Why You Should Use PPH Services To Take Your Bookie Business Offshore

14 November 2021
Take Your Bookie Business Offshore With Pay Per Head

Already, the USA sports betting industry is dominated by prominent sportsbooks. So, entering the market with your bookie business can be an uphill task until you start making profits. The alternative is to take your business offshore.

Here, we look at how you can use PPH services to become a successful bookie. You get all the resources you need to become a professional sportsbook offering your products to a broad region with these services.

You Get the Best Customer Support

When running an online business or any business, you are likely to encounter a problem. Often, you would wish there was someone to help you solve it. Fortunately, Power Pay Per Head has a dedicated customer support team to attend to your issue any time of the day or night.

The conversation between you and our agents is private and encrypted to ensure that no third parties know your issues. Moreover, we have a toll-free telephone line and an offshore email through which you can reach us.

We Are Experienced

Many bookie businesses have reached out to us to help take their operations offshores. With each bookie we take offshore, we add up to our experience.

Our company comprises experts whose combined skills and expertise make us the best pay-per-head service provider to take your bookie business offshore.

Power Pay Per Head software was voted number one as the best software in 2020 and 2021 for its many features that make your sportsbook successful. As we gain more experience, we innovate new features for our software, making it the best in the market to give you a competitive edge.

We Give You Six Weeks Free

Power Pay Per Head is confident of its software. That is why we give our first-time clients a six-week free trial to test our product and confirm it is as advertised.

This period is enough for you to test our product, our customer support services. Also, you can find which betting lines we offer, and confirm we are the right fit for your global clients.

Get a Customised Sportsbook

Using PPH services does not mean that you will use any website. If you do not want any of the already designed sportsbooks, you can wait up to a day to get a customized sportsbook meeting all your needs.

Already have a bookie software and want to transfer some of its features to a new sportsbook? We can do that for you, including betting lines.

You Will Not Need An Office

Whether you reside in the USA or any other part of the world, you can run your bookie business without a physical office. PPH services allow you to run your business from the comfort of your home.

Depending on what package you are paying for, you can get customer agents for your clients and a weekly report showing you how the business is performing.

Since their creation, PPH services have helped many bookies establish successful businesses offshore. Even with some knowledge about running a sportsbook, you can venture into the industry with Power Pay Per Head Services.

Contact us today at 855-492-6007 for in-depth information on how we will take your bookie business offshore.

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