Key Factors In Using a Pay Per Head Company

1 June 2022
Key Factors In Using a Pay Per Head Company
Key Factors In Using a Pay Per Head Company

If your goal is to run a successful bookie business, you need a quality pay per head solution. The price per head company can deal with the administrative aspect of the business while you focus on player management.

A pay per head company is a team of experts providing bookmaking solutions to bookies. The company offers customer service to bookie agents and bettors, betting markets, payment methods, and everything a bookie needs to start and run his business.

While there are many price per head companies, bookies often make several mistakes in choosing their partners. This has cost most bookies their business. With these ten key factors in choosing a PPH company, you can avoid disasters that can end your bookie operation even before you launch.

Key Factors

Company’s Experience And Time In The Industry

The first thing you need to find out is the company’s experience. an experienced company has the knowledge and skills to help grow your bookie. Notably, you need an expert’s skills, knowledge, and tools to launch and run a successful bookie.

Therefore, find out how much experience your price per head company has. You can ask other bookies to give their reviews, find sites that have reviewed the company, and read testimonials.

The information you gather can help you determine whether the PPH company has the experience you demand for your business.

Also, you need to find out how long the company has offered its services. Bookmaking services leave no room for guesswork. Therefore, you need a reliable company to partner with.

A price per player company if over ten years of experience is likely to continue offering its services. Meanwhile, you cannot tell the future of a company that launched its services a few weeks or months ago.

While you might not want players to direct similar judgment to you, there is no room for unreliability. You need a company that will walk with your business and prove that it has guided other bookies to successful expansion.

It’s Betting Options

Before you subscribe to a pay per player service, find the company’s betting options. You need a company that provides all the betting markets you hope to offer your clients.

For example, if your target is Alabama, your sportsbook should feature popular sports among Americans, including American football, baseball, basketball, tennis, and hockey. Moreover, the platform should feature college events.

Apart from that, it is crucial to have several international sports betting markets. Some of these include soccer, the Olympics, crickets, boxing, and others. This will provide your clients with a wide range of markets to wager on.

Moreover, your clients can explore your platform extensively compared to when your bookie has only one sport. Also, you can make much more money by receiving different vigorish from various sports.

24/7 Access To A Helpline

Even after comprehensive explanations, provision of essential resources, and various efforts, players often find their way to your inbox with inquiries. Regrettably, you cannot dismiss them, especially given the validity and urgency of their questions requiring resolution.

However, maintaining a constant 24/7/365 availability for addressing diverse concerns might be a challenge, potentially affecting your reputation as a reliable bookie.

Fortunately, the top-tier pay per head company features round-the-clock customer support tailored for both bettors and bookie agents. Typically, this company employs a team of skilled customer agents dedicated to manning the call center day and night.

Moreover, these customer representatives undergo thorough training, equipping them with comprehensive knowledge about your bookie business and the potential issues bettors might encounter during online play. Armed with this insight, these agents promptly attend to your bettors’ requirements, eliminating the need to sift through files for solutions.

Remember, bookies themselves might require customer support. It’s essential to understand that a price per player company can deliver immediate solutions, ensuring uninterrupted operations for your business.

Technical Support

Your bookie website and sportsbook software need continuous maintenance to ensure 100 percent uptime. By partnering with a PPH company, you do not have to hire engineers.

The price per player company should provide technical support for your bookie. That way, your bookie can be available online and protected from malicious programs and people.

Test Period

Investing in a pay per head company is a huge decision. The company determines your success and bettors’ satisfaction.

Therefore, you need to eliminate your doubts about a company before you can invest your hard-earned money in the PPH service. The best way to find out about a company is by testing its products and services. But, the conditions for testing the product might not be appealing.

You can ask about the conditions for testing a product. If it involves paying an upfront fee and other similar unfriendly conditions, avoid the company. Instead, choose a company that does not oblige you to deposit a specific amount to give you access to its sportsbook software.

Bookmaker Features

Several things must feature in your pay per player solution to achieve your goals. Some companies will provide the basic features, while others will add more to improve your experience.

When shopping for the pay per player company, ask about the features it provides. Ensure the company offers all the basic elements, including security measures, safe payment methods, automatic software updates, bet ticker, player management tools, and other bookmaking tools.

Having these features is crucial to your business’s success. For example, no player can place bets with you if they feel their security is on the line.

Also, you would not want software that does not automatically update itself. Why? You would need to pause your service for the pay per head company to update the software.

Find Out What Services The Pay Per Head Company Offers And The Fees

Another key factor to consider is the services the PPH company has to offer. Ask for clarification from the company so that you know your and the company’s responsibility.

For example, a company can offer betting markets, create lines, and adjust lines. Meanwhile, you have to recruit clients.

Ideally, you need to find out what your company will do. Understanding the company’s services will eliminate future disagreements.

You should also find out the service charges. Ask your company how much it will charge per player and other expenses they might impose.

Cross-Platform Compatibility Of PPH Software

With some of your clients being desktop users while others are smartphone users, you need PPH software that can launch on mobile and desktop devices. Before you can subscribe to the company’s services, find out whether the software works on all types of devices.

You can test the product during the trial period. Test the software on your mobile device. Remember to launch the bookie on different operating systems and phone brands. With a bookie website optimized for different devices, you can attract a wider range of clients.

The Reputation Of The Company

The reputation of a price per head company becomes your reputation when you subscribe to its services. Therefore, find whether the company has a bad or good history, how it solves clients’ problems, and everything regarding reputation. A company’s good reputation will go a long way in building your business.

Racebook, Digital, And Live Dealer Casino

Bookies can offer more than sports betting. They can also offer casino games and bets on horse racing. Although you might not offer these betting markets during the initial months since your launch, you will need them in the future after growing your bankroll.

When you have over 100 similar products to choose from, you have a confusing time finding the best. You might pick one and find out that another is better almost instantly. But, with the above 10 key factors, choosing the best pay per head company should be easier.

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