Top 3 Features In The Power Pay Per Head Sportsbook Software

25 January 2022
Top 3 Features About Power Pay Per Head Software
Top 3 Features About Power Pay Per Head Software

Most betting actions take place on online platforms. That makes it necessary to have an online platform that appeals to bettors. Yet, joining the online space can be costly unless you use sportsbook software from a pay per head (PPH) site.

One of the leading PPH sites is Power Pay Per Head. The site has designed useful sportsbook software to help bookies with their day-to-day bookmaking processes.

The software has automated some processes and left others untouched. That way, a bookie can be engaged with the business as much as possible.

Below, we look at the top three features found in the Power Pay Per Head sportsbook software. You will learn why they are important and how they can help grow your bookie’s income.

Customized Web Design

When you explore multiple sportsbooks, you may notice that many of them have identical user interface designs. However, Power Pay Per Head takes pride in offering a unique and custom design for your sportsbook, as it serves as the first impression for your clients.

Having a custom design for your betting site is advantageous for your business. It allows you to tailor the platform to meet your specific business needs while also catering to the preferences of your potential clients. Instead of hiring a separate web designer or team to customize your betting site, Power Pay Per Head ensures that the sportsbook software is personalized according to your preferences and requirements.

Furthermore, the user interface is designed to be easy to navigate. When using the platform, you can easily access specific features with seamless navigation.

For instance, if you want to place a bet, finding the betting markets and the bet slip is a straightforward process due to the user-friendly design. As for bookie agents, they can effortlessly manage everything from the admin panel with just a few clicks.

Another notable feature is the sportsbook software’s compatibility with all devices. Nowadays, designing a sportsbook that is only accessible via desktop computers is insufficient. Players prefer the convenience of betting from anywhere, making mobile compatibility essential.

That’s why Power Pay Per Head ensures that the sportsbook software is responsive and adaptive, allowing it to be accessible on various mobile devices and desktops. This way, players and bookie agents can enjoy a seamless experience, accessing the platform on their iPhones, tablets, Macs, Windows PCs, and Android phones.

Wide Selection Of Play And Betting Markets

A sportsbook software must have all sports events. From school minor leagues to national games, American football to soccer, Power Pay Per Head has extensive betting markets.

One thing that encourages a player to join a platform is the wagering offering. Therefore, you cannot incorporate soccer markets and settle at that. You need to include several leagues in soccer.

There are many soccer leagues across the country and worldwide. Players want to bet on both locally played soccer games as well as international markets.

Therefore, the best sportsbook must have a league such as the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) to represent soccer in the USA and the English Premier League (EPL), La Liga, and Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) representing international soccer leagues.

Other sports covered in the sportsbook include basketball, cricket, golf, tennis, darts, Olympics, baseball, politics, entertainment, volleyball, rugby, hockey, and more. Apart from these traditional sports betting markets, Power Pay Per Head sportsbook software also has esports. That way, players can play Overwatch, Dota 2, Counter-Strike, and other eSports games.

As if these are not enough, the software provider has added a premier casino, a live dealer casino, and a racebook to the package. This means that your players do not have to look elsewhere for casino games and horse racing bets. Instead, they can launch the casino or racebook platforms and begin playing.

Notably, players do not have to create individual accounts for each betting platform. Instead, they can use one login information to access the sportsbook, casino, and racebook.

The software provider has added many games to the casino platform. This gives your players many games to choose from and play throughout the year. These comprise slot machines, table games, and live dealer titles.

The quality of the games is top-notch as leading software developers design them. As for horse racing bets, you can activate over 220 horse tracks. Considering a bookie agent has complete control over the platform, they can offer bets on all horse tracks or focus on a few.

Customer Support

Have you ever bought something confident you know how to use only to find out it is more complicated? The manual seemed to speak another language, and you felt more lost the more you followed it. You wished to get customer support to no avail.

That is not the case with Power Pay Per Head sportsbook software. It is easy to use; you might never require help.

But, customer support is a crucial element of a successful business. As long as a company has good customer support, I will always seek its services or buy its products because it will be there when I need some help.

The first customer support you will get from the site is launching your bookie. A qualified agent will be assigned to you to help you choose a skin for your sportsbook. Also, you will be guided through the software discovering how to use each feature and tool incorporated in the sportsbook software.

Even after launching your bookie and subscribing, you will still get the same quality customer support before signing up. You will get several private communication channels with the agent assigned to you.

As for your clients, you do not have to hire customer support. Every sportsbook must have a call center. When you get your software from Power Pay Per Head, you get access to a call center as part of the deal.

The support is available through email, live chat, Telegram, Signal, and Wicker. It is available 24/7, throughout the year. Moreover, the customer representative agents are English native speakers, facilitating easier communication.

Grow Your Bookie Business With The Best Sportsbook Software

The choice of sportsbook software plays a crucial role in determining the success and growth of your bookie business. Opting for average software might lead to mediocre results, which is not the outcome you desire.

To thrive in the competitive market, you need sportsbook software that elevates your business and puts you on par with world-renowned sportsbooks. This is precisely where Power Pay Per Head sportsbook software stands out. It is considered the best and has garnered top ratings from various gambling sites.

With Power Pay Per Head, you gain access to cutting-edge features and functionalities that set your bookie business apart from the rest. The software’s top-notch performance and comprehensive tools allow you to provide an exceptional betting experience for your clients, helping you achieve the growth and success you envision for your bookie enterprise.

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