Building a Sportsbook Website

6 April 2022
Building a Sportsbook Website
Building a Sportsbook Website

In today’s tech-driven world, building a sportsbook website is no longer limited to millionaires. Thanks to technological advancements, you can now build a bookie website without exhausting all your resources.

However, merely having a sportsbook website isn’t enough to attract and retain bettors anymore. With a vast number of bookies building similar, uninspiring platforms, you need to stand out from the crowd and become the preferred sportsbook destination.

This comprehensive guide on building a sportsbook website will show you the right way to do it, resulting in nothing short of excellence. Not only will you be delighted with the outcome, but your clients will also love the exceptional experience you provide. Don’t settle for a basic website; take the steps to create a cutting-edge sportsbook platform that sets you apart from the competition and captures the hearts of your valued clients.

Choose A Niche For Betting

Choosing a niche for betting is selecting the sports you wish to offer on which your clients can place bets. This should be based on your market target. For example, if you want to open a sportsbook in Europe, you must offer bets on soccer because it is popular in the region.

If you want to offer your services to Americans, consider offering bets on American football. A particular sport can be popular in one region and not another. Therefore, you need to consider your clients when choosing a niche.

Ideally, you need to offer your clients what they want. Choosing a niche can help you make other decisions regarding building a sportsbook website. For example, you might want to design your website focusing on American football to appeal to your clients.

Yet, you are not limited to offering bets on one sport. If you want to compete with other sportsbooks, you need to offer bets on virtually all sports. That way, you have the same grounds as other sportsbooks because you are not disadvantaged in your betting markets.

You can find the popularity of a sport on Google Trends. Launch Google Trends and type in the sports name and bets.

Then, choose the region you are targeting and track at least a year. When inputting the key phrases to get accurate data, remember to use a local language.

Consider The Features You Want to Be Added to the Sportsbook Website

When designing a sportsbook website, you have to consider your and your clients’ needs. For example, you want a frontend page separated from your backend page such that you and your clients only access what is important to you.

In other words, you do not want your clients to have access to your financial reports or administration dashboard. Having only one side of the platform will crowd the page. But, you can build a separate betting platform where clients can only access betting markets, their accounts, and things that relate to them.

Relevant Features for Clients

The frontend part should have a sign-up and a login button. This will authorize clients to log in by providing their details, including a username and password.

Another feature that should be included is for choosing bet markets. For example, you can create a tab for each sport, upcoming matches, and live matches. This should allow more straightforward navigation, allowing clients to find what they want in seconds.

Other things that might be included here include payment methods, customer support communication channels, licensing information, and a statistics page. You can also have a FAQ page and links to other crucial pages, including data policy.

Features for a Bookie Agent

A bookie agent also needs a way to follow and manage the action on their platform. Therefore, it is crucial to have a login panel.

If more than one person runs the bookie, there should be a way to limit rights. For example, your employees can log in on the same dashboard as you. But, they should not be able to change your settings or access crucial information.

The administrative dashboard should also have player and risk management tools, fraud detectors, and other tools necessary for running a bookie. Overall, consider the features you and your clients would need on sportsbook software to entertain your clients and make your operations easier.

Create a Design for Your Website

The first thing your clients will recognize is the design of your sportsbook website. They will want to discover your products and services if your site is appealing.

Therefore, you must create a unique, flawless, and interactive user interface to capture bettors’ attention and encourage them to sign up and wager with you.

Fortunately, you already know what features you need to be added to the website and your target clients. So, mirror these features and your client’s needs when building a sportsbook website.

Find a professional who has designed sportsbook websites before. Look at their past work and determine whether they are right for you.

Apply For A License Or Choose A Development Approach

Having a sportsbook website must correspond with a license. Your clients will want to know if you are a licensed bookie or a random website trying to con them. Bettors trust a sportsbook with their money based on whether or not they have a license.

Therefore, you must apply for a license from the jurisdiction you wish to offer your services. Moreover, the region must have legal gambling for you to get a license. For example, you cannot apply for a Utah license because the state has yet to legalize gambling.

The application for a license is long and tedious. Unfortunately, it is not a guarantee that you will get the license.

Fortunately, you can take your sportsbook elsewhere and remain accessible to your target clients. This involves getting a license from Curacao, the Isle of Man, Costa Rica, or other offshore regulators.

Having an offshore license will not rob you of your clients. Remember, players, are more interested in offshore sportsbooks because they have better offerings.

The other alternative is to partner with a pay per head provider. This will give you a ready sportsbook website, and you do not need to go through the hassle of getting a license.

Select Payment Providers

Another thing you need to consider when building a sportsbook website is payment methods. You need to agree with various online payment processors to allow your clients to transact money through their platforms.

You need to consider the popularity of a payment processor, convenience, safety, fees, and timeliness. Remember, your clients want to quickly and safely deposit their funds and withdraw their winnings.

Find both FIAT and cryptocurrency payment methods. This will give your clients varied choices. Some clients prefer to use safe and anonymous cryptocurrency methods over credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets.

Consider Security Measures

You cannot bargain about the security of your clients or your platform. Your website must be up and running 24/7 throughout the year, ensuring that clients can access it all the time.

Therefore, you need to consider the security of servers. You also need to assure your clients of their data safety. Have data policies and invest in SSL encryption technology to protect your clients’ data and financial transactions.

Choose the Right Software, Configurable With Your Website

Another thing you need to do while building a sportsbook website is to get sportsbook software. You need to configure the software and integrate it with your website to run your betting services.

Also, you must carefully evaluate the value of sportsbook software. The software you choose will determine business success.

It must be user-friendly and contain all the necessary functions for your clients and you. The software should simplify running a bookie business. It should also automate some processes.

Get your software from a pay per head provider. That way, you are assured of the quality of the software. You also eliminate the need to hire software experts to upgrade the program from time to time. Instead, the provider is responsible for everything regarding maintaining and upgrading the software at no extra cost.

Launch Your Sportsbook Website

You have developed a sportsbook website and incorporated software and other systems. Your website is ready to work.

Therefore, go ahead and click the launch button. You can start with a soft launch, allowing a few clients to wager and withdraw their funds. Use this period to fix bugs and other things you might have missed to personalize.

Skip All the Above And Let Your Pay Per Head Provider Do The Work

You can skip all the above steps and delegate these responsibilities to a pay per head provider. If you are new to sports gambling, you might feel intimidated to build and launch a bookie.

Fortunately, a pay per head provider can take the roles or guide you through them. This ensures that you do not walk this road alone. Instead, you get a guide whose goal is to see you launch and grow a bookie.

A pay per head provider can design a sportsbook website, update and maintain the betting software, bookmaking tools, customer support, payment system, and everything you need to launch a bookie. You can use one of the ready betting templates, which is as good as a customized sportsbook website.

You have several advantages working with a pay per head provider. Instead of spending thousands even before you launch your bookie, you can offer your services, earn a profit, and use it to pay the price per head fee. Contact Power Pay Per Head, the top-ranked bookie partner, to initiate the process of building a sportsbook website that you desire and deserve.

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