Rangers Blank Hurricanes in Carolina, Bookmakers Pricing Service Operators Win Big, Too

22 March 2022
Bookmakers Pricing Service Operators Win Big
Bookmakers Pricing Service Operators Win Big

March typically centers on college basketball, especially with the excitement of March Madness, but hockey enthusiasts know that the NHL season is still in full swing, presenting prime opportunities for sports bettors. Sunday’s NHL schedule was packed with high-stakes games, providing a lucrative chance for bookmakers pricing service operators to capitalize on the action.

One of the most compelling games on Sunday featured the Carolina Hurricanes hosting the New York Rangers. Both teams are strong contenders for the playoffs, hinting at a potentially thrilling postseason series between them. The anticipation surrounding this match up created a buzz, drawing in hockey fans and bettors alike.

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While March Madness often steals the spotlight, the NHL season provides ample opportunities for sports bettors and bookmakers alike. Sunday’s thrilling NHL games were a testament to the dynamic nature of sports betting. For those ready to launch their own betting platform, leveraging a bookmakers pricing service, such as the one provided by PowerPayPerHead.com, can make all the difference in offering a professional and efficient service to bettors.

Rangers Upset Hurricanes

Sunday’s outcome was shocking as the Rangers went into Carolina and stunned the Hurricanes. Both teams were looking for two crucial points in the standings, and the Rangers were underdogs heading into this one.

New York and Carolina both failed to score in the first period, but it was all Rangers from then on. The visitors were able to score a goal in each of the next two periods. The defense continued to do its job as well.

Chris Kreider got the scoring going for the Rangers as he buried a shot in the second period. Frank Vatrano scored in the empty net in the third period to set the final score at 2-0.

Several NHL teams have slowed down the Hurricanes throughout the year. However, completely shutting them down is a very different story. What makes this performance even more impressive from New York is that this game was played in Carolina and the Hurricanes have been terrific on home ice.

Carolina was on a 14-game point streak on home ice. They’ve used their play at home to jump to the top of the Eastern Conference standings. If the Hurricanes would’ve picked up at least one point on Sunday, they would’ve tied a franchise record of 15 straight home games with a point.

This was also the fourth straight loss for the Hurricanes, their longest losing streak of the season. Carolina didn’t go down without a fight in this matchup. They were able to get 44 shots on goal in the loss.

Georgiev Shines In Rare Start over Shesterkin

The standout player of the game was undoubtedly goaltender Alexandar Georgiev. He displayed an impressive performance, stopping all 44 shots directed at him, securing the seventh shutout of his career. Despite not receiving much playing time for the Rangers lately, Georgiev’s exceptional performance on Sunday may earn him more opportunities in the future.

Georgiev’s last road victory dated back to January 8, and he had only played in two of the last five games. His shutout on Sunday marked his first since March 17, 2021, and the 44 saves he made showcased his incredible effort and skill on the ice.

Normally, Igor Shesterkin serves as the starting goaltender for New York, consistently displaying a Vezina-caliber performance throughout the season. However, having Georgiev as a backup provides valuable depth for the team as they approach the playoffs.

If you were using your bookie website with the bookmaker’s pricing service from PowerPayPerHead.com, you would have seen the Hurricanes listed as significant favorites in this particular game. Despite Carolina’s disappointment with the loss, the Rangers put on an impressive show, highlighting the depth and talent within their roster.

Alexandar Georgiev’s outstanding goaltending and the Rangers’ strong performance were the key factors in their victory over the Hurricanes, providing fans and bettors with an exciting game to watch and wager on.

New York Still Needs More Offense

New York now has 85 points on the year after picking up two points in Carolina. However, this team is still looking to find more offense as the year goes along. The Rangers might be leading the Metropolitan Division if they were able to score more goals consistently.

The Rangers average 2.94 goals per game this season. Still, it’s going to take a better effort than that if they want to make a deep postseason run. New York is holding teams to just 2.5 goals per game, and that defense was on display on Sunday.

Artemi Panarin is the Rangers’ best offensive weapon. That’s been the case since the left winger arrived in New York. Panarin leads the team with 56 assists and 72 points on the year, and he continues to make life difficult for opposing defenses.

Kreider’s offensive spark was no surprise on Sunday. He leads the team with 41 goals. Kreider isn’t usually mentioned as one of the best goal-scorers in the NHL, but that’s been the case this season.

The special team’s play has been a huge key for the Rangers this season as well. They usually take advantage of opponents’ mistakes. New York scores on 26 percent of its power play.

