Rated #1 Bookie Betting Software For 2022

2 June 2022
Rated #1 Bookie Betting Software For 2022
Rated #1 Bookie Betting Software For 2022

Running a successful bookmaking business can be challenging since there are several players in the market. For your business to be at the top, you require good bookie betting software.

Several companies offer software that helps bettors make good bets and boost our business simultaneously. The list below contains the six top bookie software for 2022.

Bookie Betting Software Rated #1 For 2022

1. Power Pay Per Head

Power Pay Per Head has proved to be a household name in the betting industry due to its ability to cover every angle of bookmaking. The bookie betting software has a beat line of 2.0 to detect sharp betting. They provide bookies with the feature to customize and personalize their websites.

Bookies using Power Pay Per Head can manage odds, betting limits, and credit through the agent reports provided by the software. Power PPH allows payments in various methods, including credit cards and cryptocurrency.

One of the most popular features of Power PPH is the display panel that carries players from over 100 leagues in the U.S. and around the world. Their customer care services are smooth and 24/7. Power PPH has offered various platforms where bookies or bettors can reach them, such as email, phone, Telegram, Wicke, and Signal.

Power PPH has a VIP live wagering feature, including live prop and parlay betting. The software notifies you every time a bettor makes a wager through text or email.

The best part of the software is the security and privacy. Power PPH prides itself on the secured server locations and spam and malware protection it gives its customers.

2. OddsJam

Optimize Your Betting Experience with Top-Rated Betting Software: OddsJam

Distinguished as a premier betting software, OddsJam has earned acclaim not only in the U.S. but also across Canada. Recognized for its exceptional utility, this software takes on the role of an arbitrage bet finder, swiftly gaining favor among bookies.

OddsJam boasts an array of features, including the ability to unveil overpriced odds, streamlining bonus withdrawals for bettors, and an extensive scan encompassing over 36 U.S.-based bookies. For new users, the software extends a generous 7-day trial period, allowing ample time to explore its capabilities.

Highlighting significant disparities in odds across various bookmakers, OddsJam efficiently exposes instances where bookmakers yield lower profits. This invaluable tool serves a dual purpose, providing the means to offset potential losses or enhance gains, all contingent upon the strategic lines you establish. Moreover, the software facilitates precise bonus calculations, ensuring your customer offerings remain financially sustainable.

It’s worth noting that basic bookmarking knowledge is a prerequisite for harnessing this bookie betting software to its full potential. To further enhance user experience, OddsJam offers comprehensive guides elucidating the nuances of the associated bookmaking strategies. Subscriptions are tailored to different needs, with options ranging from $9 per day for arbitrage bets, $64 monthly for sure bets, to a comprehensive package at $129 per month, encompassing both sure bets and value bets. Elevate your betting endeavors with OddsJam and unlock a world of strategic possibilities.

3. OddsBoom

Most bettors prefer OddsBoom since it provides a list of bets with the smallest profit margin and a list of all sure bets. The software has a display panel for the highest odds in every game. OddBoom is popular in Canada and the United States.

OddsBoom allows bettors to choose a bookie of their liking by displaying bookies with the highest odds. One of the reasons this bookie betting software is popular is its ability to increase a bettor’s winnings from previous bets.

The only downside of OddsBoom is that its scanning speed is slightly lower compared to other software like OdsJam. The subscription fee for OddsBoom is $5 a day, $15 a month, and $150 a month.

4. BetBurger

Exploring BetBurger: Unveiling Premium Bookie Betting Software

In the realm of bookie betting software, BetBurger emerges as a standout player. At present, their comprehensive scanning covers a multitude of bookmarks, including esteemed names like Draftkings, Fox Bet, Unibet, William Hill, Betway, 10bet, Casumo, and a host of others. What sets BetBurger apart is not only the extensive range of bookies they encompass but also their remarkable scanning speed, ensuring real-time insights for your wagers.

BetBurger prides itself on user-friendliness, offering a streamlined and easily comprehensible interface. Despite its simplicity, this software doesn’t compromise on sophistication. The advanced user interface and versatile filter options empower users to tailor their experience, providing actionable data that aligns with their strategic approach.

Affordability is a cornerstone of BetBurger’s appeal, catering to a diverse user base with daily, weekly, and monthly subscription plans. This accessible pricing structure opens the doors to various bettors, making premium software accessible to all.

The true testament to BetBurger’s prowess lies in its adeptness at scanning both arbitrage and value betting opportunities. This dual capability has catapulted its popularity, resonating strongly with those seeking a comprehensive toolset to maximize their gains.

In essence, BetBurger stands as a potent ally in the world of bookie betting software, combining extensive scanning coverage, exceptional speed, intuitive usability, and an affordable pricing model. As a bettor, embracing BetBurger translates to embracing a world of betting advantages at your fingertips.

5. RealBetting

RealBetting is an arbitrage and value betting software that scans several bookies in the U.S., such as William Hill, Foxbet, BetOnline, Unibet, BetAnySports, Bodog, and BetMGM. The software is also popular in Europe.

RealBetting offers a 2-week free trial to all their new customers for every service they offer. Their customer service is top-notch, and they have a convenient user interface. You require basic knowledge to operate RealBetting, but they provide a detailed guide on how to go about it.

6. Gammastack

Gammastack is the dream bookie betting software for many bookies. They offer a wide range of payment methods, including cryptocurrency.

The software has more than 50 sports covered and over 210 betting markets. Gammastack is designed consideration for all people, and it has a language-changing option of up to 10 languages.

With more than eight years of experience in the gaming industry, Gammastack understands its clients well. You have a choice to pick software specialized for your business from their custom choices. The choices are sports betting software, custom sports betting software, and white-label sports betting software.

Gammastack follows the zero revenue policy where they do not ask for a share of the revenue from their clients. The software is integrated with sophisticated features that will help you enter and navigate the market easily.

The software allows bettors to share their betting choices with their friends while maintaining the privacy of their customers. They have a real-time statics feature on odds and analytic reports on players and results.

Gammastack has a live score feature that allows users to view their scores as they place bets. The feature helps the users to monitor and track odds and percentages in real time. The software’s calendar of events helps you keep track of all upcoming sports events.

Features To Look For In A Bookie Betting Software

There are several service providers in the industry offering bookie software. However, the software you choose has to meet your business and customers’ needs. When looking for software for your bookmaking business, you have to consider the following six features:


Good software has to provide a scaling space as your bookmaking business grows. Scalability will help you to attract several bettors ranging from newbies to experienced gamblers.


The software you choose ought to integrate with your website. That way, your customers can easily access their accounts.

The software must be protected from malware and data theft and has a cloud-sharing feature. You can access your website anywhere, and you won’t lose your records if you lose your phone or computer.

Ease Of Use

Your bookmaking business will attract different bettors. The software has to be simple yet upgraded. A bettor who does not understand the default language ought to be able to switch to another language without getting lost in the maze of information on your website.


All a bettor requires to log in to your bookie’s website is a stable internet connection. Bettors should be able to access the website at any time and from any place.

Data Panel

The software you pick has to contain a data storage panel. It is from this panel that the software gathers information and consolidates it. This way, you will be able to observe patterns and note arrears that require improvement.


Good software contains a calendar of events to track all upcoming gaming events and give you a review of the previous events.

Having good bookie betting software takes you a step forward in your bookmaking business. Contact Power Pay Per Head at 855-492-6007 to get the best bookie software for your website.


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