How to Get a Bookie for a PPH Service Referral

2 April 2022
How to Get a Bookie for a PPH Service Referral

There are several ways an agent can make money, including ones you have read in “how to get a bookie” articles. But, most guides do not tell you that you can earn from referring other bookies to use the pay per head service you use.

However, the product you are advertising must be good for you to sell. In this how to get a bookie for a PPH service referral guide, we look at how to get one and the features found in the package that will appeal to other potential bookies.

How to Get a Bookie

You need to get a bookie first before you can start referring other agents to use your pay per head service. So, here are the steps on how to get a bookie PPH.

Ensure You Have What It Takes

Being a bookie requires some skills, including management, accounting, customer service, and knowledge about sports. While some bookies venture into this business without these skills, they hire experts in different areas to ensure business success. Unless you have money to hire professionals to deal with daily operations, ensure you have what it takes to be a bookie.

Find How Much Money Your Business Operation Needs

How big do you want your business? You might need more or less money, depending on the size of your business.

For example, if you plan to offer your betting services to ten people and another bookie plans to have 100 clients, you need a different amount of money. This is because you need a bankroll to run a bookie and grow your good reputation.

Yet, that is not the only thing that needs money. For example, you might need to hire an accountant or other experts and pay for their services.

Another thing that you will need money for is the pay per head service. You can get the pay per head fee from the profits you make from bettors. But, instead of waiting until you make a profit, you can pay an upfront fee to cover a few weeks or months.

Enrolling Gamblers

The other step how to get a bookie is to enroll clients. Before launching your bookie, ensure you have a few clients ready to sign up for your services. That way, you can understand their needs and implement their suggestions during website development and other choices you make.

Start with your family and close friends. Then, you can ask them to refer their friends and colleagues to your site once it launches. You can also hire a marketing agency to market your betting services.

Getting a License

Running a genuine betting business is integral. Clients will want to know whether you are a legit sportsbook so that they can trust you with their money. They also need to see if you provide fair gaming.

If you cannot get a license from your state’s gambling regulator, you can take your business offshore. In other words, you can use a pay per head solution and still offer your services to your locals because they can access offshore bookies without a problem.

Choose a Pay Per Head Service Provider

The other step is to choose a pay per head provider. This is the site that will develop your sportsbook website, and provide betting software, customer support, and other bookmaking needs. Therefore, you need to carefully select the best pay per head solution provider to get an unmatched product and services.

Launch and Run Your Bookie

The last part on how to get a bookie is launching it. Launching a bookie is easy with a pay-per-head solution provider. Remember, a pay per head sportsbook is ready to use.

It has the sports betting markets you need, betting lines for upcoming matches, and everything about bookmaking. Yours is to create player accounts or invite them to create their accounts on your sportsbook website and start wagering.

Features of a Bookie That Will Help You With PPH Service Referral

A bookie can earn different rewards for referring other bookies to use their pay per head services. For example, you can earn free weeks without paying your weekly pay per head fee, cash, and other prizes depending on the PPH provider. Here are some things other bookies will love about your platform and want to use your PPH provider’s services.

Wide Range of Betting Markets

The first thing your friend bookies will love is the wide range of betting markets on your platform. With national markets such as the National Football League (NFL), and National Basketball Association (NBA), and international events such as the English Premier League, World Cup, Olympics, and others, bookies will feel like your pay per head provider is the real deal.

They know that having many betting markets can increase their income. Also, having more products encourages clients to browse through your catalog and choose other things that they initially thought they did not need. In sports betting, this means that they find other bet markets they never would have wagered on if you did not provide them.

Customer Support

Every sportsbook must offer customer support for a client to consider using the bookie’s services. So, if you tell your friends about the quality of customer support you and your clients get, you will convince them to join you.

Talk about the help you get running your bookie, whether your clients are satisfied, and every customer support detail they need to know. Remember, customer support is essential for business growth. It is one of the ways to get feedback from clients and address their needs.

Bookmaking Tools

Another thing that can help you sell is the bookmaking tools incorporated into the bookie website. Bookies want to know how you are benefiting from running your business online. If they do not see the difference between using a pay per head service and not, you cannot convince them that they will benefit.

Therefore, realize all the bookmaking tools you have and how they help run your business. For example, if your sportsbook has a bet tracker, it will alert you when players place bets. You might have a separate tool to identify steam and sharp bets.

Ideally, advertise all the valuable bookmaking tools you have and how they benefit your operations. If the evidence is there, bookies will have no reason to doubt PPH benefits.

Device Compatibility

Your clients will love to know whether your platform is compatible with all devices, including iPhones, Android, Windows, and desktops. Sportsbooks get all kinds of players. Some prefer to use their phones, while others prefer bigger devices like a laptop.

So, having a platform that is compatible with multiple devices will appeal to more referral clients. You can illustrate how you run your bookie on your mobile and desktop. You can also ask your potential referral client to sign up with a player account to discover the front end of the sportsbook and how bettors can benefit from it.

Player Management Tools

A bookie should be able to control player profiles. You might have limited funds when starting up a bookie. So, you want to lower the bet and the maximum payout for players to avoid depleting your bankroll from paying your clients.

After a few months, your bankroll will grow. You might want to increase your players’ bet and withdrawal limit.

Alternatively, if one of your players is winning more than losing, you might need to limit their account. Ideally, the player management tools should allow mass editing and specific editing. Showing other bookies how they can remain in control with player management tools can convince them to sign up.

Layoff Account

Running a bookie comes with a lot of risks, including paying more money than what was wagered. This would mean getting into your pockets every time you need to pay players.

But, you can avoid depleting your bankroll by laying off action every time you experience steam or sharp bet. This provides you with money to cover winnings for your clients.

Having a layoff account is one of the ways a bookie can take control of his business. By winning some cash from another bookie and using it to pay your clients, bettors become confident with your bankroll, as they believe that you have enough money to pay their bets.

Casino and Racebook

A bookie will be interested in having several sources of income. Therefore, using casino and racebook revenue to convince other bookies to use your PPH service is advisable.

Usually, players visit other gambling platforms when the sports betting market is off-season. So, having a casino and a racebook one click away encourages clients to play on your platform instead of finding other brands.

Get a Bookie and Refer Other Bookies

Now that you know how to get a bookie, it is time to launch. First, talk to Power Pay Per Head to get your bookie website and start taking bets.

Then, you can graduate to other ways of earning rewards or monetary prizes by referring other bookies to use the same PPH services you use. Before you do, ask the site to give you more details about the referral program and how you can benefit from it.

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