How to Switch Pay Per Head (Fast and Easy)

22 November 2022
Switch Pay Per Head
Switch Pay Per Head

Do you dread switching your pay per head (PPH) sportsbook software, thinking it is a lot of work or you might lose clients? As scary as it might feel, you need to switch pay per head service if the current provider is not getting the job done.

Choosing an exemplary PPH service is one of the biggest decisions bookies make. It is likely to make a mistake the first time if you need to switch pay per head. Fortunately, you can change providers as soon as you want.

Unlike what many imagine, switching your PPH service provider is fast and easy. You even do not have to do the switch yourself. Join us as we explore how to change the service, why you should do it when you should do it, and whom you should partner with to complete the switch pay per head.

Is It Worth Switching Your PPH Provider?

If the idea of changing your provider has crossed your mind even once, trust your instincts. However, you must evaluate your reasons before pulling the plug.

For instance, you might want to transfer your bookie to a cheaper service provider. If this is your sole reason, you are making a mistake. You get what you pay for.

It is best to invest in a company that has invested in a top-notch bookie management infrastructure rather than a company whose system is mediocre. So, if you are moving your bookie from a relatively expensive provider to a cheaper one, it is not worth it.

Several things can help determine whether it is worth jumping from one provider to another. The first is profitability. If you think you will make more profits with another provider, then your decision to jump is guaranteed.

After all, you will earn more money to pay for the new service, return to your business, and live a comfortable life. Find other reasons to switch your PPH service provider below.

Why Should You Switch Your PPH Service?

You might have several goals for your business. Growing your business and making more profits while at it is one of those objectives.

So, if you put all the work and resources you can into developing your bookie and nothing is happening, it is time to switch. Here are the top eight reasons you should invest in another pay per head system.

1. Customizable, User-Friendly Platform

There are thousands of online bookies. Each manages to retain its clients because it has something unique to offer. You need a fully customizable platform to portray your business’s unique aspects.

When your current PPH provider fails to allow you to customize your platform, you are at a disadvantage. Clients will think you are too lazy to customize your site or you just copied someone else’s ideas.

You need a customizable platform to make changes as required. For instance, a college bookie focusing on a frats group looks utterly different from a basketball-focused bookie. Customizing your platform appeals to your targeted clients.

A customizable platform goes hand-in-hand with user-friendliness. So, if you have to customize your site, ensure users can easily navigate and use it without encountering hitches. If clients are having trouble navigating your current betting venue, it is time to upgrade.

2. Layoff Account

How do you manage risks on your bookie? Do you have a layoff account to give your business a soft landing?

Your business has suffered if you have never heard of or used a layoff account. It is time to change that and give your business a soft landing the next time it faces a loss.

A layoff account is like a player betting account you can use to place wagers with another bookie when your bankroll is about to take a hit. Suppose you forgot to set the maximum amount a player can wager.

If a bettor relies on tips, strategies, and expertise to place a place, they are likely to wager a huge amount that can leave your business predisposed. You can correct that by placing a similar wager with another bookie and using the winnings to pay your client.

3. To Get Valuable Reports

Every business needs reports. The CEO will not analyze millions of data to derive the information required to make business decisions. Instead, the decision-maker hires employees and invests in reporting tools to generate the reports needed.

Similarly, as the CEO of your bookie, you need as many reports as possible to grow your revenue, understand your clients, improve your services, manage risks, and much more. If you are not getting player reports, balance reports, agent exposure reports, cash flow reports, and hold percentage reports, you need to jump.

Having these reports is monumental for your bookie business. Utilizing them well can grow your income and keep your clients happy.

4. Management Tools

How much control do you have over your business? If you answered little or none, you have yet to experience the benefits of taking control of your business.

With the help of the right management tools, you can decide your hold percentage, how much players wager, who wagers, and complete other necessary steps to run a successful bookmaking business. A powerful pay per head shop offers numerous management tools to help grow your business. So, switching to another provider might be the only step you need to take to see your business grow.

