How A Price Per Head Sportsbook Works

2 April 2022
How A Price Per Head Sportsbook Works
How A Price Per Head Sportsbook Works

When looking at the price per head sportsbook, there is a lot to learn and consider. The topic is extensive and might take some days to grasp the concept. But, if you want to start a sportsbook and be successful at it, you must understand your choice.

Here, we look at the price per head, its advantages, where to get it, and nitty-gritty details. With this guide, you can choose the right pay per head sportsbook and make good money from it.

What Is Price Per Head Sportsbook?

A price per head sportsbook is a betting platform provided by a third party. This concept is the opposite of buying a sportsbook website and software and gaining complete ownership.

Instead, it is like leasing a room wherein your clients can come and hang out. You can cook for your clients, give them somewhere to sleep, and generally control the room they are in as long as you pay the rent to the third party.

That is how the price per head works. You get a sportsbook website, betting software, access to a call center, oddsmakers, bookmaking tools, player management tools, and other services for a fixed price for a specified time.

So, you can get a service provider charging $10 per player or event $30 per client. A price per head is also called pay per head, per head, pay per player, PPH, and other similar tags. Let us look at the advantages of a PPH sportsbook.

The Advantages of a Pay Per Head Sportsbook

It Is Cost-Effective

Launching a bookie costs thousands of dollars. But, you can reduce that amount to hundreds when you choose a pay per head sportsbook. This is because you will not pay a high fee before you start taking bets.

Instead, you start paying for the sportsbook and services when bettors place their bets. The good thing about this is that the price is fixed. So, if you pay $10 per player, this fee remains constant even when a better wagers thousands of dollars per week.

The Concept Is Ideal for a Small or a Large Operation

Whether you want to run a small sportsbook or an international operation, you can use the pay per head concept without a problem. The service providers ensure to implementation of every feature and edge that a bookie needs to gain clients and grow. So, you should not feel intimidated to use the concept if you want to run a big sportsbook.

Easy To Launch and Operate

Experience the ease and speed of launching your PPH sportsbook and software with our user-friendly solutions. Whether you’re a spontaneous individual or have long considered becoming a bookie, our PPH provider can have your bookie up and running within minutes.

Our ready-to-launch PPH sportsbook website and software ensure a seamless experience, allowing you to quickly grasp the functionality of every tool provided. Plus, you’ll have the support of a dedicated agent to assist with any aspects you find challenging. Start your bookie journey effortlessly with us today.

The Features of a Great Price Per Head Sportsbook

Discover the essential features of a pay per head sportsbook to ensure client satisfaction, seamless bookie operations, and lucrative earnings. Once you’ve understood the advantages, delve into the key elements that a price per player sportsbook must possess. Unlock the potential to excel in your business while providing exceptional services to your clients. Learn more about these indispensable features today.

Upgraded Technology

In the competitive sports betting industry, the success of a sportsbook hinges on its cutting-edge software. To stand out as a bookie and cater to today’s sophisticated bettors, it’s crucial to offer a sportsbook equipped with the latest technology.

Modern sports bettors are well-informed and seek seamless experiences. They expect instant updates, access to comprehensive statistics, and a wide range of sports betting markets, including live bets. A user-friendly website and secure, convenient payment options are also essential to enhance their satisfaction.

Ensure your sportsbook shines with the power of the latest technology, providing unparalleled services that keep bettors engaged and coming back for more. Stay ahead of the competition and elevate your sportsbook to greatness today.

24/7 Access to Customer Services

Having customer service is fundamental for a sportsbook today. If you want to do well in business, ensure you have a way to solve your clients’ problems immediately.

Instead of being on call 24/7, leaving you with no time to rest, you can have a call center. Fortunately, reputable PPH providers offer 24/7 access to customer service, either through a toll-free phone or email, live chat, telegram, social media, or contact form.


Reliability is the most important feature a price per head sportsbook should have. This should have come first place. But, you get the idea.

Working with a pay per head sportsbook means that your reputation in the industry is in the provider’s hands. More importantly, your client’s money is in the provider’s hand because the payment system is provider.

Therefore, forget about the service price for a minute if it is going to mean negligence. Instead, consider a company that will adequately manage wagers, maintain accounts, and ensure the smooth running of your business.

Moreover, clients should be able to access the platform at any time of the day or night. This will allow them to place bets at their convenience.

Bookie Software

Your sportsbook would be incomplete without bookie software. This is the tool that does the hard work and makes you a spectator, watching it make money. Without this software, you would need to stay on the phone, waiting for clients to call, read them the odds, and book their bets.

Once the match is over, you would need to grade bets and release wins to player accounts. This is a lot of work. Yet, this is not the only job a bookie software can do for you.

Betting Markets

Another thing your price per head sportsbook should have is betting markets. There are over 40 sports betting markets that your clients can enjoy. So, the best pay per head sportsbook should have at least 15 betting markets, especially those popular with your target clients.

For example, if you want to offer your services to New York residents, you need to have basketball, football, tennis, baseball, and hockey in your sportsbook. These are some of the most popular markets in the USA.

However, you need to consider international markets too. One of the reasons players wager at offshore sportsbooks is the wide range of sports betting markets they offer. So, apart from the above sports, these bookies have soccer, cricket, motor racing, celebrities, TV shows, and other markets.

This provides clients with a great selection of entertainment. It gives your clients options to choose from and a reason to stay longer on the sportsbook. While this is a source of entertainment for your clients, it is your source of revenue.

A Casino and a Racebook Platform

Today, having a sports betting platform is not enough. You need more than sports betting to get the income you want. Fortunately, you can increase your revenue with a casino and a racebook.

Ensure these platforms cover all the necessities. For example, if it is a casino, ensure it has high-quality games, including slots, table games, card games, and live dealer titles.

That way, you can address the needs of all your players. Remember, some prefer slot machines while others love table games. So, if you cannot offer your clients what they need, they will find it elsewhere.

As for the racebook, ensure it covers horse tracks across the globe. In other words, it should cover bets for the Kentucky Derby in the country and others in Europe and other parts.

Mobile Compatibility

Considering that you will have players using their mobile devices and others on their desktops, you need a cross-platform pay per head sportsbook. Most people have access to their mobile devices more than other devices.

For example, you might leave your laptop at home but carry your phone everywhere, including to the bathroom. This proves that mobile devices are more convenient. Therefore, your sportsbook should be compatible with mobile and desktop devices to allow clients to use their preferred devices.

A Trial Period

There are hundreds of pay per head sportsbooks, making your process of choosing one a challenge. But, you can always test whether a product is ideal before subscribing to the service. That way, you are sure about the products and services you give to your clients and avoid wasting your money on the wrong sportsbook software.

So, ask for a trial period and an agent to guide you through the sportsbook. Learn all the hopes so that when you fully launch your bookie, you can run the operations like a pro.

Get Your Price Per Head Sportsbook

You have just learned what the price per head sportsbook is, its advantages, and the features it should have to help you stand out from the rest. Now, we can tell you that the best PPH provider is Power Pay Per Head.

With several awards up its sleeves and being ranked number one for two consecutive years, you can trust that it is the best in the market. Contact the company at 855-492-6007 to get your sportsbook software.

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