Finding The Best Pay Per Head Software

1 June 2022
Finding The Best Pay Per Head Software

If you are a bookie still using pen and paper to run your business, you limit your earning potential. Today, bookies can make much more money while doing less by using the best pay per head software.

However, the quality of the software must be good for you to make good profits. Unfortunately, you cannot give software one glance and tell whether it is right for your business. But, with this guide, finding the best pay per head software for your betting business will feel like a walk in the park.

How To Find The Best Pay Per Head Software

1. Find An Industry Leader

When assessing companies that have maintained operations for a decade or more, you’re likely to encounter an exceptional establishment with a strong reputation. This principle also extends to your choice of a pay per head software provider – opt for a company boasting a substantial history of existence.

An established company of this nature possesses the capability to validate its credibility through a proven track record. Insights from previous bookies further attest to the company’s skill in crafting top-tier gambling software.

With an impressive 16-year history, Power Pay Per Head exemplifies this guiding principle. Over this extensive span, the company has consistently refined and elevated its software and services, with a steadfast commitment to equipping bookies with essential tools for running prosperous betting ventures.

Engaging in discussions with bookies who utilize Power Pay Per Head services consistently reveals a chorus of commendations. Remarkably, negative feedback regarding Power Pay Per Head is exceedingly rare. Managed by both current and former bookie agents, the company boasts a wealth of expertise, seamlessly delivering optimal PPH services.

The company’s sustained recognition as the industry’s best over multiple years reinforces its exceptional service offerings. When seeking a solution that enhances business operations and maximizes profitability, the evident choice is Power Pay Per Head.

2. Reliability

Suppose you are expecting a delivery at 5 pm today. You cancel everything else because you have to be there to receive your delivered items. Unfortunately, the delivery company decided not to show up without prior notice.

While you trusted the company to deliver your goods, you might not trust it the next time you need things delivered because it was unreliable the last time. Similarly, a pay per head software should be reliable. The software and services company should post betting lines in time, book and grade bets instantly, and complete other tasks in time.

The company should also ensure 24/7/365 uptime by hosting your sportsbook on secure servers. The system should also have other security measures and DDOS mitigation to ensure data security.

3. Price

Another avenue to identify top-notch pay per head software is through a careful consideration of its pricing. While the adage “you get what you pay for” holds merit, it’s important not to overly fixate on this notion.

When making your selection of pay per head software, it’s imperative to assess its cost. A company that has invested substantial resources, harnessed cutting-edge technology, and integrated pivotal features into its software will naturally command a higher price point.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply that you should deplete your savings in pursuit of acquiring sportsbook software. Rather, the focus should be on scrutinizing the software’s quality and aligning it with its associated cost.

Ideally, ascertain that the software is endowed with all the requisite features essential for successful bookie operations. If you perceive that the software enhances the value proposition for your clients, subsequently stimulating increased wagering activity, it becomes a judicious investment opportunity.

4. Real-Time Reporting And Alerts

Did you know people pay to get updated information? Information is one of the most powerful things today, hence the people who pay for it.

Similarly, bookies need updated information to run their betting business. Suppose you have a report whose time-stamp is two months ago. While you can make business decisions based on outdated reports, the results will not be effective.

Therefore, it is important to get software that produces updated reports at the last second. For example, if you want to generate a player report, the software should compile your data depending on the keywords you feed it and produce updated information.

Another feature the software should have is real-time alerts. This lets you know of various occurrences instantly. For example, in case of a sharp bet, the feature should send an email, pop-up message, or generally produce a sound alerting you of the sharp bets.

5. Wagers On Major And Unpopular Sports Events

One of the disadvantages of running a pen-and-paper bookie is that you cannot offer bets on many sports. But, when you move online, the best pay per head software can host over 20 sports.

Support there are eight soccer events, 12 basketball events, ten tennis games, seven hockey games, and 11 American football events in one week. Unlike pen and paper bookies, a pay per head sportsbook can comfortably support all these sports betting markets.

The software can accurately record hundreds of bets for each event and grade them appropriately. Also, the software should feature major and unpopular betting markets.

Apart from American football, National Basketball Association, tennis, baseball, and hockey, the software should have other markets, including soccer, crickets, darts, celebrities, politics, and other modern betting options. This will give your clients an extensive list of wagering options and make you more profits.

6. Trial Period

While perusing reviews, testimonials, and referrals provide valuable insights, nothing surpasses the firsthand experience of testing a product. Regrettably, the majority of pay per head companies do not extend the option of a complimentary trial period.

Certain providers even demand a deposit before granting access to their software. However, it’s unwise to commit to paying for pay per head software without a clear understanding of its suitability for your betting enterprise.

In contrast, Power Pay Per Head stands apart by offering a trial period enabling clients to rigorously evaluate the software. This initiative comes without encumbrances; instead, the company actively encourages bookies to utilize the software for a predetermined duration, devoid of any charges.

During this stipulated period, bookies can confidently manage bets, establish wager limits, construct betting lines, perform adjustments, and execute all the essential bookmaking functions. This phase affords bookies the opportunity to inquire about distinctive features and tools while honing their proficiency in maximizing their utility.

7. The Quality Of User Interface

Another thing you should evaluate is the quality of the user interface. A user-friendly interface should be easy to use.

For example, it can be multilingual so that players can choose their preferred language on the interface. Another thing an exemplary user interface should have is a systematic layout. Players and bookie agents should not struggle to find necessary features.

Instead, the interface should be easy to navigate. Also, it should launch on all devices, including smartphones and desktops.

8. Mobile Compatibility

Most bettors place their bets on their mobile phones using some of the best pay per head software. Therefore, it is crucial to get a pay per head software optimized for all mobile devices, including Android, iPhones, and Windows. That way, you can expand your target clients to everyone with a smartphone.

The software should launch ideally on your device. In other words, all features, tools, and everything that is available on the desktop version should be available on the mobile version.

Moreover, clients should be able to place their bets or play casino games on their phones or desktops.

9. Have All Gambling Forms

Another characteristic of the best pay per head software is all gambling forms. This includes sports betting, casino games, and horse racing bets.

Being a one-stop gambling shop appeals to clients. They can wager on sports, play casino games, or wager on horses without leaving the platform. Meanwhile, you can keep all the profits earned on sports, casinos, and racebooks.

Finding the best pay per head software with this guide should be easy. Remember, ensuring that your software has the above characteristics is crucial as it can benefit your operations. Contact Power Pay Per Head to get the best PPH software.

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