5. Security

Have you seen the number of gambling platform insecurity cases? Every week, a casino tries to recover its system from ransomware. Unfortunately, even the biggest brands like Google get ransomware attacks which may play a part in a switch pay per head.

While you cannot avoid it, having multiple security measures hides your site from thousands of attacks. Moreover, clients can rest assured that no one can get their information and use it maliciously.

Unfortunately, you cannot afford security measures like Google. In fact, this prominent company could not recover its system before paying millions of dollars to its attacker, yet it has the best security system and employees.

Fortunately, you can work with a PPH provider whose infrastructural system is top-notch. This minimizes the chances of attacks and protects your system and player data from thousands of attacks directed at your platform.

6. Quality Betting Lines

You will never make significant income from your bookie if your clients get better betting lines elsewhere. You need quality betting lines to retain clients. Moreover, you should offer quality lines consistently; otherwise, clients will get tired of going back and forth from one site to another, searching for better lines.

You get quality lines throughout the year when you switch pay per head service to a better provider. The best part is you can offer quality lines across all betting markets, including basketball, football, soccer, tennis, golf, and others.

7. To Work With A More Experienced Provider

As you grow, you need someone, preferably better, to look up to. For example, if you make $1 million per year, you look up to someone making more money instead of the one making less than you make.

Similarly, you might need someone more experienced to run your bookie. You need better infrastructure for your business, knowledgeable managers, better systems, and more. Switching your provider could be the only way to work with a more experienced service provider.

8. Mobile Platform And Bet Increasing Features

Mobile-friendly online sites have been topping the list as the most preferred platforms over desktop-based websites. Yet, some PPH sites have not optimized their infrastructure for mobile devices. This means you are losing many clients who prefer to place their bets on phones.

You need to move your bookie to another platform if your current provider does not have up-to-date technology supporting mobile betting. Do not feel guilty moving if the site also lacks bet-increasing features like bet builder, live betting, and other similar tools.

When Is The Best Time To Jump To A New PPH Provider?

Is there a right time to change your PPH provider? You can change your provider anytime you realize your current provider is not getting the job done. Also, if you want to grow your bookie or have any of the seven listed reasons, you can hire another provider.

So, whether it is in January or August, and you have several reasons to change your provider, there is no need to wait longer. However, some experts suggest that changing your provider between specific months is better.

Most experts agree that you should upgrade your pay per head service in December. Here are the top reasons why December is the best time to jump.

1. Action-Packed Reviews

A business should review its performance at the end of every year. This does not mean ignoring reviewing your performance every year. It means you have enough data at the end of the year to create a comprehensive review.

This review shows which promotions brought in more clients, how long you retained clients, what features contributed to keeping your clients, how much you made, and such information. This is the kind of data you need to decide whether to change your PPH service provider.

2. Best Timing

Most sports take a break during the Christmas holiday. Also, most games are in the middle of the season, when players are not interested in placing as many wagers as during playoffs. This gives you enough time to transfer your clients painlessly and quickly without interrupting their betting action.

So, instead of sweating, running your bookie during a hot season, and researching about your next provider, you can wait until things have slowed down. That way, you cannot make the same mistake of hurriedly choosing any provider.

Yet, you do not always have to wait until December to upgrade your PPH solution. After all, the transfer should be painless, fast, and convenient.

How To Switch Pay Per Head

Coming this far means one thing, you are ready to take your business to the next higher level with the right PPH solution. Yet, we would never advise you to make drastic changes. That is why we took this long to tell you why you should change, when, and how.

This will guide you toward switching your provider. This step-by-step procedure will leave you with a secure bookie, great management tools, and everything your bookie needs to excel.

