User-Friendly Sports Betting Software

6 November 2021
User-Friendly Sports Betting Software

When you want to become a top bookmaker, you need sports betting software. This tool will make a difference in your business and give you an edge over other sportsbooks. Moreover, you do not have to break into a bank to afford one.

Instead, you pay per head depending on how many players are using your sportsbook. So, whether you are a small bookie with 100 players or a bigger sportsbook serving over 1000 bettors every day, sports betting software will come in handy for your business.

Yet, this tool can only prove to be valid if it is user-friendly. Below, we review three different companies, including Power Pay Per Head, to see how user-friendly their products are.

1. Power Pay Per Head

Power Pay Per Head is a company launched over 15 years ago. It has offered excellent sportsbook management service for years and was finally voted number one pay per head software in 2020 and 2021. In fact, GAMBLING 911, a world-known breaking news website, endorsed Power Pay Per Head.

Power ensures that your players are engaged with local and international sports betting markets throughout the year with the company’s award-winning software. The PPH software also supports convenient payment options, including FIAT and all cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, your players will get 24/7 customer support agents. When you sign up, you get a free six-week premier service in which you will realize how the PPH software is easing your work for you. Ideally, this sports betting software features a state-of-the-art call center, live in-game betting, a comprehensive wagering menu, and mobile compatibility for players and bookie agents.

2. Price Per Head

Price Per Head is another company that offers sports betting software to bookies in the USA and offshores. The company is known for its ability to sort data such that it is easy to find relevant information fast instead of going through all of it. Also, the software features high-security characteristics guaranteeing a secure sportsbook for you and your players.

Price Per Head software features some of the industry’s sharpest betting lines that bettors cannot resist. This will keep them engaged, making you more money. The company has over 150 customer support agents standing by to address any issue you or your users might have.

The platform is compatible with mobile and desktop devices. You will get a one-week free service when you sign up.

3. Gammastack

Gammastack’s sports betting software can be described as ultra-modern with requisite features that enhance your users’ betting experience. The company has been around for eight years, giving it enough time to improve its product.

The brand’s software meets all the bookies’ needs, including managing your records, providing lines, and so much more. Moreover, Gammastack also customizes its software per your requirements. Whether you are a start-up or have been in the industry for a while, Gammastack promises to deliver top-class sports wagering solutions.

Get a User-Friendly Sports Betting Software

The user-friendliness of sports betting software is crucial to you as a bookie agent and bettors using your platform. While a pay per head package comprises customizable features, you can ask your service provider to include other user-friendly features depending on the market you wish to target. Find out more about our number 1 ranking software at Power Pay Per Head.

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