Pay Per Head and Privacy

22 May 2022

Did you know the best way to become a bookie and protect your privacy is to use a pay per head solution? This might sound like news to you, but it is true, and you will find out why and how as you continue to read.

Starting an online business is one of the most complicated processes, especially when thinking about security. A bookie deals with crucial data and has to implement measures to protect his clients’ personal and financial information.

Below, we look at the information bookie agents and bettors share on their platforms. We will also give examples of how the information is used. The last and most important thing we will cover is how using pay per head is the best bet for ensuring data privacy.

When Do Bookies Share Their Personal Information?

When you want to partner with a pay per player provider, you will share your name, email address, and phone number. The PPH provider will use the information to set up your bookie website.

You will need this information to access your website. This information is unique to the core, making it the best and first method to protect your website. Without your information, nobody can access your website.

Your information is collected when you fill out the contact form on the PPH site. There are several ways a price per player site can use your data.

For example, the site can sign you up for newsletters and answer surveys. The pay per player shop should have data policies describing how it protects and uses your information.

Do Bettors Share Their Personal Information?

Bettors also share their information with bookies when registering for a player account. Notably, most bookies allow bettors to use aliases instead of real names.

Bettors can also create separate email addresses to use on gambling platforms. Whether a player decides to share their real identification information or use aliases, bookies should protect that data from malicious attacks.

How Do Pay Per Head Sites Protect Your Data

When you share your information with a price per head site, it ensures that it is only accessible to a few people. Moreover, the information is not available, even to the people authorized to access it.

The people with authority to access your information operate under specific orders, including keeping your information confidential. They cannot use the information for their gain or on behalf of the PPH site.

Another way price per head sites protect your data is by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. When you come to a URL containing HTTPS, it means your connection to that website is secure. The “s” in the URL represents SSL technology.

The technology ensures that the data passed between a website and a browser is private. Pay per player sites recognize this technology for it effectively protects personal data. Here are other ways to promote privacy.

Using Cryptocurrencies And Other Convenient Payment Methods

It is easy for someone to steal your information when using payment methods such as credit cards. Hackers can hijack the transaction or hold your information for personal gain.

Unfortunately, the end of cyber-attacks is not close. Hackers dare attack even prominent sportsbooks that you would think have invested in the best security technology. The good thing is that pay per head sportsbooks are small, and only a few hackers are interested in such small companies.

Yet, it is crucial to protect your data and bettors’ information. One of the ways you can do this is by providing your players with cryptocurrency payment methods.

Cryptocurrency is the safest online payment method. It allows users to move their funds safely and anonymously. You do not have to share your name, home address, email, or personal information to transact with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

The best thing about crypto payment methods is that there is no middleman to facilitate transactions. In other words, the transaction occurs between you and the sportsbook or the pay per player shop. This ensures privacy as the only people aware of the transaction are the sender and receiver.

There are other payment methods that are equally safe to use. These include gift cards and e-checks.

Using The Onion Browser

Another way to promote privacy is by using the right browser. The Onion Browser is a program designed to prevent anyone from watching your internet connection, finding which sites you have visited, or finding your physical location.

While using the Onion Browser might not be necessary, it is crucial if you want your operations to remain anonymous. The toll is integral for bookie operators based in the USA and other countries with strict gambling regulations.

If you want to promote website surfing security, use the Onion Browser. The U.S. Navy designed the program to promote browsing anonymously.

It works by disguising your IP address distributing your browsing history to servers worldwide and encrypting information to prevent anyone from tracing it back to you. Suppose you want to operate a bookie in Alabama.

Considering that the state has yet to legalize sports betting, it is illegal to operate a bookie in the state. But, residents are free to find an offshore bookie and meet their gambling needs. You can become a bookie and host your website offshore with a price per head solution.

Then, you can use the Onion Browser to keep track of the operations on your betting platform. You might not want to use the browser all the time. If that is the case, you can let your price per head provider run the bookie.

No one (including gambling regulators) can know about your business. The pay per player site cannot share your details with anyone as they have strict data policies. In fact, the PPH shop does not even know who you are.

You can install the safe browser as an extension. It is free to download. It is also advisable not to open documents downloaded while using the Onion Browser.

Power Pay Per Head: The Safest PPH Partner

People’s information has become susceptible to attacks with the world moving online. Anyone with the right technology can gather information and use it maliciously.

Even prominent sportsbooks are under attack. Over nine months ago, a casino in Las Vegas was attacked by hackers asking for millions of dollars to release clients’ information. Fortunately, the FBI was able to recover the casino’s database before hackers could use the information maliciously.

When you partner with Power Pay Per Head, you are protected from similar attacks. The company has invested heavily in security technology to ensure data privacy.

You will share personal details when you sign up with the site. But, you can trust that Power Pay Per Head will keep the information private.

You can also use aliases to log in to your Bookie account. The price per head site does not share or report betting activities for any player or bookie. So, if you have been wondering about your security or your information leaking to the government to launch a bookie, you can rest assured that you are protected.

Power Pay Per Head can also operate the bookie on your behalf. That way, you do not have to worry about peeping eyes or breaking federal laws.

Ideally, using a pay per head solution eliminates breaking gambling regulations. For example, you need to have a license to operate a bookie. Yet, not everyone can get a few licenses. This is where Power Pay Per Head comes in; it offers sports betting on your behalf and ensures you are protected from third parties.

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