Top Bookmaker Software In Alabama

8 April 2022
Top Bookmaker Software In Alabama
Top Bookmaker Software In Alabama

Alabama has a strict prohibition on gambling. As of April 5, 2022, all bills meant to expand gambling had failed, limiting the state to pari-mutuel betting and bingo, legalized in 1973. This makes it the best time for you to launch an offshore betting platform with the best bookmaker software.

Bettors are interested in more than pari-mutuel betting. That is where you come in. You can offer fixed odds betting, sports betting, or any other concept with sportsbook software.

Below, we look at the characteristics of good sportsbook software. We will also teach you how to choose software that gives your clients the best experience and makes you more money.

Qualities And Features To Look For When Getting A Bookmaker Software

As previously mentioned, the gambling landscape in Alabama operates under strict regulations, resulting in a scarcity of betting avenues and limited entertainment opportunities for residents.

If you intend to establish a bookie venture catering to the Alabama populace, your chosen bookmaker software must incorporate elements that cater to their specific needs. Here, we present a list of 15 essential attributes to prioritize while seeking the optimal software solution:

1. Sleek And Modern Website

Your sportsbook software will work perfectly while integrated into a website. However, you cannot use any random website. Instead, the website should be customized to help you target Alabamians.

Your target clients should feel like the website is native from the moment they set their eyes on it. The website should also be sleek and modern to meet today’s bettors’ needs.

Therefore, ask your software provider to customize the website to meet Alabamian’s needs. Gather information about the residents if you are not from the state and incorporate their style into the website.

2. 100 Percent Yearly Uptime

An online sportsbook faces many challenges, including security. An agent must ensure that his sportsbook is tightly secured to prevent any downtime. Some of the things a software engineer can do to ensure 100 percent yearly uptime include using DDOS, industry-grade security technology, and a triple-redundant internet connection.

3. User Friendly

Imagine losing your clients because your platform is hard to use. When you have a perfect market, you should do everything to maximize your profits.

One way of doing this is by having a user-friendly betting platform. Ensure that the software has the functions needed by your clients and you. Also, ensure the site is laid out perfectly to promote smooth navigation.

Also, the user interface language should be English. The software should be multilingual if you want to expand your business in the future. But, ensure it features the native language of your clients.

4. Compatible With All Devices

Half of the world’s population access websites solely on their phones. This number is predicted to grow to 72 percent by 2025. This data shows that half of your clients will access your sportsbook on their phones while the other half on their desktops.

Therefore, it is crucial to address both categories. Ensure the bookmaker software is optimized for mobile and desktop devices. Also, confirm that different operating systems are compatible with the software.

For example, test the software on Samsung to LG and other Android phones. Also, open the sportsbook on different versions of iPhones, Mac, Windows phones, and Android tablets.

5. Wide Selection Of Payment Methods

It should be hassle-free for your clients to fund their accounts and withdraw their winnings. With many gambling restrictions in Alabama, it would help to choose payment methods that clients can use conveniently. Find credit and debit card companies that would process gambling money to your platform.

Also, talk to several e-wallet processors to partner with you. Whichever decision you make about payment methods, you must have cryptocurrencies. These are the safest and most convenient payment methods.

6. Numerous Types Of Sports

A top sportsbook software should have numerous sports betting markets. Your target clients comprise football, basketball, tennis, hockey, cricket, soccer, the Olympics, and local and international events fans.

So, your software should have all these markets to appeal to different clients. Having many sports betting markets has several advantages. For example, you can make more money because you have more markets to offer bets on.

Another advantage is that it increases player engagement. Suppose you have two sports markets on your platform.

Players would take a few minutes to go through the market and log out. But, with over 20 sports, players can take 15 to hours to scroll through the matches to find other exciting events to wager on.

7. Many Betting Options

Players have many betting options to play from Moneylines, goals, totals, over/under, future, parlays, teasers, point spread, and others. The more you provide, the better.

One bet type limits your clients to one option, which means they wager only once per match. But, when you have several options, you allow your clients to choose and bet more. Ensure your software has many betting options to increase your chances of earning more money.

8. Customer Support

Considering that Alabama is yet to legalize all forms of gambling, it would mean you host your bookie offshore. There might be a time difference depending on where you host it. Despite that, you should be available to respond to clients’ questions all the time.

A good bookmaker software should come with customer support for bookie agents and bettors around the clock. Customer representatives should be English native speakers, professional, and knowledgeable about your operations.

9. Localized Betting System

Another quality of good sportsbook software is localization. Alabamian clients want something different from what bettors in Europe want. Therefore, you cannot offer both markets the same product.

The market for the software should reflect what your clients need. The bet types and tags should be what Americans know them as. Ideally, everything about the software should be customized for Alabamians.

10. State-Of-The-Art Security

The software should be laced with multiple security measures to protect bookies’ activities and clients’ data. Players’ information is sensitive.

Therefore, it is important to use the latest technology to protect personal data, especially when cyber attacks have become a menace. Apart from firewalls and SSL encryption, the software should be laced with multiple security measures to prevent any possible attack.

11. Affordable Payment Plan

There are three primary ways you can pay for the sportsbook software. The first is where you pay a one-time, flat fee to transfer ownership from the software developer to yourself.

This has several advantages and disadvantages. For example, you cannot get a free software update.

The second payment plan is a subscription where you pay a fixed fee every month. For example, the provider can ask for a commission every month whether you have active clients or not.

The best option is pay per head payment plan. This is where you pay a certain amount for active players. So, if you have no players wagering, you cannot pay the fee.

12. Live Betting

Betting on ongoing matches is vital to today’s bettors. It is one of the things a player has to find out whether you offer before they create an account with you.

As a bookie, you should provide clients with what they want. That thing is live betting.

Considering that live betting requires rare technology, you might not be able to offer live bets for all events. But, you can find software hosting at least 25,000 live markets in a year.

13. Digital Casino

Another thing your bookmaker software can have is a digital casino. Alabama has several land-based casinos. However, not every resident can manage to go to a local casino to play.

So, if you were to launch an online casino focusing on getting Alabama clients, you would fill your client list within days. If this is something you want, ensure the sportsbook software has a digital casino.

Also, confirm whether you can get a live casino and who would power it. Live dealer casinos provide your clients with interactive gaming opportunities with other players.

14. Racebook

Alabamians would likely love to wager on horse racing at Birmingham Race Course, located in Birmingham, Alabama, among other prestigious races in the country and internationally. With a racebook platform, you can provide your clients with bets on horses throughout the year.

15. Reports

Business CFOs use information derived from reports to manage risks and make decisions for their businesses. Similarly, a bookie agent also needs reports to propel his business in the right direction.

Some of the reports a bookie uses include players’ betting history, spending, profits, losses, performing and non-performing markets, and much more. Software that can generate reports is a goldmine. It will help you avoid risks and guide you toward making more money.

Win With A Top Bookmaker Software in Alabama

Building a betting business in Alabama is easy with the right bookmaker software. Notably, you should work with a pay per head provider to avoid legal repercussions that would lead to the closure of your business and a high fine or jail time.

When you work with Power Pay Per Head, you can safely offer your services to Alabamians. If you do not want to run the operations, you can focus on finding clients and referring them to your platform. You will still keep all the profits after subtracting the pay per head fee.

Start winning by using the best sportsbook software to run your betting services in Alabama. Call Power Pay Per Head at 855-492-6007 to get the software.

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