Top 3 Best PPH Sites

1 April 2022
Top 3 Best PPH Sites

Do you want to become your own boss and run your business anywhere with an internet connection and computer devices? You can become a sportsbook using a solution from one of the best PPH sites. Fortunately, there are many of these pay per head sites.

The only downside is that you cannot tell whether a pay per head site is ideal for you or not just by looking at it. If you want to partner with the best PPH provider, you need to look deeper into the characteristics of the product and services offered by the company. We have simplified the job for you by reviewing the three best PPH sites you can use.

#1: Power Pay Per Head

Power Pay Per Head is one of the best PPH sites. This site has been around for 16 years, helping profitless bookies become profitable. The site also excels at providing the appropriate features, tools, and services that bookie agents need and bet markets and offers that clients want.

For a few bucks per player, Power Pay Per Head runs your bookie efficiently, ensuring that you get generous profits. Here are some things that make Power Pay Per Head top the list of the best PPH sites.

High Hold Percentage

Hold percentage is the amount a bookie earns from each bet. for example, you can find a sportsbook whose odds for a favorite team are -110. This means that a bettor has to wager $100 to earn $100. The $10 is the profit that the bookie makes.

Various games have different hold percentages. While 10 percent is the standard hold percentage, it can be lower or higher depending on an event, sports, or a bookie. Whichever the case, Power Pay Per Head ensures that the hold percentage for each game is high enough to allow bookies to make profits quickly while retaining their clients too.

Extensive Payment Methods

Power Pay Per Head has several payment methods for agents to pay player fees and receive players’ wager money. These include e-Checks, gift cards, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and credit/debit cards.

Ideally, this pay per head site has partnered with safe, convenient, and globally recognized payment processors. Clients can choose their preferred banking option to fund their accounts or get their winnings.

Mobile and Desktop Friendly Platform

Another thing that makes Power Pay Per Head the best pay per head site is that its software is optimized for each mobile and desktop device. Whether you want to manage your bookie on the phone or want to place a bet, you can launch the platform on your mobile browser or desktop and complete your task without hassle.

Navigating through the site is easy, whether on the phone or desktop. Players can quickly scroll to their favorite sport or event, select their odds and place bets with one click. Notably, all embedded tools in the pay per head software work perfectly on all devices.

24/7 Access To a Call Center

Power Pay per Head also boasts about its unmatched customer support for bookie agents and clients. Whether you have a problem setting lines or your players are having trouble withdrawing their winnings, this site’s customer representatives are readily available to solve issues.

Numerous Betting Markets and Bet Types

Think about all the bets your clients can make in a year. With an extensive list of quality betting markets and bet types, you can expect your clients to bet throughout the year. This is because the PPH site features sports throughout the year.

So, if it is not hockey, your clients can wager on March Madness followed by Soccer and American football. This means your clients are busy wagering every day. As for the bet types, they can choose from Moneyline bets, straight bets, parlays, futures, over/under, and many others.

Free Trial Period

Did you know you can confirm whether Power Pay Per Head has the right offers for you? Now you know. You can confirm by subscribing for the free trial period of between two and six weeks.

Useful Reports

Another useful feature of this pay per head software reports. Bookies can use these to make better decisions on what action to take.
For example, if you contemplate expanding your operations, you can look at financial reports to determine your earnings. Then, you can decide whether the money you have is enough to create a bigger bankroll to support extra clients.

Casino and Racebook Platforms

If you want to add to your sports betting platform, you can offer casino games and horse racing bets to your clients. These platforms are integrated into your website so that your players can use single login data to sign in.

Technical Support

The last crucial feature Power Pay Per Head offers is technical support. Considering that you have an online website susceptible to attacks and needs maintenance and upgrades, Power Pay Per Head has a team for that. This team continually maintains your site and performs various upgrades so that your website is up-to-date.

#2: Leader Pay Per Head

Leader Pay Per Head is one of the PPH pioneers. With around 11 years in the industry, Leader Pay Per Head has become one of the best PPH sites providing bookies with incredible bookmaking tools. Some of these include:

Hold Percentage

We will start by looking at the hold percentage because it is the primary way bookies make money. So, Leader Pay Per Head does not play when it comes to holding percentage. The only downside is that the hold percentage range is not consistent.

So, the PPH site can offer a 3 percent hold percentage during one week and 10 percent during another week. Unfortunately, the hold percentage for most weeks is between 3 and 6 percent.

However, this is a good hold percentage because most other bookies use it as the standard. Moreover, it is better to get 3 percent continually than 10 percent once in a few months.

Payment Methods

Leader Pay Per Head offers credit/debit card options and e-wallets. Unfortunately, the site has not adopted cryptocurrencies that more players are choosing for anonymity reasons.

Betting Markets

This pay per head shop also excels at providing incredible betting markets. It features popular sports, including soccer, American football, tennis, hockey, volleyball, and basketball, and newer markets such as motor racing.

Cross-Platform Software

Another advantage of using this pay per head site is that its software is compatible with different devices, including Windows, iPhones, Android, tablets, and laptops. This allows bookie agents and bettors to access their accounts from their preferred devices. Notably, every function, whether on the front-end or back-end, works perfectly on any device.

Full-Time Customer Service

Leader Pay Per Head also offers customer support to gamblers and agents. But, the communication channels for bettors are different from agents. However, the quality of customer support is top-notch regardless of whether you are a bookie agent or a bettor.

Technical Support

Lastly, this PPH shop ensures that your sportsbook is up and running without a hitch 24/7, 365 days. So, if you feel worried about website maintenance costs and expertise, you can relax knowing that Leader Pay Per Head has the best technical support on the clock.

#3: 254PPH

The last and one of the best PPH sites on our list is 254PPH. This is not a pioneer company but a shop with six years in the industry.
Surprisingly, the quality of service of this company feels like they are a pioneer. They have learned from the best and have dedicated their resources to educating new bookies and guiding them toward where money is. here are some of the features this shop has to offer:

Wide Range of Payment Methods

The first noticeable feature is the number of payment methods. Usually, PPH shops focus on providing gift cards, credit cards, and e-checks as payment methods.

Most shops avoid e-wallet options such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Maestro, and others. But, this is where 254PPH pays attention to. Besides credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and gift cards, 254PPH offers e-wallet payment methods too.

Betting Markets

Another noticeable thing about this site is the betting markets. Although they are similar to other PPH shops on this list, they are worth mentioning because most sites cannot offer more than five betting markets. Moreover, this brand has invested in live betting technology, which means your clients will enjoy wagering on ongoing events.

Customer Support

254PPH also has a customer support system available to agents 24/7 and players between 9 am and 10 pm. While your clients might not need support, it is essential to have the option of 24/7 customer service.

The good thing is bookie agents have access to full-time customer support. So, you can operate your bookie knowing that you can seek assistance in case of any hitch.

IT Experts

With experienced IT experts at 254PPH, you can trust that your site will never experience downtime. In fact, no bookie has ever complained about downtime while using 254PPH services.

As a new PPH site, this site ensures that its clients have no reason to doubt its capabilities. As such, you can expect a working website throughout the year.

There you have it, the three best PPH sites. If you want to launch your bookie business today, you can choose one of these.

However, Power Pay Per Head looks like a comprehensive package with features that will make running your bookie fun and help you make money. Contact the site at 855-492-6007 to get started.

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