What Is Pay Per Player And How Does It Work?

25 January 2022
What Is Pay Per Player And How Does It Work
What Is Pay Per Player And How Does It Work

If you have been thinking about becoming a bookie, you must have heard of pay per player. While it is not the commonly used phrase, it refers to the pay per head business model. Other phrases that describe this business model include price per player, cost per player, PPH, or just per head.

A pay per player is a business model providing bookies with a betting platform, hundreds of sports betting markets, and bookmaking tools around the clock, throughout the year. The words refer to the way bookies have to pay for the services they get. Ideally, the service provider deals with the technical aspect of the bookmaking service while the bookie operator concentrates on converting the target market into loyal bettors.

When you hear of pay per player bookie, it describes a modern, reliable, and cost-effective betting platform. Usually, a third party provides the bookie software and other crucial tools to help a bookie enter the online market and start taking action. The software is always ready; thus, you can decide to become a bookie today and launch it later that day.

The Origin Of Pay Per Head

There are several theories explaining the origin of pay-per-head. Most date the 1990s as the first time the PPH concept was birthed. The Cliffsnotes version of the story suggests that world-recognized sportsbooks started offering white-label sportsbooks to maximize profit.

After a while, bookies got tired of paying for a franchise of the white-label sportsbook. They had to pay a monthly fee and a commission from their earnings.

This led to the invention of the pay per player business model. Unlike white-label sportsbooks, PPH bookies paid a fixed price depending on the number of players that placed wagers each week. At that time, the pay-per-head fee was around $65 for each player or more.

With the spread of the business model and more service providers joining the industry, the fee was reduced significantly. Today, the PPH fee ranges between $1 and $25 per player, depending on the service provider.

What To Expect In The Pay Per Player Software

When you look around the internet, you will find at least 100 sites offering pay-per-head software. Some of these have almost a similar product with at least one or two differences. Here are some things to expect in a pay per player software.

Sports Betting Platform

The sports betting platform is the core component of any pay-per-head software. The quality and variety of sports betting options available to your clients will largely depend on the software provider you choose.

Each software provider may offer different betting markets, including specific sports leagues like the National Football League (NFL) or other major international leagues. Some platforms may focus on local sports markets, while others provide a more extensive selection of international sports events.

Bookmaking Tools

The best PPH software should come with bookmaking tools to help you run your business. For example, bookie software can have an AI program to help you create betting lines.

Another standard tool is the bet tracker. This helps you track the betting action on your platform. Depending on the activity, you can decide your next steps. For example, you can close a bet market.

Ensure the software has all the tools to give you a competitive edge in a market that is already crowded with many PPH bookies. It should have report-generating tools, a bet tracker, and other player management tools.


Only a few PPH sites offer casino software. If you want to add to your revenue generation, consider having a casino.

Power Pay Per Head has the best premier casino. It is packed with quality slot machines, table games, and live dealer titles to keep your players entertained and betting longer.


Another thing you can expect on your pay per player software is a racebook. One software can focus on race tracks within the country while another incorporates tracks across Europe, America, and other countries.

The more horse tracks you offer, the more action you can record.

Customer Support

Indeed, customer support is a vital aspect of a reliable pay-per-head service. As a bookie, you may encounter situations where you need assistance with using the platform, setting up features, or managing your bookmaking business effectively. Having access to knowledgeable and responsive customer support representatives can be immensely helpful in such scenarios.

Likewise, your clients may also require assistance with various aspects of their betting accounts or transactions. Whether they have questions about deposits, withdrawals, bet settlements, or any other issues related to their betting experience, prompt and effective customer support is essential to ensure their satisfaction.

A reputable pay-per-head service should provide 24/7 customer support to cater to the needs of both bookies and bettors at any time of the day or night. English-speaking representatives who are well-trained in the platform’s features and betting processes can provide valuable guidance and solutions to users’ queries and concerns.

When evaluating different pay-per-head services, it is essential to consider the quality and availability of customer support as one of the key factors in making your decision. A reliable support team will not only enhance your overall experience as a bookie but also contribute to the positive experience of your clients, ultimately leading to better retention and growth of your bookmaking business.

Invest In A Pay Per Player Service

With this article, your understanding of pay per player is better. You know what to look for when investing in one and understand the difference between it and white-label sportsbooks.

If you are ready to invest in PPH, contact one of the best providers in the industry. At Power Pay Per Head, we are the leading PPH service provider and your ideal sports betting partner.

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