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1 November 2021
sports wagering software

Pay per head services such as those offered by Power have contributed to the changing sports wagering software business in the past few years. In the USA, sports betting was illegal until The Supreme Court overruled the Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) in 2018.

Since then, different states have started legalizing sports betting. Some sportsbooks started as small rooms in a section of a casino property. Today, sportsbooks are enormous, whether online or land-based. With hundreds of sportsbooks online, there is vast competition.

Thus, making it in the industry is more challenging, especially for bookies not using sports wagering software. In that line, Power Pay Per Head software is the best sports betting software. Here is why.

Why Power Pay Per Head Software Is the Best

The Power Pay Per Head software stands out as the ultimate choice in the industry, and here’s why:

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our software harnesses the latest advancements in technology, ensuring seamless performance and reliability. Experience a robust platform that can handle the demands of your sportsbook operation with ease.

It Is Custom Made To Meet Bookies Needs

Think of all the things you want your sportsbook to do for you—one of the things that could make players’ experience better so that they do not leave for another. You also want your sportsbook to make money for you.

All this is possible thanks to power pay per head software. Our software has won several awards over the years for meeting bookies’ needs.

It Makes Your Business Better

Running a successful sportsbook is not an easy task. But, sports wagering software makes it easier to run and grow. Whether you have one bookie with several sub-agents, this software makes your look like a hobby you long to do.

Keeps An Eye On Your Player’s Information

As a bookie, players’ information is crucial in making your decision. Information such as which players are winning more, breaking policies, and other details can help you decide whether to retain a player or suspend their account. You can also use this information to create custom promotions for each of your best clients.

What Is a Pay Per Head Software?

The word pay per head (PPH) describes the cost model that companies that offer it use to charge bookies. It is a multi-billion dollar industry that experienced and non-experienced bookies can benefit from.

Dedicated to the sports betting industry, PPH software’s goal is to complete tasks that a bookie would manually do. For example, if you are working without the system, you must calculate how much you need to pay a gambler manually. Doing this for over 1,000 players using your platform to bet is tiring.

But, with PPH software, it can attend to over 2000 players at any time. Thus, it is a convenient software to run your bookie business.

Usually, most PPH service providers take their payments weekly. In that case, a bookie will pay for the service depending on how many players used their sports during that week.

Suppose you have agreed to pay $10 per week for each active player on your site. If a 500-player bet on your site during that week, you will pay 500*$10, which is $5000.

What Power Pay Per Head Can Do For You

There are several things a sports wagering software can do for your sportsbook. Years ago, before the invention of such software, a bookie had to sit down to analyze statistics, lines, markets, and everything about sports betting before displaying it on their platforms.

Sportsbook operators had to hire teams to attend to the daily draining tasks. A bookmaker could only offer several sports betting markets; otherwise, there would be not enough experts to attend to everyday business.

Today, sports wagering software has made the process easier. Here are the ways this software will help with your business.

You Can Use It to Set Up and Run Your Sportsbook

The first thing Power pay per head software can do is create an online sportsbook and operate it. Without it, you would need to design a website, including all the radios, links, buttons, and everything that makes a good sportsbook. You might need an expert to create an excellent platform.

You can use the money to buy a PPH package instead. The service provider will customize your sportsbook to meet all your needs. Despite being provided by a company that deals with many sportsbooks, you will find your platform unique and with a competitive edge, among others.

Takes All Payment Methods

As an online sportsbook, you are available to players across states. These players use different payment methods to fund their accounts. It could be a FIAT or cryptocurrency payment method.

A Power PPH software can accept different forms of payment, whether FIAT or cryptocurrency. With the rise of cryptocurrency, more bookies are using it as a form of payment. Moreover, more and more banks are coming up with policies that restrict them from processing gambling money.

Crypto can be your ideal option if your bookie serves a jurisdiction with banks that do not process gambling money. Moreover, some states tax gambling winnings that are traceable. Players may avoid using these payment methods to save on the little winnings they get.

Analyses Data

There are so many bright people creating every type of software in each industry. In the sports betting industry, you will come across sports wagering software that helps bettors place better bets.

This software analyses a game so well that a bettor can live by betting on your site. Also, other bettors use tricks, jumping from one bookie to another, noticing weaknesses, and cashing out on them.

If you are serious about making money, you should not let such software or tricky bettors suck cash from you. With Power PPH software, you can analyze the data of every player using your platform and use it to protect your business from tricky players.

Automates Various Processes

A sportsbook deals with various processes, including uploading bet markets, paying settled bets, answering customer support questions, and so much more. In that case, it would mean you spend 24/7 on your bookie.

But, Power pay per head software automates these processes such that you do not have to be on your site taking care of them. You can take that break that your body longs for following continued work on your platform.

Provide Multiple Lines in Different Sports

Today, there are multiple sports players can bet on. Apart from the usual soccer, American football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and others, a player can also bet on rare sports such as darts, cycling, Olympics, motorsports, e-sports, etc.

If you choose to offer just a few sports, you lose other players who love other sports. So, the only other option is to offer all the sports possible. Sports wagering software such as Power PPH service can include providing lines for various sports that you choose.

Give You a Competitive Edge

With hundreds of online sportsbooks, yours has to be unique in specific ways to beat others in the market. Unfortunately, almost all sportsbooks look the same. They all have a payment system, similar layouts, and graphics, offering the same betting lines, matching bonuses, and much more.

With sports betting software, you change the face of your sportsbook. Your platform becomes modern-looking attracting all the groups that use the internet. The software ensures your platform is online 24/7 and at a competitive edge against other bookies.

Contact Us for Our Number One Voted Sports Betting Software

Many popular sportsbooks already use our software. They trust in our custom, state-of-the-art software that ensures their business runs throughout the year and offers all the bet lines players need.

Moreover, we do not have downtime unless for a few seconds during our system maintenance. Thus, your customers will never complain about customer services, accessing their accounts, or other issues.

If you are looking for software featuring an ideal communication system, monitored by experts 24/7, and eases your operation, Power PPH is your plug. Contact us to get sports wagering software that will grow your bookie business.


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