1. Analyze A Pay Per Head Provider

One of the reasons you want to change your service provider is that you did not research enough about your current provider. Partnering with a company providing limited information about its services can cost your business huge losses.
Finding enough information about your new provider is crucial to avoid the same situation you are in. Several things should guide you in choosing the best PPH provider. These include:

  • Customer service you can count on
  • Wide range of gambling options
  • Player, risk, and bookmaker management tools
  • Per head fee
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • The expertise of the provider
  • An infrastructure that can support all your clients
  • Client’s preferences and needs
  • Payment system
  • Layoff account
  • Availability of a casino and racebook platforms


Checking all these boxes will leave you with the best pay per head provider. Unfortunately, compromising any of these leaves room to require changes in the future. If you are looking to make good profits consistently, you have to make it right by choosing the best pay per head site now.

2. Sign Up With The New Service Provider

Once you’ve identified the optimal sports gambling software provider, take the next step and complete the sign-up process. Have you ever wondered how quickly your new provider can become the go-to platform for both you and your clients? In a matter of about 20 seconds, you can complete the sign-up process with your new service provider.

Begin by visiting the provider’s homepage and locating the user-friendly signup form. Here, you’ll be prompted to input essential information, including your name, email address, and phone number. This information is crucial as the pay-per-head shop will utilize it to facilitate communication and establish your online bookie platform.

3. Use a Demo Account To Take A Tour Of The New Service Provider

How can you ensure that your potential new residence includes all the features outlined in the initial step? Just as you wouldn’t purchase a house without first inspecting it, it’s essential to take a similar approach when considering a new online platform. This ensures that it aligns with your requirements and offers value commensurate with its cost.

Therefore, embark on a virtual tour of the new site. Request a demo account to conduct a thorough assessment, covering aspects such as the player’s dashboard, backend operations, the caliber of customer service, the functionality of features, user-friendliness, the diversity of betting markets, and all other relevant considerations.

4. Call Or Send A Message

Submitting your signup form does not complete the transfer process. Remember, unlike the first time you signed up with a PPH site, you now have a player sheet. Filling the form with another provider only gives you a new infrastructure, tools, and service.
You can provide the remaining details when you call your new service provider. This is when you tell the new company that you want to switch your PPH provider.

You need to provide all information to promote smooth transfer. While you can move your clients to the new platform, your new provider is happy to help.

An agent will import the player sheet, personal data, wager types, rules, wager and withdrawal limits, and other details you need to transfer. This should take a few hours to ensure everything is perfect.

The time frame for moving your clients is not solely dependent on your new provider. The number of clients and the previous provider affects how long it might take to complete the transfer. So, if it takes longer than you want, be a little patient as the new provider clears the thorns.

5. Launching Your Site

Once the new pay-per-head shop has finished configuring your online bookie, they will promptly reach out to you. At this point, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough review of the new site to ensure everything is in optimal condition.

This step essentially involves verifying the same elements you assessed during your demo account experience. If all aspects meet your expectations and requirements, you can proceed to launch the site and disseminate your new account information to your clients. This seamless transition allows you to provide them with access to your improved platform.

Why Are You Still Using A Sub-Par Solution?

Do you still have reasons stopping you from switching your current pay per head platform to another? Unless you are making good profits and are happy with your provider, you must switch to a better shop.

If you have to deal with outages several times a year, bad lines, and leave your clients frustrated and dissatisfied, something is wrong and needs to change. Otherwise, you will keep making the same minimal profits, get frustrated running your business, encounter system issues, and all other things you want to run away from. Yours is to decide to switch your business and provide enough information to facilitate a smooth transfer.

An agent from Power Pay Per Head is waiting for your call. That’s right; Power Pay Per Head is the only PPH provider that ticked all the boxes listed under step one of how to switch pay per head platform.

Moving your platform to Power Pay Per Head has many advantages. For example, you can build a bespoke brand, choose a preferred skin for your website, and choose a unique logo for your bookie.

The site does not require an upfront fee to set up your new platform. In fact, you can get up to eight weeks of free service after launching your site.

Once you pull the trigger, a Power Pay Per Head agent will complete the transfer and ensure your site is ready to launch. Fill in the signup form, to begin with the demo account, then call the site at 855-492-6007 to provide other details to facilitate the transfer.

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