Best Price Per Head Sportsbook Solutions Starts and Ends at Power Pay Per Head

13 June 2022
Best Price Per Head Sportsbook Solutions Starts and Ends at Power Pay Per Head

We all have that go-to brand, company, or person when we want a specific solution. Similarly, bookies have that go-to pay per head provider. Power Pay Per Head has provided the best price per head sportsbook solutions for 16 years.

During this time, the company has been nothing short of perfection. From quick solutions to the availability of account agents to help with running bookies and provision of other needs, this company has become the savior. The following features prove that the best price per head sportsbook solutions start and end at Power Pay Per Head.

Best Price Per Head Sportsbook Solutions Features


Who else would give you a modern website to offer your sports betting services? Unfortunately, not many people can spare time to design a complicated website such as a sportsbook platform and give it for free.

However, Power Pay Per Head has no problem with this. It is the first item the site will offer when you subscribe to its services. You will get a betting template immediately after you provide your details.

You can also wait a few more days or hours to get a customized sports betting platform. Usually, it would cost you over $100 to design a sportsbook website with another developer. Notably, the fee does not cover maintenance costs and upgrades.


You need sportsbook software to integrate into your gambling platform. Power Pay Per Head understands this, hence its provision for sportsbook software.

The sportsbook software is one of the best on the internet. Power Pay Per Head has been awarded two consecutive awards for having the best price per head sportsbook software.

Bookies have significantly benefited from using the software. From automating processes to generating good revenues, you cannot afford not to use this software.


Power Pay Per Head does more than design a sportsbook website and software. The company ensures that its products are user-friendly. As you use the best price per head sportsbook solutions, you will notice that the website and software are designed with the end user in mind.

In other words, your players will love the website layout, skins, design, and easy navigation. Bettors will also love the conveniently placed bet slip that lets them quickly pick their options and place their wagers.

As for bookies, they will love how every function is conveniently placed to allow quick access. The site uses familiar tags, allowing first-time bookies to recognize and use various features. Ideally, you and your clients will face no complications using a Power Pay Per Head betting platform.


This pay per head shop is not short of employees. The company has hired enough experts that you can get a dedicated account manager to help run your sportsbook.

Suppose you want to change your vig percentage. Instead of calling general customer support agents who would then connect you with a manager, you can send a direct message to your manager.

The manager ensures that your lines are correct and up-to-date to the last second and that your business is running smoothly. Yet, the manager does not take complete control over your operations. You can decide how much you let the company run your business.


Power Pay Per Head team comprises former bookies and other experts holding degrees in gambling-related courses. The company does not run its best price per head sportsbook solutions based on guesswork. Every bit of their service is well thought out.

Considering that the solutions are offered by former bookie agents who are still in touch with the industry, they develop the right features. They understand bookies’ problems and bettors’ needs and strive to make it better for both.

Therefore, you will find valuable tools to help run your sports betting business. Your clients will love every bit of the product you offer them. Ideally, having experts running the Power Pay Per Head site has helped the team design the right products and services for its clients.


Another reason Power Pay Per Head is said to have the best price per head sportsbook solutions is its unmatched customer support. Bookies need to provide customer support to their clients. It is one of the requirements that bettors want to find in a bookie.

A lack of customer support is a reason for a bettor to ignore your platform. You see, bettors understand the possibility of encountering issues on an online sportsbook. Therefore, they want to know they can get support whenever they face a problem.

Yet, you cannot be available around the clock to give your clients solutions. You will need time to rest, work your other job, find clients for your bookie, analyze reports, and spend time with your family. Even when you try to spread yourself thin, you cannot be on the clock working 24/7.

Fortunately, Power Pay Per Head has a team of customer agents that rotate around the clock. That way, your clients can get solutions at night or day, 365 days a year.

Notably, the company has some of the best customer support representatives. They are American and speak native English, ensuring smooth communication.


How do you feel about offering sports betting markets throughout the year? You can provide Mad Madness bets in March and National Football League wagers from August, tennis, hockey, baseball, soccer, and many other sports.

Power Pay Per Head has ensured that your clients have a betting market for wagering any time they log in. Whether at night or day, on weekdays, weekends, holidays, or any other day, your players can always look forward to entertainment on your platform.

The best part is that the PPH site features different leagues. For example, you will find betting lines for the English Premier League, La Liga, UEFA, and other local soccer leagues. Moreover, you will find several betting markets for various college events.


Management tools are another reason Power Pay Per Head is voted the best price per head sportsbook solutions provider. These have helped most bookies become top choices in their respective jurisdictions.

Each tool provided by the company is designed to make bookmaking easier and more profitable. For example, you can use a player management tool to see a player’s balance, status, wagered amount, money lost or won by the player, and other similar data.

You can also use another tool to ensure your bookie is not losing money. For example, you can use a layoff account to wager at another sportsbook and earn money to pay for steam bets on your platform.


Power Pay Per Head offers its best price per head sportsbook solutions at a low price. Instead of charging $60 per player or other exaggerated fees, the site provides its services at a much lower price.

You can use the company’s services for free for several weeks. The site does not ask for an upfront fee to access its solutions. Instead, you will get log-in rights, allowing you to create player profiles for your clients to start taking bets.

The best price per head sportsbook solutions start and end at Power Pay Per Head. The company has the best sports betting solutions for bookies. From a betting platform to software, betting markets, a free trial period, and customer support, Power Pay Per Head solutions reflect bookies’ needs.

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