally, the software is built to adapt to various devices. So, when you open the platform on your Samsung or iPhone 13, it will adapt to fit the screen. With optimized software, you and your players can choose to bet or play on a phone or desktop. For example, you can use your phone to follow the action when you are at your workplace. When you get home later, you might want to analyze reports from your laptop.

7. Free Trial Period

Another thing that earns these pay per head companies first place is a free trial period. Unlike many other sites, these two sites are confident in the quality of their software. They give access to their product and services and allow bookies and bettors to test things out. This allows bookies to find out whether the services are good for their clients. Bookies also discover the bookmaking tools provided by the sites and confirm their value by utilizing them during the free trial period. The trial period can be anything between one and six weeks. There is no way of telling how much time you will get to test the product. The good thing is that you will get a dedicated account manager to guide you through the trial period and beyond. That way, you are assured of testing every bit of the services. Moreover, your clients can log in and place their bets. Meanwhile, you will keep all the profits until the trial period runs out.

8. Live Wagering Options

Betting on ongoing matches has become popular in the last ten years. The trend is expected to grow, making live wagering a must-have feature for sportsbooks. Unfortunately, the technology supporting live wagering is expensive, discouraging most sportsbooks from offering live-ongoing match betting. Fortunately, Power Pay Per Head and Ace Pay Per Head have invested in the technology to ensure bookies that cannot afford the technology can still offer live wagering options. The best part is that these sites cover numerous matches across different sports.

9. Numerous Convenient Payment Methods

Funding a betting account and withdrawing winnings is something that stresses bettors and bookies too. This is something the two sites understand and want to solve. Hence their many safe and convenient payment methods. By providing convenient payment options, these pay per head companies ensure that you do not have to talk to individual companies to convince them to partner with you. Instead, you and your bettors can use the payment infrastructure designed by these companies to facilitate transactions. So, if clients need to deposit to their accounts, they can use gift cards, e-checks, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Stellar, and MoneyGram. Bookies can also use the same means to pay for their pay per head fees.

10. Cost-Effective

While the best PPH services providers offer comprehensive packages, they do not charge an arm and a leg. Instead, bookies can pay between $5 or less and $25 per player. The fee is meager compared to the thousands of dollars you have to spend to launch a traditional sportsbook. Moreover, the payment concept is ideal because bookies pay based on active bettors. Instead of spending thousands or a set commission every month, you pay depending on how many of your clients wager during a specific period. When it comes to using pay per head services, you need the best to penetrate the crowded sports betting markets. With Ace Pay Per Head or Power Pay Per Head on your back, you can be the best bookie in the region.  

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