Why Your Sports Gambling Software Must Have a Live Casino

1 June 2022
Why Your Sports Gambling Software Must Have a Live Casino

With the growth of the sports betting industry, more and more sports gambling software developers have entered the market. However, most have similar products with a tiny difference. For bookies to stand out from the crowded market, they must use the best gambling software.

One thing that makes the software stand out is a live casino. The software can have several other features to make it stand out and increase the bookie’s benefits. Today, we look at the advantages of having a live casino on your sports gambling software.

What Is A Gambling Software?

Betting has evolved as any other sector. Previously, players had to place bets at physical kiosks. Today, a bettor can log in to an online sportsbook and place bets. Meanwhile, bookies do not have to record bets or grade them using pen and paper.

A sportsbook website can automatically record and grade bets with the help of sports gambling software. The gambling software allows bettors to place bets online and makes bookmaking easier for bookie agents.

What Is A Live Casino?

A live casino is an imitation of land-based casinos. They offer an exciting online experience from the comfort of your home or anywhere.

Live casino replaces the need to drive to the nearest physical casino to play your favorite table games. Interestingly, live casinos are available 24/7, unlike land-based casinos that open between scheduled hours. So, if you want to play live roulette at 2 am, you can log in to your online casino account and find an ongoing roulette game to join.

A live casino game is streamed through a live-streaming video link from a casino studio in real time. The game can be streamed from a land-based casino or a separate casino studio. Players can choose which tables to join and how much to bet.

Players and dealers can chat using the chat function. This feature creates a similar social aspect to playing at land-based casinos. In fact, most live dealer games have cameras to create virtual reality, bringing you closer to the real casino playing experience.

The Advantages Of Having A Live Casino

1. Stand Out From The Crowd

Earlier, we mentioned that sports gambling software looks similar. Bookies using similar software get the same mediocre results. But, with an added feature such as a live casino, gambling software stands out.

In other words, bookies have something better to offer their clients. Players can wager on their favorite sports and hang out at the live casino playing exciting games. This is a win-win situation for bettors.

Instead of anxiously waiting for the end of the match to know whether they won or not, players can continue making money at the live casino. When you have a live casino, players do not have to create a separate player account at another gambling platform. Instead, they can move from the sports betting platform, launch the live dealer platform, and start playing.

2. Earn More Money

Consider offering live dealer casino games if you want to make more money. Apart from the vigor you earn from offering sports betting. You can make more money from casino games.

When your live casino is available 24/7, players can log in at any time to play different table games. Notably, the house always wins. In other words, you can make more money over the long run with players winning once in a while.

Most live dealer games go by in a blink of an eye. In other words, a player can play several live dealer games in an hour, translating to bookies and making much more money. In fact, analysts claim that live dealer games are more profitable over time than straight sportsbook bets.

3. Makes Marketing Your Services Easier

Seamless Transition from Sports Betting to Live Dealer Casino Experience

Upon joining your platform for sports wagering, bettors are in for a delightful surprise. The revelation of your enticing array of live dealer casino games is likely to entice them to explore this captivating realm.

By skillfully integrating both the sports betting platform and the immersive live dealer casino, you gain a distinct advantage. This strategic combination not only attracts a larger clientele but also facilitates seamless conversion according to your objectives. A prime example lies in your ability to effectively promote the live dealer casino to attract and engage numerous clients, subsequently paving the way for their introduction to the world of sports betting.

The strategic expansion of your business horizons holds the key to tapping into a broader target audience. As this audience grows, so does your potential to successfully guide new clients toward experiencing the diverse spectrum of products you have on offer.

4. Boast Low Season Income

Bookies make more money during the National Football League season and March Madness. While they can make good profits during other seasons, it is nearly close to what bookies make during the NFL season.

With live dealer games running 24/7/365, bookies can make the same or almost the same profits they do during high seasons. In other words, you do not have to worry about paying your bills when the season is low because income from live dealer games can supplement your monthly revenue.

How To Get Live Dealer Casino Games Players

Bookies assume that getting casino game players is hard because they are used to sports bettors. But, it is easy to convert your existing sports bettors to play casino games. You can show your clients the benefits of playing live dealer titles to convince them to play.

You can first market your live dealer games by offering low buy-in games. Unlike land-based live games, players can spend much less to enter a live dealer game online.

Another way you can get players to play your live dealer titles is by promising immediate satisfaction. Look at it this way; when you wager on a soccer game, you have to wait 90 minutes or more to know the match’s outcome.

Meanwhile, you will be biting your nails, wishing for your team to win so you can win your bet. But, when you play live dealer games, you know the outcome immediately. You do not have to wait three hours to know who will win.

Consider your demographic when advertising your live casino. For example, gents love seeing beautiful female dealers. Fortunately, most online live dealer casino games have female croupiers.

You can also demonstrate how convenient it is to play online over driving to a nearby land-based casino. A player can play live dealer games with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Players can save on time they would use to drive to a casino to play at an online casino.

Pay Per Head Live Casino

A pay per head live casino is an extra feature for your sports gambling software. Usually, your clients can automatically access the sports betting page when they log in. but if you want to offer casino games, you need to ask your pay per head provider to make the feature available.

You might need to pay extra to get casino games. Fortunately, offering live casino games will increase your income drastically, allowing you to afford the additional fee.

Get Your Sports Gambling Software And Live Casino Today

The first step to getting a live casino is signing up with a pay per head shop such as Power Pay Per Head. Signing up with Power Pay Per Head comes with many advantages.

For example, you will get market-leading sports gambling software, a website, bookmaking tools, customer support, IT experts, oddsmakers, and personalized support for you and your clients. Apart from that, you can get a free trial period.

Use this time to test Power Pay Per Head sports gambling software and services. You can also test the live casino and other extra features offered by the price per head shop.

Contact Power Pay Per Head to get your sports gambling software. Then, create accounts for your clients and send them the link to your betting platform to play. Remember to encourage them to play live dealer games too.


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