Take Your Operation To The Next Level With VIP Live Betting From Pay Per Head Sites

22 December 2021
Take Your Operation To The Next Level With VIP Live Betting From Pay Per Head Sites
Take Your Operation To The Next Level With VIP Live Betting From Pay Per Head Sites

You have heard people describing various things or situations as the greatest. Most of these are reboot events with nothing special on the core; hence, not so great. However, VIP live betting services by pay per head sites are the best thing to happen in the sports gambling industry.

There are several reasons why live betting continually draws crowds. The most common include over-the-top entertainment, the opportunity to make money, and flexibility. Unlike pre-match betting, live betting allows players to immerse themselves in action, gaining similar excitement as watching a game in a stadium.

While players on the field go about scoring and leading their team to victory, bettors can predict the outcome of various situations and place wagers. In minutes, the bettor knows whether their prediction was correct or not.

With the popularity of live betting among bettors, more sportsbooks incorporate the product on their platforms. Luckily, even PPH bookies can offer live betting thanks to pay-per-head sites such as Power Pay Per Head. Here are the types of bets you can provide to your clients.

The Technicality Of Live Betting

A local or land-based sportsbook offers limited or no live betting because they lack the technology to keep up with the action. Online sportsbooks, including PPH bookies, have the technology needed to keep up with the action and provide various betting options. This gives gamblers hundreds of things to bet on at any point during a game.

The number of things to bet on and the frequency at which they appear on the betting platform depend on the technological ability of a sportsbook. Power Pay Per Head has invested in the best technology to facilitate VIP live betting for your clients.

Types Of Live Bets

As earlier hinted, live bet offering is dependent on the workforce and technology a bookie is using. Remember, a bookie has to set and change betting lines in real-time and does not have weeks or months to set odds like pre-match betting. Despite this, Power Pay Per Head offers several types of live bets, including:

Traditional Bets

In this article, traditional bets refer to the same chances available during pre-match betting. The only change will be the odds depending on how a game progresses.

For example, before a football game between the Dallas Cowboys and The New England Patriots begins, the odds are -200 in Dallas’ favor. Shortly after the game starts, the Cowboys’ quarterback gets hurt, and the other team scores a touchdown.

This moves the Cowboys from the favorite because they’re already down a score, and their quarterback is off the field. You will notice these changes with live odds, which could move to +150.

If bettors still think the Cowboys will win, they can make a new bet. You can keep changing these odds to appeal to players and ensure your business is still financially safe. Bettors will have placed a pre-match bet on over/under and make a second bet such as who will score the next touchdown, etc.


Parlay bets create the ultimate rush with every wager included in the bet slip. While this type of bet is common in pre-match betting, it is gaining steam in in-game betting.

For example, you can provide a bet depending on a continuing trend. For instance, President X will continue winning the election as vote counting continues. A bookie can add another bet option allowing bettors to add to the original bet hoping to capitalize on the outcome.

A bookie can also offer parlay bets on ongoing sports events. For example, they can add several betting options on ongoing football games and allow bettors to build on their parlay.

Prop Bets

Only the best technology can help a bookie keep up to speed with prop bets because they change in seconds. While some prop bets are skill-based, others are fun-based.

For example, how many field goals will a kicker make? Another example is the No Runs First Inning, where bettors bank on the first six outs of a game coming and going without anyone crossing the home plate. Other similar prop bets include any-time Touchdown Scorer, Player Points, Rebounds, etc.

What Power Pay Per Head Can Do For You

Many pay per head sites offer live betting platforms. However, each has a unique offering. Here is what you get when you seek a live betting platform from Power Pay Per Head.

Minimum and Maximum Odds

While we provide a live betting platform, you have all the control over it. You can set the minimum and maximum odds for an even live event.

Bettors Monitoring Tool

Another thing you will get is a monitoring tool to help you follow the bets gamblers are making during a live game. That way, you can change the odds or close it when the action exceeds your capacity.

Setting Max Wager Payout

One of the reasons live betting is popular is the money opportunity it provides. A bettor can make hundreds in a single bet and, if lucky, cash in several more times before a game ends.

As a bookie, you know your limit. You can use this knowledge to set the maximum wager payout to minimize your company’s liability.

Limit Bets, Sports, And League Markets

Another thing you can limit is bets, leagues, and sports markets. For example, you can decide to offer bets on soccer during the La Liga season and avoid the English Premier League (EPL) season. You can make this decision based on your target.

You might have more EPL fans than La Liga fans. If you feel the EPL fans crowd your betting platform and you cannot pay their bets, you can avoid offering bet markets for the league.

Make More Money With The Help Of Pay Per Head Sites

If you are yet to offer VIP live betting, it is time to join other winning bookies. Power Pay Per Head is one of the best pay per head sites that have invested in the best technology to ensure you run a VIP-class live betting service.

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