How To Become A Bookie At Rutgers University

26 April 2022
How To Become A Bookie At Rutgers University
How To Become A Bookie At Rutgers University

Healthcare and research-oriented courses rank among the most financially demanding educational paths. Unfortunately, students pursuing these disciplines often allocate a substantial portion of their time to research endeavors and exam preparation. If you’re contemplating becoming a bookie while studying at Rutgers University, and are uncertain about managing this venture within your limited temporal and financial confines, don’t lose hope.

Rest assured, you can successfully venture into bookmaking during your time at the university. This supplementary income source has the potential to alleviate a portion of your tuition expenses and other financial obligations. Moreover, concerns regarding time allocation for managing your bookie enterprise need not be a hindrance, as long as you can commit at least an hour daily to spare.

Through this opportunity, you can achieve a balanced equilibrium between your academic pursuits and an additional income stream, enhancing your financial well-being without compromising your educational journey.

Key Points To Be A Bookie

Financial resources often appear elusive for college students, especially given the demanding academic commitments. While certain students might manage to allocate a few hours daily for work, the rigorous schedule at Rutgers University often leaves limited room for employment.

Thankfully, entering the realm of bookmaking necessitates a modest time investment and initial capital. Here’s a concise guide on how to embark on a bookie venture within your academic setting.

1. Find A Pay Per Head Solution

Let’s face it, you do not have time to create a proposal or wait for the New Jersey Division of Gambling Enforcement to grant you a license to operate as a legal bookie. You might apply for the license and not get it, considering your operations are outside Atlantic City.

Therefore, the easiest way to offer your services is by partnering with a pay per head provider. The provider will give you a betting platform and sportsbook software to ease your operations.

A pay per head solution is a comprehensive package of things a bookie needs to launch and operate. It comprises a website, software, call center, bookmaking tools, IT solutions, and gambling products including sports betting, casino, racebook, and risk management tools. Notably, the provider can run the bookie on your behalf.

In other words, you do not have to worry about setting betting lines, booking bets, processing payments, or any other task that would steal time from you. Instead, you can focus on finding easy clients, considering that you talk to most of them each day at school.

2. Convert Your Friends And School Alumni Into Clients

Students between 18 years and 24 provide a tremendous demographic. However, you need to remember that New Jersey laws betting limit age above 21. Therefore, remember not to violate this law.

Instead, find clients that are 21 years or older to become your clients. Although your sportsbook is hosted offshore with no direct violation of New Jersey laws, avoid recruiting clients that are less than 21 years old as it might be a violation.

Luckily, you still have a significant number of target clients between 21 and 24 years. You can also acquire Rutgers University alumni from social media groups. The good thing about this group is that they will support their own.

So, create a plan on how to acquire your clients. Attend college sports and enroll a few more students to wager with you.

3. Have Enough Bankroll

Another thing we will cover in this How to become a bookie guide is how to have enough bankroll. bookies bet on balancing their books so that the money on the losing side is enough to pay the winning side. However, this is not always possible.

In that case, a bookie needs to have enough money in the bankroll to pay winners on time. Ideally, you should have at least 20 percent of the daily wagered amount.

Apart from that, you need enough money to promote cash flow. Another thing you need is funds for paying the pay per head service.

Ask your friends to invest if you do not have enough savings to start a bookie. Show them how they can benefit and illustrate that your pay per head provider can run the operations eliminating legal repercussions.

4. Choose Sports Betting Markets

As a college student, you understand the sports that fellow students love and have a passion for. If you can identify these sports, it will be easy to make money from them.

Therefore, ignore your best sport and find out what your clients love. If you love darts, but most of your potential clients love college football, you cannot offer bets for darts.

So, find the most popular sports among students and what they would love to wager on. Then, talk to your pay per head provider to provide betting lines in these markets.

5. Manage Your Players

One of the most important parts of this guide on how to become a bookie is considering that you are responsible for recruiting clients, as you need to manage them effectively. Your pay per head provider cannot know the type of clients you have because it has no direct contact.

Therefore, you need to manage player accounts to protect your bankroll and business.

Fortunately, a pay per head solution has several player management tools. For example, you can use a bet tracker to get alerts of unwanted bets.

Suppose you have a new client that wagers $10,000. You will get an alert, allowing you to limit the player’s bet limit to an amount your bankroll is comfortable with. That way, you can control how much the player bets and wins.

6. Familiarize Yourself With Bookmaking

While a pay per head provider can run the business for you, you need to spend some time learning how to run your sportsbook. Remember, you will soon be out of college and have enough time to run the bookie yourself, which is why we believe this was an important tip to add this how to become a bookie guide.

So, start as early as possible to familiarize yourself with bookmaking. Learn how to set betting lines, incorporate vigorish, use various tools, and everything else. Dedicate at least an hour to familiarize yourself with operations. Analyze reports and determine which areas are doing well or need improvement.

7. Launch Your Betting Platform

The other thing about becoming a bookie is launching your betting platform. Your pay per head provider will set up the whole thing. But, you can decide to launch the bookie whenever you want.

Therefore, choose an ideal time to launch a bookie. For example, you can launch two weeks before March Madness begins. That way, you can get enough time to recruit clients before the basketball season.

Now that you know how to become a bookie at Rutgers University, it is time to launch your bookie. Call Power Pay Per Head to get your pay per head solution and start booking bets in minutes.

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