Why Picking the Cheapest Pay Per Head Is Not the Answer

26 April 2022
Why Picking the Cheapest Pay Per Head Is Not the Answer
Why Picking the Cheapest Pay Per Head Is Not the Answer

Wanting the cheapest product on the shelf is okay because you can save some bucks. But, when it comes to running your bookie, the cheapest pay per head solution is not always the answer. Spending less is impractical if you cannot get value from the price per head solution.

Yet, getting the most expensive solution does not mean you get value. Therefore, it is crucial to balance value and price. Here, we share how price and pay per head service balance and things you should consider when choosing a solution.

Balance Between Price and Pay Per Head Service

To understand how to balance between price and pay per head service, you need to discover the basic elements of the cheapest pay per head solution. These are the minimum requirements a provider must offer to bookie agents.

First, you should get backend and frontend software. The backend should have some player management tools and reports and be compatible with mobile devices. On the other hand, the front end should feature several betting options and sports lines and be compatible with different devices.

This is a basic pay per head solution. Unfortunately, over 30,000 online sportsbooks have much more to offer. So, if you were to use the cheapest pay per head solution, you would remain buried in the group, for no client would want to bet with a substandard bookie.

This does not mean that you will not get clients. You will get a few who will eventually leave when they discover better bookies.
You can get a customized betting platform, must-have elements, and additional bookmaking tools with an extra few dollars. Remember, you pay for what you get. You can spend a few dollars, get substandard services, and pay enough to get a royalty package.

What to Look for in a Pay Per Head Solution

We agree that the cheapest is not the answer. If you cannot get value from a cheap product or service, drop it like a hot potato and seek better solutions to satisfy your and your clients’ needs. Take a look at the features that the best pay per head solution must have.

24/7, 365 Days Servers Uptime

Servers tend to crash at the wrong time. They might go down during the National Football League (NFL) playoffs, March Madness, Super Bowl Sunday, or any other day a bookie is getting more action.

Unfortunately, cheap pay per head providers cannot guarantee 24/7, 365 days server uptime. But, this is not a problem when you use a better provider such as Power Pay Per Head.

Greater Variety of Sports Betting Markets

The cheapest pay per head package has a few sports betting markets. Most have 5-8 sports betting markets. Unfortunately, these markets do not have many leagues featured either.

The best pay per head solution should have over 15 sports betting markets. Moreover, these markets should be relevant to your clients.
For example, the relevance of betting markets in America is different from clients in Europe. Americans prefer American Football bets, baseball, basketball, hockey, and tennis, while soccer is a priority for Europeans.

Power Pay Per Head offers over 17 sports betting markets. Moreover, they feature over 100 leagues across different sports, making the service one of the best in the PPH market.

Reliable Payment Methods

What’s the significance of incorporating an online payment system into your online betting services? Regrettably, the more economical pay per head providers often lack the resources to offer a dependable payment solution. As a result, bookies are left to manage fund collection through various channels instead of seamless online payment methods.

A seamless online betting experience is paramount for players’ peace of mind. The absence of online payment alternatives introduces complexities for clients, who now must contemplate how to fund their accounts and withdraw winnings.

The good news is that by investing a slightly higher amount, you can access a pay per head solution equipped with comprehensive payment methods for both you and your clients. These options not only provide security but also speed and convenience, ensuring agents and clients can conduct transactions effortlessly.

Customized Betting Platform

Customizing a website to feature personal preferences, style, and functions is expensive. That is why you find website development costly.

The more customizable your website is, the better the experience for you and your clients. It is like going on a vacation in a new place and falling in love with it. You will keep vacationing there for years.

Similarly, when your clients love the experience at your site, they will likely wager more, creating wealth for you. Some websites have functions that allow clients to have different skins on their profiles.

Additionally, a customized betting platform stands out from the rest. Usually, you find similar betting templates with cheap pay per head providers. But, another provider can spend more time customizing your platform to stand out from the crowd and attract a significant number of players.

Full Support

Opting for the finest pay per head service entails ensuring comprehensive customer support for both you and your clients. The intricacies of managing a bookie operation, particularly for those new to the field, can be overwhelming. Navigating unfamiliar tools and features might pose challenges.

In such instances, you can lean on your chosen pay per head provider for assistance in utilizing diverse tools and features. Additionally, fine-tuning optimal betting lines might present difficulties. Thankfully, having 24/7 access to agent support guarantees swift issue resolution.

Betters anticipate personalized attention when engaging with customer service. This implies that customer representatives should be adeptly trained to deliver top-tier service.

Should you opt for budget-friendly pay per head services, it’s important to recognize that providers might lack the resources to adequately train and equip their customer representatives with the necessary tools for exceptional support. Offering superior customer service to your clients can lead to positive word-of-mouth recommendations and a subsequent influx of new clients. Furthermore, this approach fosters sustained wagering activity with your platform.

Mobile Accessibility

Bookie agents want to run their businesses from anywhere. Similarly, bettors love the convenience of betting on a device they prefer.

It is crucial to have a betting platform compatible with desktop and mobile devices. Notably, it costs more to develop a platform compatible with different devices. Some of the cheapest pay per head providers do not offer mobile-compatible platforms.

Some of the mobile-compatible platforms are substandard. Some lack all the features and tools available on the desktop version.

Real-Time Reports

Businesses rely on reports to make decisions. Similarly, bookies need reports to make various decisions regarding their operations and clients. These reports should be up-to-date to the last second.

Depending on the service you are paying for, you can get a report generator with a timestamp. This gives you accurate data to the last second.

Live Betting

Live betting technology is in the top three list of the most expensive technologies in the gambling sector. As such, most bookies cannot afford to offer bets on ongoing events. However, the best pay per head provider offers live betting at an extra cost.

For example, you can pay $10 for the usual pay per head package. But, you might need to pay an extra $4 for the live betting feature as it is more expensive.

Casino and Racebook Platform

Some bookies want a comprehensive pay per head package to offer bets on sports, horses, and casino games. This creates additional revenue sources for the bookie. Moreover, you provide your clients with one platform for their gambling needs.

Choose the Best Pay Per Head Solution

The cheapest pay per head solution might be the only thing you can afford now. But, if it does not provide value, then it is not the answer.

Yet, you do not have to break the bank to afford the best pay per head solution. Instead, you can partner with Power Pay Per Head to get essential and additional features at an affordable price.

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