What Are The Advantages Of Using Pay Per Head In 2022?

16 February 2022
What Are The Advantages Of Using Pay Per Head In 2022

Today, bookies use pay per head solutions to run their businesses. This business concept enables bookies to run their business on reliable online platforms instead of sitting in a booth in some corner. It also allows bettors to access the betting platform conveniently.

Meanwhile, a bookie operator can have some time to rest or dedicate some hours to finding new clients. Before the pay per head innovation, also known as price per player, PPH, bookies had to complete several procedures manually. Today, most of these processes are automated, leaving a bookie operator with time to market his business.
You must be considering using PPH solutions. The only question is how you will benefit from it. Here, we define what PPH is and look at all the advantages of using pay per head in 2022.

What Is Pay Per Head?

A pay per head is a business concept where a third-party company provides you with a betting platform, call center, and all things bookmaking. For example, if you want to offer sports betting services to your friends, you will ask a PPH provider such as Power Pay Per Head. The site’s operator will give you a betting platform with a managerial backend and sportsbook front end.
As the bookie operator, you can control the platform from the backend while the bettors can place bets on the front-end. Meanwhile, you will pay for the platform per week for the number of players that wagered. For example, ten players placed bets this week; you pay $10*10 or the agreed rate multiplied by the number of bettors.

9 Advantages Of Using Pay Per Head


Setting up a sportsbook is expensive. You need the start-up cost and running cost. However, a pay per head software is affordable.
The only amount you need is a few dollars per player every week. This means you do not have to pay anything to get the betting software. Instead, you will start paying once you have active players wagering every week.
In that case, you can pay depending on the services you get. For example, a PPH provider can offer you a sportsbook, customer support, and 20 betting markets at $10 a player every week. Another can provide the same features and add a casino and racebook to the package at a similar cost.
Whichever package you get, it is cost-effective compared to setting up a sportsbook from scratch or using a white-label sportsbook. Meanwhile, you get to keep most of the profits.

Easy To Set Up Your Betting Platform

Setting up a sportsbook involves web design and development, HTML, and coding. Unless you are in the IT sector and understand everything about web development, it is a lot of work and skills. It will cost you hundreds of dollars to hire someone to do it for you.
But, a pay per head solution comes with a developed website template. All you have to do is go through the provided templates and choose the one that represents your needs. You can also ask for a customized website that your PPH provider will create, meeting all your preferences.
When you choose the first option, your website is up and running in minutes. The second option might take a few hours to set up. Notably, your pay per head provider sets the betting platform, ensuring the backend and frontend meet your needs and players’ needs.

Automated Processes

Traditional bookmakers had to follow each event and watch out for every occurrence like a hawk. That way, they would manually update their books with touchdowns, home runs, scores, and others. It was so easy to make a mistake, especially when dealing with multiple events at a time.
After a game, the bookie had to analyze bets and pay winners. Bookies do not have to perform some processes manually due to the pay-per-head business concept.
The PPH software can track everything in a game and record it. In fact, it can automatically record bets and grade them once the game is over. If you are looking for real-time data, the PPH software makes it possible.
The good thing about automated processes is that you can offer more games. A traditional bookie would offer a few games to bet on because they must follow each game. However, automated processes allow today’s bookies to offer more sports betting because you do not have to record or grade bets manually.

Top-Drawer Customer Support

Suppose you want changes to your backend of the sportsbook, or your player has a problem placing a bet. Having a customer support representative on the other side of the communication channel sounds good. You can contact a customer representative with your question and get solutions in minutes.
There are several instances where you might need help. If you are new to running a pay per head bookie, a customer support representative will guide you through using various features.
Your clients, too, will need the support. Instead of employing customer support or taking the role of customer support, the PPH solutions come with a call center.

Top-Of-The-Line Security Features

Security is essential in online gambling. Internet platforms and devices are susceptible to viruses and hackers. Some people hack into online systems to gather personal data that they can use maliciously.
It is up to you to put the right measures to assure players that their data is safe from malicious hackers. You have to ensure that they are anonymous and do not share their data with third parties. In fact, players should not recognize each other on your betting platform.
Luckily, pay per head software is designed with all security measures put in place. That way, bettors can log in to their accounts, deposit funds, play, and withdraw their winnings conveniently and safely. If your players do not want to use credit/debit cards, they can use cryptocurrencies which provide anonymity.

An Opportunity To Market Your Product And Services

Marketing a traditional bookie is harder now because more people prefer to bet online. A bettor is likely to bet on an online sportsbook instead of scheduling a call or coming down to your booth. It is easy and convenient as it allows bettors to wager at any time and on any game.
You can take your bookie business online with a pay per head software. The PPH bookie is more marketable compared to traditional bookies. In fact, some of these bookies come with several tools to help you market your betting business.
Moreover, the software automates various processes, leaving you time to look for new clients. Considering you do not have to worry about day-to-day paperwork, you can dedicate that time to finding valuable clients who can help you realize your financial goals more quicker.

An Extensive List Of Betting Market

Running a paper-and-pen type of bookie means you will never reach your full potential. You have to offer a few betting markets because you need to track each event until the end. But, the PPH industry is allowing bookies to provide as many betting markets as possible.
If you want to offer betting markets in 20 sports, you can start with PPH software. In fact, you can offer many bet options in the many leagues under each sport. Yet, you do not have to worry about grading bets in these markets because the software is designed to do it.
Meanwhile, you can target a bigger client base. If you offer bets on American football with your paper and pen bookie, you can invite more clients to bet on more sports on the pay per head bookie. This increases your handle and revenue.
Also, the PPH software can have a casino and racebook. These are similarly great betting platforms with a huge following. You can increase your revenue to the sky by offering virtual casino games, live dealer games, and bets on horse races.

Complete Control Over Your Business With Pay Per Head Software

We mentioned earlier that pay per head solution is provided by a third party. So, it is easy to think that you do not have any control over the betting platform. But, that is not true.
In fact, you gain all the control over the bookie. You can set lines, control bet limits, players, the maximum payout, and so much more regarding bookmaking.
That way, you can run your bookie as you see fit. Having control over your business can help you run it according to your strategies and budgets. For example, if you can only afford to pay a maximum of $100000 in a month, you can control the maximum payout to minimize your bookie’s liability.

Incredible Management Tools

Having complete control over your bookie business is made possible with management tools incorporated into the software. For example, you need to be ahead of the betting action. In that case, you can use a tool to track the betting activity on your bookie.
Suppose there is a steam bet. You can quickly adjust the bets to ensure a balanced book. The number of management tools in software depends on the provider. Some have many helpful management tools, while others have few.

Launch Your Online Bookie With Pay Per Head Software Today

You stand to benefit when you use pay per head solutions immensely. At Power Pay Per Head, we strive to provide the best PPH software and services. Call us today to launch your PPH bookie.

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