They’ve also been terrific when killing off penalties of their own. New York has an 82 percent penalty kill. Shesterkin has been a major key in that area. He’s gone 30-8-3 this season between the pipes and that’s the biggest reason that Georgiev hasn’t played much.

If the Rangers were able to find some more offense ahead of the playoffs then they could be a team that could win the Eastern Conference.

Carolina Trying to Hang On

The Hurricanes still lead the Metropolitan Division with 88 points on the year, but that lead has shrunk over the last week. Losing four straight games has allowed other Metropolitan Division teams to close the gap. While Carolina is still the favorite to win the Metro with most bookmakers pricing service operators, the lead has narrowed

Carolina has to start finding some offense over the next few weeks if they’re going to get some momentum heading into the postseason. The Hurricanes are winning games by an average of .9 goals per game, and they’ve been a frustrating team to face.

Sebastian Aho has been the best player for Carolina this season as he leads the team with 27 goals and 34 assists. What makes the Hurricanes such a tough team to deal with is the fact that they are loaded with offensive weapons up and down the roster.

Even though Carolina has been looking to win most of their games on the offensive end of the ice, they haven’t completely abandoned the defensive side of the ice. The Hurricanes are giving up less than 2.4 goals per game, and they kill off nearly 90 percent of their penalties.

Frederik Andersen might be the best goaltender in the NHL this season, aside from Shesterkin. Andersen has gone 30-10-2 in net this season. He’s giving up right at two goals per game, and that’s more than good enough to win with this offense.

There’s still some time for Carolina to turn things around before the postseason begins. Unfortunately, they’re heading in the wrong direction at the worst possible time. The schedule doesn’t get any easier for the Hurricanes either as the Lightning is in Carolina on Tuesday night.

Eastern Conference is Loaded

Another popular betting option when it comes to the NHL is futures betting markets, and that’s another thing you can offer if you have your bookie website. Again, using Bookmaker’s pricing service tools from PowerPayPerHead.com, you will have all of the tools necessary to get things set up.

The race to win the Eastern Conference is going to be fun to follow as the playoffs heat up since there are so many great teams. Both Carolina and New York are going to be in that mix, but two teams from Florida appear to be leading the way.

The future betting odds with most bookmakers’ pricing service operators have the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Florida Panthers as co-betting favorites to win the Eastern Conference. Carolina and New York appear right behind them, but the Panthers and Lightning don’t appear to have any real flaws.

Tampa Bay has won consecutive Stanley Cup titles, and they still have the same basic roster as they’ve had over the last two years. It’s nearly impossible to eliminate the Lightning in the postseason as they just do everything so well.

Florida has a young roster that loves to play fast. They’ve been overwhelming opponents with their offense all season long. The Panthers still have to prove they know how to win in the postseason, but they are not going to be a fun team to deal with.

Looking Forward

While March is traditionally dominated by college basketball, the NHL season continues to heat up, providing ample opportunities for sports bettors. Sunday’s NHL action, in particular, opened the door for bookmakers pricing service operators to maximize their offerings.

The Eastern Conference playoff races are still highly competitive with a few weeks remaining. Home ice advantage could play a crucial role in the postseason, making every game important. The New York Rangers and the Carolina Hurricanes are both vying for top seeds to secure a more favorable matchup against teams like the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Florida Panthers.

One of the most exciting games on Sunday saw the Hurricanes hosting the Rangers. Both teams are strong playoff contenders, and their matchup hinted at what could be a thrilling postseason series. This game was not only a spectacle for hockey fans but also a golden opportunity for sports bettors.

For those looking to launch their own online bookie site, this period is perfect. Platforms like PowerPayPerHead.com offer all the necessary tools to get started, with the bookmakers pricing service being a standout feature. This service is essential for anyone aiming to manage and accept wagers effectively.

A bookmakers pricing service provides up-to-date odds and betting lines, ensuring that bettors have the latest information needed to make informed bets. It helps set competitive odds and manage the risk associated with betting activities. By using a bookmakers pricing service, operators can offer a seamless betting experience that attracts both novice and seasoned bettors.

This service ensures that the odds are always current and competitive, crucial for retaining and attracting customers. It allows operators to adjust lines quickly in response to betting patterns and game developments, maintaining a balanced book.

While March Madness often steals the spotlight, the ongoing NHL season offers significant opportunities for sports bettors and bookmakers alike. With the playoff races heating up, now is the perfect time to set up a betting platform. Leveraging a bookmakers pricing service, such as the one from PowerPayPerHead.com, can provide a professional and efficient service to bettors, ensuring your site is ready to take action on all the excitement.

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