Why Your Sports Wagering Software Must Have the Best Live Wagering Platform

1 June 2022
Why Your Sports Wagering Software Must Have the Best Live Wagering Platform
Why Your Sports Wagering Software Must Have the Best Live Wagering Platform

Expanding a bookie’s revenue streams without inflating per-head fees necessitates strategic innovation. One avenue ripe for exploration lies in harnessing the dynamic world of live in-game betting, seamlessly integrated into your sports gambling software.

Consider the scenario of Manchester United squaring off against Arsenal. Pre-match bets offer a straightforward choice: picking the victor. However, the allure of live in-game betting lies in its multifaceted nature. Prop bets, tailored to specific teams or players, inject excitement into every play, enhancing the engagement and potential earnings for both bookie and bettor alike.

By leveraging a comprehensive live wagering platform within your sports gambling software, you unlock a trove of opportunities. Players revel in the ability to wager on a multitude of evolving scenarios within a single match, fueling their adrenaline and keeping them hooked. Whether it’s predicting the next goal scorer, the number of corners in a half, or even the outcome of a penalty shootout, the possibilities are endless.

This real-time engagement isn’t just about entertainment—it’s a financial boon. As players immerse themselves in the action, their wagers flow more freely, contributing to increased turnover and, consequently, heightened profits for the bookie.

Moreover, a robust live betting feature serves as a powerful magnet for attracting new players. In an increasingly competitive landscape, offering cutting-edge functionality sets you apart, positioning your sportsbook as the go-to destination for thrill-seekers and seasoned punters alike.

In essence, integrating live in-game betting into your sports gambling software isn’t merely an option—it’s a strategic imperative. It’s a pathway to maximizing revenue, retaining loyal clientele, and carving out a niche in an ever-evolving industry. Embrace the power of real-time wagering, and watch as your profits soar without the burden of escalating per-head fees.

What Is Live Betting?

Live betting, a thrilling evolution of sports gambling, thrives on the pulse of ongoing matches. Picture this: Manchester United versus Liverpool, the tension palpable from the kickoff.

In the dynamic realm of live betting, the floodgates open to a plethora of enticing markets. Will it be Bruno Fernandes or Mo Salah who strikes first? Which team will draw first blood in this fierce rivalry? And lurking in the background, the tantalizing prospect of player-specific outcomes, like whether Player A will court a yellow card before halftime.

Yet, the beauty of live betting lies in its fluidity. As the game ebbs and flows, so do the opportunities. Markets open and close in sync with the unfolding drama on the pitch. If halftime arrives before Player A incurs that yellow, the window of opportunity snaps shut, mirroring the transient nature of live sports.

It’s no wonder that live betting has surged in popularity. For bettors, it offers more than just a chance to win—it’s an immersive experience, a symbiotic dance between spectatorship and speculation. Armed with real-time insights gleaned from the unfolding action, they navigate the shifting sands of probability, seeking an edge that can only be found in the heat of the moment.

This thirst for immediacy has transformed live betting into a cornerstone of the modern gambling landscape. Gone are the days of static pre-match wagers; now, it’s about harnessing the energy of the live event, riding the waves of momentum, and seizing opportunities as they materialize.

So, as Manchester United and Liverpool clash on the field, the excitement extends far beyond the confines of the stadium. It reverberates through the digital realm, where bettors eagerly await the next twist in the narrative, ready to pounce on the shifting odds with the precision of a seasoned tactician.

In the realm of live betting, the game is always on, and the stakes are higher than ever.

1. To Earn More Profits

Maximizing earnings in the realm of sports betting hinges on two key strategies: expanding your client base and capitalizing on the dynamic opportunities presented by live wagering.

As we’ve previously discussed, live in-game betting opens up a vast landscape of betting possibilities, far exceeding those available in pre-game betting scenarios. Take, for instance, a single ongoing match, brimming with over 30 distinct prop bets. Now, envision just 20 eager participants engaging with at least three of these propositions each. The result? A staggering 60 bets placed on just one game—a testament to the untapped potential of live wagering.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Picture extending this dynamic approach across multiple sports, offering a diverse range of live betting selections. The outcome is an exponential surge in potential earnings, as each game becomes a canvas for strategic engagement and financial opportunity.

