The Fundamentals of Price Per Head

2 April 2022
The Fundamentals of Price Per Head
The Fundamentals of Price Per Head

Gambling has been part of human culture for hundreds of years. For a long time, people have been betting to pass the time, relax from their ordinary daily lives, jump-start their adrenaline, or use some of the money they have spared. When it all started, gamblers did not have many preferences and had a murky understanding of the price per head.

Over time, people have realized that they want to make their gambling more exciting. That is why bookies are moving online to meet gamblers’ needs. Yet, launching a traditional sportsbook is expensive.

Price Per Head Fundamentals

Fortunately, bookies can use a pay per head solution to launch their betting business online. So, if you are interested in launching a bookie with pay per head solution, it is essential to know the fundamentals. Below, we look at the basics of price per head that will appeal to your clients and help you grow your business.

Customized Website Design

You must have seen how common, and identical the sportsbook’s user interface on the internet is. Joining the industry with the same ordinary and identical user interface sportsbook software is risky. That is why the price per head software comes with customized website designs.

These websites match your needs, styles, target audience, and market requirements. Usually, you would need to hire a website developer to design a site according to your preferences. This would cost you a lot of time and money.

However, a price per head solution provider already has several websites that they can customize for you. In other words, it would take a few hours to launch your bookie with a customized website design.


Whether you are an amateur or have used pay per head solutions before, understanding and using this software is easy. All you need is to login into your account and follow the navigation menu. For example, if you want to see players’ accounts, you can click a menu with a similar tag to access them.

A price per head interface is designed to allow bookies to complete their management tasks hassle-free and have fun doing it. Moreover, the bookie’s back end is separated from the players’ front end. So, you will find only the necessary tools on the clients’ side and useful tools on the bookie’s side.

Also, a pay per head platform loads quickly on your browser. Ideally, players and bookie agents should feel like using a responsive top-notch gambling platform and understand the tags used to define various tools and features embedded in the pay per head software.

Wide Selection of Sports

Another fundamental of a price per head is all sports events. In other words, a good pay per head must feature sports events globally.
From National Football League to high school minor leagues, a pay per head offers all forms of gambling. Apart from American football, the PPH software should feature basketball leagues, tennis, golf, hockey, volleyball, baseball, soccer, Olympics, MMA, boxing, motor racing, and others.

Having a wide sports selection is advantageous for you and your clients. With many sports in your sportsbook, you provide numerous bets, translating to more profit.

On the other hand, players enjoy betting on thousands of events throughout the year. It is a win for you because you can make more profit and a win for clients. After all, they can enjoy wagering as long as they need.

More than 250,000 Sports Bets

Imagine how much profit you can make by offering over 250,000 sports bets throughout the year. With 250,000 sports bets spread across the year, you can make a minimum of between $5,000 and $10,000 in profit.

A pay per head provider such as Power Pay Per Head features over 100 leagues in different sports. So, you can expect to offer over 250,000 bets to your clients.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

As a bookie, you’ll encounter a diverse range of players who use various devices such as iPhones, Android phones, tablets, Mac computers, laptops, and Windows phones. If your pay per head software is limited to only Android devices, you risk losing potential clients who prefer other devices.

However, the best pay per head software is designed to be fully compatible with all devices, ensuring players can effortlessly place bets using their preferred technology. Additionally, bookie agents can enjoy the flexibility of managing their business on any device that suits their needs.

For instance, while you relax in a bar, you can quickly check your lines using your phone. Alternatively, at home, you can rely on your laptop with its larger screen to analyze reports and make informed decisions. An ideal pay per head software should be adaptive and responsive, catering to users’ preferences regardless of the device they have at hand.

By offering a seamless user experience across all devices, your bookie business can attract a broader clientele and provide unparalleled convenience for both players and agents. This adaptability and accessibility are key factors in driving success and growth in the competitive world of bookmaking.

Menu and Wagering Options

Having a menu and wagering options on your price per head is integral, especially for your clients. A menu helps clients to navigate through your sportsbook.

So, instead of scrolling through a platform to find something, a client can go to the menu and open their preferred page. This saves time for players and eliminates the need for them to contact customer support.

