The Advantages Of Using Our Pay Per Head Service

6 January 2022
pay per head service

Every bookie website needs a pay per head service (PPH) as a fundamental part of creating a lucrative business. Fortunately, there are many PPH service providers in the market. Each of these sites possesses different characteristics.

Therefore, it is crucial to know the advantages of each before committing. That way, you can choose the appropriate pay per head service provider for your bookie business.

Ideally, you want to partner with a site to take your bookie to the next level. Here, we look at the benefits of using Power Pay Per Head as your PPH service provider.

Simple To Use

Have you ever opened a website only to close it without getting the help you needed? I have, and it was frustrating I could not complete my purchase. I could not even find the cart or a check-out page.

A difficult-to-use website would be one of the reasons a bettor would close your platform and find another. That is why Power Pay Per Head designs a platform that anybody could use.

While the site uses modern technology and innovative tools, it ensures that any person, regardless of their level of knowledge, can use a pay per head platform comfortably. Considering a pay per head service should make a bookie’s operator’s life easier, Power ensures their service is just that, simple.

A bettor can find bet markets, scroll the platform up and down, find contact information, deposit and withdraw, and so much more with so much ease. As for the operator, you do not have to struggle using the tools on the platform.

You can easily generate reports, adjust odds, manage players’ accounts, and much more. Generally, Power’s platform, tools, and services are simple, user-friendly, and practical.


One of the things you should consider when purchasing something is its usefulness. For example, you cannot buy or set up a Christmas tree in January while everyone else removes their Christmas decorations.
That is why Power Pay Per Head offers services useful for your business. For example, a bookie wants a betting platform over which they have complete control. As such, you will get a platform where you have control over everything, including managing player accounts, creating odds, and other aspects.

Also, a local bookie moving online would love a platform that automates various functions such as taking odds. That way, they do not have to use paper and pen to record bets from players.
Our site offers services that make running your business efficient. We simplify various tasks, automate processes, and leave you time to rest and find more clients. We aim to offer you a platform that brings value to your pocket and life.

Many Betting Options And Odds

One of the primary jobs of a bookie agent is to provide odds that reflect the most up-to-date statistics and news. For example, if a Tottenham Hotspur star player is injured, the chances of winning the game decrease. Sportsbooks update their odds immediately, reflecting the injury.

This would mean you have to follow one match at a time. It also means you have to offer only a few bets because you have to manually track each as you update odds. If you have a limited number of bet options to offer, your revenue generation is also low.

But, when you use our pay per head service, you get many betting options and odds. Our software automatically updates odds to reflect injuries, essential news, and past statistics. When the odds change worldwide, you can trust we also adjust betting lines on your bookie.

If you want to offer your clients betting options from all over the world, we have you covered. We compile national and international betting options for your clients.

From betting options for the National Football League, National Basketball Association, and Major Baseball League to English Premier League, Australia Open, and others, your bookie will feature all the traditional and new betting options.

Unbeatable Prices

A pay per head service model is based on the number of players that place a wager on your site each week. It is actually where the name originates. For example, you can get a site asking $10 per player each week.

The good thing about this payment structure is that you only get charged if the player has a week’s graded wager. So, already, you have money to pay the fixed price for the player.

This cost structure is affordable and profitable for bookies, especially because bettors lose over the long term. Suppose a bettor places a $100 wager in a week and wins.

Despite paying the winnings, you still have a profit over the long term. Therefore, you can afford the price per player each week and remain with some profit.

At Power Pay Per Head, we offer unbeatable prices. We offer you every reason for a client to use your betting site. That way, bettors bet more, giving you a considerable profit to pay for our services and create your wealth.

Top-Notch 24/7 Call Center

Having experience in the service industry, you understand the inevitability of clients reaching out with complaints or concerns. The field of sports betting is no exception, as customers may frequently contact you seeking assistance. This highlights the importance of having a reliable call center, although not all platforms provide 24/7 customer support.

As an online bookie, your sports betting services are available round the clock, attracting clients at all hours. Consequently, they may encounter issues or inquiries that require immediate resolution. Recognizing this, we understand the significance of providing 24/7 customer support. Even if a bettor faces a problem while you are asleep or away on vacation, our dedicated team ensures that solutions are promptly delivered.

By offering continuous customer support, your bookie business gains a reputation for reliability. Satisfied clients are more likely to leave positive reviews, attracting other potential customers to your platform. Additionally, our support extends to bookie agents, providing comprehensive assistance to enhance their experience.

If you require guidance or solutions regarding any aspect of our services, we encourage you to reach out to us. We are dedicated to assisting you and ensuring that your bookie operation runs smoothly.

Years Of Experience

The PPH industry is around 20 years old. This makes Power Pay Per Head one of the pioneers in the industry. With 16 years in the industry, we have worked hard to improve our product and service. Moreover, we have become a recognized brand for our quality services.

Having built such a recognizable brand, we work extra hard to maintain our reputation. We ensure our software is of a high standard, practical, and affordable. We have to ensure our software makes you more money every year than it did the previous year by adding extra features that encourage bettors to place bets. For example, we have added premier prop betting, live betting, casino betting, racebook, and other bet options over the years.

We also know what works for bookies. Some of us operate bookies as a part-time job. This allows us to understand the market, what bettors look for, and much more. Over the years, we have gained knowledge and skills to create the product your clients want.

An Industry Leader

The gambling industry is expanding at a dizzying speed. You will find thousands of bookies and hundreds of pay per head service providers. If you are not specific when picking your partner, you risk stagnating your business.

Yet, this is not something you have to worry about when dealing with Power Pay Per Head. In fact, you do not have to think about its reputation. The site was rated as the best pay per head service provider in 2020 and 2021 by Gambling 911.

Moreover, our site was top-rated by several other world-recognized gambling platforms in recent years. Being an industry leader did not come easy. We had to work hard, provide bookies with effective software, and be the best at what we did.

By helping bookies make money, we earned our title in the PPH industry. We will continue offering our best to maintain our position.

Secure Platform

Would you reside in an apartment in an insecure environment? As appealing and affordable as it would be, you can not rent an apartment in an unsafe environment.

Thus, we must ensure our sportsbook platform is safe despite having all the other qualities. This means you do not have to worry about your data safety. We only ask for necessary information, which we do not share with third parties. In fact, not all of us have access to your data.

We have a supervisor and management staff who have access to your information. Yet, they cannot access it for no reason.

Also, your client’s data, including financial information, is safe. We use top-drawer security measures to protect our platform so that you and your players can use your platform without worrying about data leakage.

Become the Best Bookie in the Industry With Our Pay Per Head Service

Everything above is some of the advantages of using our pay per head service. When you decide to make us your partner, you and your clients will love every bit of it.

Contact Power Pay Per Head today for more information. You can start with a demo account to prove all the above advantages are actual before spending your money on our services.

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