4 Best Pay Per Head Sites for 2022

12 January 2022
4 Best Pay Per Head Sites for 2022

Choosing a pay per head (PPH) site is one of the most impactful
decisions for your business. With hundreds of pay per head sites on the
internet, it is not easy to pick the best because each claims to be the

The industry is competitive, making choosing the best site a huge
decision. We are making your search easier by listing the top four PPH
sites. We tested these sites to ensure we gave a comprehensive review of

Power Pay Per Head

Power Pay Per Head tops our list as it offers the most comprehensive
product among other pay-per-head sites. This platform is a real game-changer,
providing a wide range of betting options comparable to top sportsbooks
like BetMGM, as well as award-winning customer support.

With 16 years of experience in the industry, Power Pay Per Head has
consistently maintained its top-rated status. Unlike some companies
that lack successful products despite their longevity, Power Pay Per Head
has mastered the art of offering high-quality services.

Over the years, the site has continuously expanded its sports betting markets,
catering to both domestic and international bettors. Players can wager on various
sports, casino games, and horse racing, providing bookies with multiple revenue
channels to maximize profits.

Power Pay Per Head’s commitment to providing the best betting lines
ensures favorable juice for bookies and players alike. With one of the highest
hold percentages in the industry, bookies can optimize their profitability.

Notably, the site prides itself on having English-speaking American customer
support representatives who undergo extensive training to understand
the needs of bookies and bettors in the pay-per-head industry.

Moreover, the platform offers live betting options in all sports and
leagues, responding to the growing popularity of in-play wagering.

To enhance the betting experience, Power Pay Per Head provides
one of the most user-friendly mobile platforms. This enables players
to place wagers, make deposits, and withdraw winnings with ease.

Overall, Power Pay Per Head stands out as an exceptional choice
for bookies, offering a wealth of features and support to help them
succeed and flourish in the competitive sports betting market.

BBouncing PPH

BBouncing PPH is a company that focuses on new bookies. It has been
in the industry for a long time, which means bookies have always had a
reason to choose to partner with it. This has also given the company
time to improve its product and attract and retain clients.

Bouncing PPH starts you off with a low price of $5 per player every
week. But, the company forgets to say it will bounce back the fee to $10
to $12 after several weeks. Instead of giving a free trial period, this
site invites you with half the price for its product and services.

The site has an appealing player management dashboard. This allows
bookies to manage their players with ease. If you want to apply bet
limitations, you can thank the tools put on the dashboard.

The company is highly focused on security. As such, it has invested
in the latest technical measures to protect its servers and bettors’

Security should be a priority for all online businesses. That is why
this site prioritizes it to ensure your data and bettors’ are safe from
malicious attacks.

StandBy PPH

StandBy PPH is a pretty new company in the industry. However, it has
come with a bang and looks like it has existed for years. The brand’s
goal is to be one of the industry’s best pay-per-head sites. It learns
from the best in the industry and implements it in its software and

The site starts by ensuring that the backend for both players and
bookie operators is simple to use. If you have never operated a bookie
before and would love to, using the StandBy PPH platform could be the
best choice.

You can navigate the site easily, manage your players, and perform
other sportsbook tasks. As for your players, they can log in to the
betting platform from their phones or desktops.

Finding bet markets is straightforward; placing wagers is like naming
ABCs and everything about the platform makes it user-friendly.

Players and agents access customer support through live chat and
email. However, customer support agents are not always available.
Instead, they work during the day and respond to messages sent at night
in the first hour of the following day.

As a new site in the industry, StandBy PPH only offers a sports
betting platform. Focusing on one product is alright if you have a ready
market whose interest is sports betting. However, if you want to
increase your revenue channels, pick a brand such as Power Pay Per Head.

Flash PPH

Despite being listed last, Flash PPH is a noteworthy option for aspiring bookies.
This platform possesses all the essential qualities needed to build a successful bookie
business from the ground up. It provides a comprehensive sportsbook and even includes
a casino feature. Additionally, Flash PPH prioritizes top-notch security measures,
ensuring the safety and protection of both the bookie and the players.

Flash PPH has been in the industry for seven years. It is operated by
experts who moved from other PPH companies to create their products. As
such, you will find their software featuring various qualities you see
on other top sites.

Like BBouncing PPH, this site starts you off at a lower price and
bounces it back to standard. While this is a good thing, there is other
pay per head sites, such as Power Pay Per Head, that start you off
with a free trial period of not less than a week.

Flash PPH also requires you to start with at least 30 clients. While
it sounds like an easy job to find these clients, but sometimes it is not.
But, everything else about the site is on top, from quality betting
lines, user-friendliness of the site, and complete control over your

Test Drive the Best Pay Per Head Site

You will come across many options in your search for the best pay per
head sites. You will read many reviews too. However, it will be
difficult to tell whether the review is genuine unless you test a

If you choose Power Pay Per Head,
you get a chance to test the product. Once you sign up at no cost, the
site will give you logins to player and agent accounts. Use these to
confirm everything described in this review is accurate.

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