What makes this proposition even more enticing is that this heightened revenue doesn’t come hand in hand with increased expenses. By harnessing the power of a pay per head service, you benefit from a fixed pricing model, regardless of the amplified profitability derived from your expanded offerings.

In essence, by embracing client expansion and integrating live wagering opportunities into your repertoire, you’re not just tapping into a revenue stream—you’re orchestrating a symphony of success, where every play, every bet, contributes to a crescendo of profitability. It’s a win-win scenario: more clients, more bets, and more earnings, all achieved without the burden of escalating costs.

So, seize the moment. Embrace the power of live wagering, and watch as your profits soar to new heights, fueled by the passion and excitement of the game.

2. To Provide Your Clients With More Betting Markets

In the ever-evolving landscape of sports betting, the quest for novelty is relentless. Bettors crave excitement, seeking out fresh and captivating wagering options that keep them engaged and invested in the action.

While traditional pre-match bets hold their appeal, it’s essential to think outside the box and expand your repertoire of betting alternatives. By doing so, you not only satisfy the insatiable appetite of your clients but also create an environment where each bettor is compelled to contribute a higher average wager per game.

So, what are some captivating wagering options to consider?

  1. Live In-Game Betting: As we’ve discussed before, live betting is a game-changer. Offering real-time wagering opportunities on evolving game scenarios taps into the thrill of the moment, enticing bettors to stay engaged throughout the match.
  2. Proposition Bets: Delve deeper into the game with proposition bets that go beyond the simple win-lose outcome. From predicting the next goal scorer to wagering on the total number of corners in a half, prop bets add layers of excitement and strategy for bettors to explore.
  3. Player Performance Bets: Allow bettors to wager on individual player performances, such as the number of goals scored by a specific striker or the total assists made by a midfielder. This personalized approach adds an extra dimension of interest for fans invested in particular players or teams.
  4. Special Events Betting: Capitalize on major sporting events or milestones within a game by offering specialized betting markets. Whether it’s predicting the outcome of a penalty shootout or wagering on the first player to receive a yellow card, these special events bets add intrigue and anticipation to the overall betting experience.

By diversifying your betting offerings and staying attuned to the evolving demands of your clientele, you can create an immersive and rewarding betting environment that keeps bettors coming back for more. So, embrace innovation, think outside the box, and watch as your betting markets thrive with newfound excitement and engagement.

3. To Level The Playing Ground With Prominent Sportsbooks

In the fiercely competitive world of sports betting, live wagering has emerged as a crucial battleground for attracting avid bettors. Prominent sportsbooks wield this feature as a powerful tool, leveraging expensive technology to offer an unparalleled betting experience. It’s this edge that sets them apart, drawing in droves of eager punters seeking the thrill of real-time action.

However, for many bookmakers, the cost of implementing such sophisticated technology is prohibitive, leaving them at a disadvantage in the race for clientele. But here’s where the pay per head model steps in, leveling the playing field in more ways than one.

With a pay per head service, bookies gain access to cutting-edge live betting technology without the hefty upfront investment. By partnering with a provider that offers this feature, you can seamlessly integrate live in-game betting into your platform, putting you on par with the biggest names in the industry.

The implications are profound. Suddenly, you have the ability to offer the same captivating live wagering experience as the world’s most recognized sportsbooks. This levels the playing field and opens the door to a vast pool of potential clients who crave the excitement and immediacy of live betting.

Moreover, by offering live in-game betting, you’re not just competing—you’re thriving. You’re able to attract a multitude of clients who are drawn to the allure of real-time action, thereby expanding your customer base and driving up profits.

In essence, with the right technology at your fingertips, you have the opportunity to position yourself as a formidable player in the sports betting arena. So, don’t let the allure of live wagering remain out of reach. Embrace the power of the pay per head model, and watch as you ascend to the ranks of the industry’s elite, attracting clients and reaping profits on par with the biggest names in the game.

4. To Become A Full-Service Betting Platform

Suppose you offer betting services for all sports. Interestingly, you also offer casino games and bets on horse races.