Another fundamental is wagering options. When players log in to your platform, they want to find multiple betting markets featuring various bet types. These include Moneyline, totals, over/under, futures, parlays, props, teasers, straight, and point spread.

The good thing about pay per head wagering options is that they are available in languages that your clients understand. For example, bettors in the USA refer to Moneyline totals as totals while the rest of the world refers to them as over/under. So, depending on your target market, you can use the most preferred tag for various wagering options.

Unified Player Account Management

Efficient player account management plays a pivotal role in driving business growth. By utilizing advanced player account management tools, you gain valuable insights into your clients’ activities, ensuring they enjoy an unparalleled betting experience.

These tools enable you to track your clients’ betting patterns and preferences, allowing you to identify their favored betting areas and make well-informed decisions on catering to their needs. With a large client base, unified player account management tools prove invaluable as they streamline the process of understanding your players’ preferences without the need for analyzing individual accounts separately.

Ultimately, these comprehensive tools centralize and simplify the management process, empowering you to oversee everything from a single, convenient location. By harnessing the power of player account management, you can enhance customer satisfaction, retain existing players, and attract new ones, fueling the growth and success of your bookie business.

Hourly, Weekly, Yearly Player, and Business Reports

Every business relies on reports to make progressive decisions. You can get hourly, weekly, or yearly reports on your players and other business sections with a price per head software.

Suppose you want to find out how much players have spent. You can generate a report showing how much you have received and paid out.

Reports can show you where your business is doing good and where to improve. Remember, these are up-to-date reports whose data you can rely on.

Multilingual User Interface Support

Another crucial characteristic of a pay per head software is multilingual support and user interface. If you plan to offer your betting services in different countries, remember to ensure that your bookie’s user interface is multilingual.

That way, players can change the language to their preferred option, betting their experience on your platform. But, if you offer your betting services to Americans, you do not need to have a multilingual bookie interface.

The same applies to customer support. If you have international clients, have customer representatives that understand your client’s native language.

Multi-Currency Transaction and Payment Methods

Some players want to use USD, while others prefer EUR, JPY, GBP, KOR, and others. Suppose your target market is America. One of your advertising pointers would be that your bookie accepts USD.

If you are targeting another country, you need to consider their preferred currency. Today, players are choosing cryptocurrencies too. So, you must offer cryptocurrencies as a deposit and withdrawal option on your bookie.

Ideally, give your clients various payment and currency options because they love to choose. Fortunately, price per head platforms allow multi-currencies and support several payment methods.

Top-Notch Security Framework

An essential aspect of a price per head service is a cutting-edge security system. In the realm of online betting, player information is highly sensitive, encompassing financial data, personal details like names, addresses, and emails, among others.

As a bookie, it is your paramount responsibility to deliver a secure and protected betting platform, safeguarding players’ data from any malicious misuse.

Additionally, bookies must have a clear and comprehensive data policy in place, outlining the proper and responsible use of the data shared with them.

By prioritizing top-notch security measures and transparent data policies, you can instill trust and confidence in your players, making your bookie service a preferred choice for a safe and enjoyable betting experience.

Full-Time Customer Support

Both the bookie and his clients will need customer support. Considering that a bookie runs his services 24/7, he needs customer support around the clock. Fortunately, pay per head solution providers offer full-time customer support.

Communication channels differ from one PPH provider to another. But, they may include a live chat feature, phone, email, contact form, telegram, and other communication channels. Usually, pay per head has separate communication channels for bookies from gamblers.

Affordable Cost

Launching and operating a bookie is expensive. So, when you decide to use a pay per head solution, the provider should quote much less running capital.

Fortunately, a pay per head solution costs much less. Moreover, you only pay the agreed fee when clients wager. For example, you can pay $10 every week for each player.

This amount is much less than the millions it would cost you to launch and run your bookie. Suppose you have used $100000 to launch your bookie and only get 20 clients. This is not cost-effective compared to paying $10*20 every week if they place bets.

Get The Best Price Per Head Services

There are many ways that you can benefit from using a price per head solution, including the items listed above. Notably, you start benefiting from these features immediately after you launch your bookie. So, without wasting any more time, call Power Pay Per Head to get a price per head software.

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