Sports Betting Software Solutions for All Bookies

1 November 2021
sports betting software solutions
sports betting software solutions

Some bookie operators struggle to select the right bookmaking software. It is important to choose software that will meet your needs and those of your bettors. Besides, modern technology has helped operators interact more with their customers. Listed below are the four top sports betting software solutions.

Power Pay Per Head

Immerse yourself in an exhilarating gambling experience with our cutting-edge software, designed to keep bettors engaged and enthralled. With a vast selection of over a hundred casino-style games and an extensive array of sports wagering options, we offer an unparalleled platform for endless excitement.

At Power Pay Per Head, we are proud to present our latest version of sports betting software, meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of both agents and bettors. This advanced software not only enhances the betting experience but also provides essential tools to effectively manage your bookie business.

Unlock the potential of our sophisticated software and elevate your gambling enterprise to unprecedented levels of success.

Discount Pay Per Head

The firm provides advanced PPH software solutions as it uses encryption technology. You can get a discount on various service packages.

Existing and new betting companies qualify for this discount. The company claims that it has helped thousands of clients by offering exceptional PPH solutions at discounted prices.

Discount Pay Per Head has a sports gambling platform with a wide array of features and tools that you can use to manage a sportsbook. Its pay per head ( PPH) solution manages all gambling activities.

The software provider gives operators control of all major gambling operations. It has decision-making and risk-management tools that help bookies grow. These include odds, handicaps, and real-time monitoring.

Its pay per head solutions gives bookies an edge over their competitors. Besides, the sportsbook software effectively streamlines different sports gambling platforms.

Discount Pay Per Head prioritizes its customers’ security and safety. It handles a bookie’s backend operations like customer service, maintenance, and risk management. Moreover, its software offers real-time tracking of bettors’ activities and gambling trends.


PricePerPlayer is among the top gambling software providers this year. It offers complex sports betting software solutions and uses encryption technology and the latest advancements to help you run your bookie business better.

The company’s sports gambling platform has various features and tools that modern-day bettors need. It is all-inclusive and a perfect solution for managing all gambling activities. Moreover, it offers complete sports betting management at decision-making, risk management, and operations.

The software has extended functionalities like handicaps, odds, games, and tournaments. Also, it tracks potential liabilities and real-time betting trends.

PricePerPlayer has served bookies for over a decade and it currently has thousands of clients on a PPH basis.

AIS Technolabs PVT Ltd

The company has specially designed its sports betting software for betting companies that want to make huge profits in online gambling. They can be novice or experienced operators.

Its software offers bettors the top cricket gambling sites’ reviews. This includes free wagering tips from its experienced tipsters.

AIS Technolabs has skilled game developers with vast experience in online games development and they use the latest technologies.

There are different types of bookie software. There is commission-based software while others are based on per head pay.

Some bookmakers prefer using per head software as it offers gamblers control over the amount of money they can wager. Call Power Pay Per Head at (855)492-6007 if you need affordable PPH software solutions.

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