The Live Betting Pay Per Head Software Of Your Choice

17 January 2022
The Live Betting Pay Per Head Software Of Your Choice
The Live Betting Pay Per Head Software Of Your Choice

When sports betting became a thing
years ago, live betting in pay per head software was not part of it.
Even after online betting was invented, live betting remained a dream.
However, with several technological changes, sportsbooks can now offer
live betting.

Yet, not all bookmakers are
capable of offering the product. But, the pay per head software has made
significant steps towards ensuring that bookies can offer their clients
one of the most entertaining betting opportunities.


Giving Players More Betting Options

When live betting began, it
accounted for 20 percent of wagered bets. Today, most bookies believe
they account for 80 percent. Therefore, live betting is considered
essential for sports betting and bookie success.

In-play betting gives players more
betting options. This means that players not only bet two-three wagers
but more than five in one game.

For example, a player can place a
Moneyline bet before a game begins. Consecutively, they can place many
more bets once the game starts until the final whistle.


More Money In Your Pocket

When bettors increase their betting activity, it translates to higher profits
for you as a bookie. More bets placed on a single game lead to a larger hold
percentage, ultimately resulting in substantial profits for your bookie business.

Considering your goal of achieving financial freedom, it is crucial to offer
a product that appeals to bettors. In this case, live betting, also known as
in-play betting, is highly desirable to many players. However, implementing
live betting can be expensive due to the need for high-end technology capable
of keeping up with the fast-paced turns of events during a game.

Unfortunately, only a few bookies can afford such advanced technology.
Nevertheless, you can gain a competitive edge by leveraging pay per head software.
With a pay per head platform, you can access live betting features without the
burden of investing in costly technology yourself. The pay per head service
provider handles the technological aspects, enabling you to offer live
betting to your clients and capitalize on their increased interest in this
exciting betting option.


Gaining The Competitive Edge

We just mentioned that offering
live betting requires one of the best, most expensive techs. While this
saved many bookies from providing the product, and several others still
offer it.

Yet, you will find that most sportsbooks offer in-play betting on a small scale.

Instead of covering hundreds of
markets, these bookies offer live betting in a few markets, such as the
National Football League (NFL) and the National Basketball Association

Even so, you will still find these
markets are limited. For example, a bookie can cover ten matches of the
possible 70 games in the NBA league.

With reliable pay-per-head
software such as Power Pay Per Head, you should offer an extensive live
betting market. From soccer, football, hockey, baseball, and over 20
sports. Moreover, you can offer in-play bets of over 100 events across
various leagues.

With Power Pay Per Head software,
you get free bookie software for the first few weeks. You will also
notice reliable game odds across all matches.

For example, your bookie can offer
totals, spreads, props, and many other bets, giving your players a
chance to bet various types of bets. With this variety, your players can
choose whichever type of bet works for them.


Bookies Get Full Control Over The Live Betting Action

While there has to be a third party providing the live betting action to Pay Per Head, bookies still have complete control. Here are some of the things you can still do:


Set Wager Limits

Live betting is fast-paced action,
appealing to all sports betting enthusiasts. There is so much happening
at small intervals, and you could make a lot of money or lose it.
However, you can control what happens by setting bet limits.

For example, you can limit players to wagering a maximum of $10 per bet. That way, the payout cannot affect your bankroll.


Predetermine Minimum And Maximum Odds

Another thing you can control is the minimum and maximum odds. Considering that odds determine your payout, you can decide the maximum odds for in-play bets.


Decide Which Markets You Will Offer In-Play Betting

The best pay-per-head software
should cover as many bet markets as possible. However, you might not
have the bankroll to support all markets’ payouts.

For example, if 20 bettors in each
of the top sports win, you have to payout. This might cost money from
your bankroll if the losing bets cannot cover the winning.


Monitor Players Bets

It is crucial to stay ahead of your business. One way of doing this is monitoring your clients’ bets.

That way, you can track which bets
they are placing more, how much they are wagering, and so much more.
Depending on what you analyze, you can control what happens next.

For example, if a game is popular,
you will witness a lot of betting, even from professional bettors. As a
start-up bookie or small bookie, you might not be able to pay out huge
bets. You can prevent such a scenario by monitoring players’ bets and
the other tips described above.


How Much Does It Cost to Offer Live Betting?

Live betting is a goldmine.
Thus, some pay-per-head software providers add an extra cost for the
product. While it will be worth it, some sites such as Power Pay Per
Head we do not add fees.

Instead, you get the product in
your usual bookie software package. You can activate the product to
allow players to enjoy massively entertaining in-play betting.

Ideally, it should cost you the price per player you have agreed upon with your service provider.

For example, if you agree to pay
$10 comprehensively for each player that places a bet on your platform
each week, that is the amount it should cost you. If ten players place
live bets a hundred times during the week, the price per player should
not increase.


Start Taking Live Betting Action Today

Live betting is
an ideal product to help you make more money. What’s more, you are not
responsible for finding the technology needed to run in-play betting.
Instead, you only need to afford the weekly price per player, and you
are good to go.

At Power Pay Per Head, we have
industry-leading live betting. Whichever bookie uses our service
can swear by the increased revenue they have witnessed.

You, too, can be a boss today with our pay per head software. Contact us today to learn more about our live betting offering.

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