While you sound like a one-stop gambling platform, something is still missing, and your clients will go looking for it on another platform. You become a full-fledged gambling platform by having a live wagering feature added to your sports gambling software.

5. To Help Market Your Bookmaking Services

Absolutely, having a bookie website with a robust set of features not only enhances its appeal but also simplifies the marketing process. When comparing two software options, bettors naturally gravitate towards the one that offers more value-added features, as these directly impact their betting experience and overall satisfaction.

Consider this scenario: Software A offers three valuable features, while Software B boasts five. Despite a potential slight variance in cost, the additional features of Software B provide bettors with a richer and more comprehensive platform. Invariably, bettors are inclined to choose the latter, recognizing the added value it brings to their betting endeavors.

Live betting, in particular, stands out as a key differentiator. By incorporating this feature into your bookie platform, you not only meet but exceed the expectations of discerning bettors who prioritize real-time engagement and excitement. It becomes a compelling selling point—one that sets your sportsbook apart from the competition.

As you market your bookie, highlighting the inclusion of live in-game betting becomes paramount. It becomes a powerful tool in your arsenal, attracting bettors who seek the adrenaline rush of wagering on unfolding events. By emphasizing this feature, you not only capture the attention of potential clients but also underscore your commitment to providing a top-tier betting experience.

In essence, live betting isn’t just a feature—it’s a cornerstone of your marketing strategy. It positions your bookie as a forward-thinking, customer-centric platform that prioritizes innovation and user satisfaction. So, leverage this competitive advantage, tout your live betting feature proudly, and watch as bettors flock to join your platform, drawn by the promise of excitement and opportunity.

6. To Increase Player Activity

The best pay per head software has a reports feature that can generate information showing you how much a bettor wagers, the time they spend on the platform, and other similar data. If a player spends two minutes on your platform and logs out, both of you are missing out.

However, if you have a way of encouraging your clients to stay longer on your betting platform, they will discover more markets to bet on, ultimately increasing your handle. With new live in-game betting markets every few minutes, bettors can stay longer on your site as they find something new to wager on.

Where Can You Get Sports Gambling Software With A Live Wagering Feature?

With the growing popularity of live betting, more sports gambling software developers are investing in live wagering features. However, most companies charge extra for the feature. Although you can earn enough profit to pay the extra fee, some companies do not charge an extra fee.

At Power Pay Per Head, you only pay a comprehensive fee for all the shop’s features. Moreover, the company allows you to be in control by providing other tools to help you run your sports betting services, including:

1. Set Wager Limits

With bettors placing many bets in a few minutes, they can deplete your bankroll rapidly, even before the game is over. Fortunately, you can set the minimum and maximum wager amount for clients to prevent them from wagering more than you can afford to pay.

2. Pick Sports, Leagues, And Games You Want To Offer Bets On

Another thing you can control is the markets you can offer live in-game bets on. For example, if you feel players will place thousands of bets on National Football League events, you can offer bets for a few minutes and then close the market.

Also, you can decide to offer live betting markets for popular events and ignore the less recognized events. Ideally, you have control over which bets to offer when you factor in your bankroll and other elements.

3. Determine Minimum And Maximum Odds

Another thing you can determine is the minimum and maximum odds for matches. Usually, your pay per head shop will create odds for various games. But, you can decide the minimum and maximum odds based on how much you can pay.

4. Monitor Player’s Bets

You can also follow the betting action of your clients. This will tell you what players are doing, which markets they are wagering more, and much more. That way, you can remain ahead of the action.

For example, you might set a bet limit of $100 per player. Yet, every player is wagering $100 for the event. If all players would wager $100 and you feel your bankroll might take a beating, you can lower the limit further.

Also, monitoring your players helps you identify whether they are using discouraged cheating software to place their bets. Ideally, monitoring players’ bets can help you make decisions such as closing a market before your savings take a beating.

Get Your Sports Gambling Software Today And Offer Live In-Game Betting

You have every reason to use sports gambling software with a live betting feature. You will make more money, increase customer satisfaction, and become the go-to bookie in your region.

Notably, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars to afford the software. With an agreed fee per player, you can offer your clients the best betting services, earn good profits, pay your fees, and pocket the rest. Contact Power Pay Per Head today to get your software.

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