How To Start a Pay Per Head Sportsbook in Your Area

23 March 2022
How To Start a Pay Per Head Sportsbook in Your Area

Starting a pay per head sportsbook is easy. It is even easier with the help of Power Pay Per Head. So many people open a sportsbook and close soon after because they missed something.

We do not want you to be one of the bookies that launch and close shortly after. We want you to be #1. Being in the industry for over 16 years gives us the skills and knowledge necessary to start and operate a pay per head sportsbook. Ideally, this guide will help you launch and become a successful sportsbook.

Understand the Gambling Industry

The gambling market comprises sports betting, playing casino games, poker, horse racing betting, bingo, and lottery. So, before you start a pay per head sportsbook, you need to decide which area to focus on.

While at it, consider your target clients. Do they want to wager on sports, or horses, or play casino, bingo, or lottery? Look at the sector that is likely to build your wealth over time.

For example, most states have lotteries offering thousands of dollars. State lotteries are more popular than online lotteries, which means that residents are likely to choose state lotteries over their offer.

Look at sports betting and its huge growing lovers. Most experts predict that the number of sports bettors will continue to grow. So, you can join the sports betting market because it is snowballing.

Alternatively, you can offer sports betting, a casino, poker, etc. But, you must have the right technology to support an online sportsbook of such capacity. Also, you must have individual bankrolls for sports betting, casinos, poker, and others.

Find the Legality Of Gambling in Your Area

Most jurisdictions have started to loosen up gambling regulations. So, it is highly likely that your state has legalized gambling. But, find everything about it.

You can talk to existing bookies in your area. Ask them what legal documents they have and other licensing information.

In case you cannot find a bookie, ask your pay per head sportsbook software provider whether they have bookies in your area. Enquire about how those bookies operate and their legality.

Find Whether You Have What It Takes To Become a Sportsbook

The other step is finding whether you have what it takes. You can ask yourself several questions to determine whether you were made an entrepreneur. Some of these include:

  • Do you know some math? Can you do probability math?
  • Do you have the funds?
  • What bookmaking skills or knowledge do you have?
  • What risks can you take for your business?

You might be wondering why you need to know some math to become a bookie. Remember, your provider gives up control over the platform whenever you want. So, it is up to you to set lines and do other bookmaking tasks.

Therefore, it is essential to have some math skills. Moreover, you need to know your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly profits. This is the only way to tell whether you are making profits or not.

Speaking of bookmaking skills, your pay per head sportsbook software provider can run your bookie. But you can always take control and run it yourself. Therefore, you need bookmaking skills, including setting lines, managing player accounts, finding new clients, etc.

The last part is risk management. Venturing into the sports betting business is a risk in itself. But, you must be willing to take it.

You also need to understand that new bookies take pretty dangerous risks, which are unhealthy for your business. For example, new bookies give too much edge. Unfortunately, this can turn against your business so quickly. Despite being a new pay per head sportsbook, it does not skew odds for clients.

Another risk sportsbooks take is offering prop bets too soon. While prop bets are a good way to earn huge profits in a short while, you could lose your sportsbook when you offer a poorly timed prop bet.

Another risk bookies take is taking more action on their favorite side. Although you might be a fan of a particular team, running a sportsbook needs you to be unbiased.

Contrary to this, you might take more action on a bad line and lose a lot of your bankroll. Instead, you need to balance your book.

Funding Your Pay Per Head Sportsbook

Indeed, starting a pay per head sportsbook does not require a large initial capital investment compared to traditional sportsbooks. The pay per head model allows you to access a comprehensive betting platform, sportsbook software, and bookmaking tools at a fixed fee per active player.

While the pay per head provider handles most of the operational aspects, it is essential to have some funds available to manage certain financial aspects of your sportsbook.

Deciding Whether To Become a Post Pay Or a Credit Bookie

Suppose you want to place a bet online. Most sportsbooks will require you to deposit your funds to place bets. This concept is called post-pay.

The alternative is placing a bet, usually weekly, and paying up your losses or collecting your winnings on a set date. A bookie sets a credit limit for individual players depending on their credibility.

A credit bookie works well with close friends and family or referrals. So, you can ask your friends to refer to their friends and vouch for them as credible bettors. Then, you can increase or lower someone’s credit depending on whether they are meeting requirements such as paying on time.

Credit bookies attract a significant number of bettors. But, you need to be careful to whom you give credit because some might not pay their debt.

Finding Clients

This is where the fun begins regarding starting a pay per head sportsbook. Finding clients is easy, especially with technology playing a major role.

You can go the traditional way by approaching target clients in your area. Do not call a meeting to sign up new clients.

Instead, approach individual clients and talk them into using your platform to place wagers. Offer them good incentives so that they can choose your sportsbook over local or offshore bookies.

Another way of finding clients is by attending sports functions, including tailgates. These events are filled with people who breathe and live sports. So, they would gladly want to place bets on their favorite sports with you.

Also, you can market your sportsbook online. You can hire an SEO agency to market your platform if you have enough funds. Alternatively, you can use social media to reach potential targets.

Consider Partnering With an Existing Bookie

Leverage Lucrative Opportunities: Partner with a Variety of Bookies to Boost Your Customer Base. Access a Wealth of Potential Clients by Collaborating with Small Bookies during High Seasons such as the National Football League and March Madness.

While these bookies briefly suspend their services until the events’ return, their clientele seeks alternative betting avenues. Foster strategic alliances by showcasing how these bookies can generate steady profits all year long, beyond just a few months. Enhance your chances of success by convincing them to unite with you and enjoy mutual benefits.

Finding a Pay Per Head Shop

This is the most crucial step in starting a pay per head sportsbook. If you do it wrong, all other steps you took above would be meaningless. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing the ideal pay per head provider.

There are several ways of eliminating hundreds of providers to remain with your right partner. Here are some factors to consider:

  • The expertise of a pay per head shop
  • The quality of PPH sportsbook software
  • Bookmaking tools
  • The quality of the customer support
  • Dedicated resources for growing your business
  • Custom Website
  • Online and over-the-phone betting
  • Pay per head fee
  • Control over your lines and ability to make your rules
  • Agent support
  • Risk management tools

All these are essential to running a successful pay per head sportsbook. For example, you need bookmaking tools such as line mover, bet tracker, and mass editing tools. You also need control over your players so that you can limit their wager and payout amount to prevent bookie liability.

A pay per head solution provider also gives several risk management tools, such as a layoff account. Ideally, you need to find out how a PPH shop will help you start and run your sportsbook.

Launch Your Sportsbook

The last step is launching your sportsbook. Your pay per head sportsbook software provider will give you several website templates. Choose your most preferred. Look at all the bet markets you want to offer to your local clients.

For example, if you want to offer sports betting, find out whether the sportsbook software features popular sports, including American football, baseball, hockey, soccer, volleyball, tennis, golf, etc. Find other tools on the software. Unfortunately, a quick look might not be enough to verify whether the PPH shop is right for you.

Fortunately, some brands, such as Power Pay Per Head, offer a trial period. You can launch your sportsbook and start taking action without paying the weekly fee.

As we said, starting a pay per head bookie is easy. But, there is more information to it.

With the above guide, you should be able to choose your PPH shop correctly, find clients, and offer them ideal services without hassle. You can always talk to Power Pay Per Head for a personalized approach to launching your sportsbook.

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